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(Sep. 06, 2011 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) Many anglers are familiar with the "sandy", or sand trout, but many anglers familiar with its cousin, the Gulf Trout, tend to umbrella these two species as one. But they are however different species with separate behaviors and spawning habits.

(Aug. 30, 2011 - Tyler, TX) September, can you believe it? Where has our year gone? Why it seems it was just yesterday that I was getting ready for spawning bass and now the fall fishing is about to begin.

Finding the finest gravel for their next fling may be what all big browns are all about this time of year, but they're still feeding voraciously
(Sep. 29, 2011 - ) Rarely does the fall season just settle in. Instead, it tends to make an abrupt appearance. The sudden switch from hot and muggy to cool dry days often gets anglers thinking first ice.

Finding the finest gravel for their next fling may be what all big browns are all about this time of year, but they're still feeding voraciously
(Sep. 29, 2011 - ) Rarely does the fall season just settle in. Instead, it tends to make an abrupt appearance. The sudden switch from hot and muggy to cool dry days often gets anglers thinking first ice.

When "Cold, Dark and Damp" actually signal Comfort and Good Fortune
(Aug. 30, 2011 - ) If you're not careful, being on water when most everyone else isn't can quickly become the central theme of your muskie strategy. Since fishing during the closed-season months is automatically ruled out, what we're left with are those 'dirty weather' days when winds howl and rains fall, right along with plummeting air temperatures and barometric instability.

(Aug. 10, 2011 - Braham, MN) It wasn't supposed to be that good, but it sure was. Last year was believed to be the start of a cyclical slide in ruffed grouse numbers but instead we saw a nice increase, especially in the north central and north eastern parts of the state.

(Aug. 10, 2011 - ) Tourism officials along the Missouri River in South Dakota feel much the same way Mark Twain must have felt when he heard rumors he was about to die. "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated," Twain wrote to the newspaper editors who dispatched a reporter to check on his health.

(Aug. 10, 2011 - Gilchrist, TX) Wading towards a submerged sandbar near the channel the angler shuffled out to it and began casting for speckled trout. Five casts later resulted in three nice trout tethered to his belted stringer. All seemed well until catching a glimpse of a ghostly shadow rising from the depths of the channel. Alarmed, his fear was soon confirmed as the shadow took the form of a shark, a rather large shark.

(Jul. 22, 2011 - Tyler, TX) August usually brings very low water conditions and looks like this year will be a record breaker if we don't get rain soon. Lake Palestine is at this time very close to four feet low and dropping and Lake Fork is close to the 4 1/2 foot range.

(Jul. 14, 2011 - Tyler, TX) Let me start off with giving you a lake report. As we all know rain has been a big issue this spring and summer or should I say lack of rain. At this time you will find Lake Palestine about three feet down and Lake Fork about four and half foot low as well.

(Jul. 13, 2011 - Tallahassee, FL) Jim Walker of Brooksville, Fla., took less than six months to complete a Florida black bass grand slam, and went one better.

(Jul. 08, 2011 - Miami, Florida) After watching videos of anglers catching peacock bass within the tropical waters of the Amazon I embraced strong interests in fishing for, and catching those sporty multi-colored denizen?s of those South American waterways. However, my strict budget dampened my dreams of kindling those interests. But after reading about Florida Fish & Wildlife stocking peacock?s in Miami?s freshwater canal systems that was now actively supporting a booming sport fishery, well, those dreams began to rekindle.

An exclusive interview with Lindy Rig inventor Ron Lindner
(Jul. 07, 2011 - Woodbury, MN) Many anglers have tried to improve the Lindy Rig over the years. But, no one does it better than the inventor.

(Jul. 05, 2011 - Braham, MN) By the end of August and into September there is a short period of time when walleyes show a renewed interest in shallow water which can result in some excellent angling opportunities. For those that decide to stick with it the potential is real and in many cases the early fall period can produce some of the hottest action of the entire open water season.

(Jul. 05, 2011 - Tim's Ford Lake, TN) Went fishing yesterday with a friend and we caught some summer time crappie. We fished the first 6 hours of the day, before it got too hot. I admit that it is difficult for me to catch crappie in the summer in my area, but Tim's Ford Lake in Tennessee changed that.. this was a day before all the 4th of July pleasure boats moved onto the lake.

Behemoths may not come easy, but the devoted know beastly pike are worth the time
(Jun. 26, 2011 - ) Sad but true, the northern pike often gets no justice. But it's only anglers that have deprived themselves of targeting trophy-size fish during the summer months that take up this preposterous position.

(Jun. 22, 2011 - ) I think the prettiest fish in the world is a walleye pulled from a shield lake. They seem to have a rich, caramel color unmatched by any other region in North America. Maybe it's because of the dark water in many of Ontario's thousands of Canadian shield lakes.

(Jun. 15, 2011 - ) One of the most overused terms in fishing today is "reaction strike." It seems like every time you turn around, someone else is talking about a scenario where a fish has been magically stimulated to bite.

(Jun. 15, 2011 - Woodbury, MN) An awful lot of advice on how to get kids started in fishing and hunting assumes the kids are interested, but likely to become bored with the whole thing if it drags on past a couple hours or if a hungry fish does not attack every time the bait hits the water.

(Jun. 07, 2011 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX) Roll-casting a grassy edge of the salt-marsh settled my streamer right on top of a swirl left by a feeding trout, then, after a few quick line retrieves, the reaction I was hoping for "imploded" on the fly, bowing my fly rod to the fight of speckled silver.

(Jun. 01, 2011 - Woodbury, MN) There were few people living in the region when Lewis and Clark passed through what is now Akaska, S.D. Truth be told, there aren't many people that live there now.

(Jun. 01, 2011 - Braham, MN) There really aren't a lot of places where walleye angling starts out good and keeps getting better through July and August and even into September. Lake of the Woods is one such place and is a real jewel and why it might be a good idea to schedule a trip to this northern most border water.

(May. 26, 2011 - New York City, NY) Every fisherman has hidden secrets from the bait they use, to of course the secret fishing spot. My family may not acknowledge my presence anymore after this but I want to share some of my favorite spots to fish for Walleye in CNY.

(May. 24, 2011 - ) Andy Griffith was a great TV series. Remember the opening credits? That classic whistling song played as Andy and Opie strolled along that country lane, carrying their rods and reels down to the fishing hole. Then Opie rushed to the bank and skipped a stone.

(May. 24, 2011 - Tyler, TX) June and what it has to offer us. First of all did you know that June is the official month to take a kid fishing? Thats right every year the Parks and Wildlife Dept set up a special weekend for you to take a kid fishing and if you don't have your license well thats OK to because everyone gets to fish that weekend for free, and now that you know, theres no reason to not take your kid and any of his or her friends with you so get out on the water.

Wind Played Havoc For Leaders
(May. 20, 2011 - Shreveport, LA.) Jacob Wheeler of Indianapolis, Ind., weighed a five-bass limit Friday totaling 10 pounds, 4 ounces to lead day two of the Walmart BFL All-American presented by Chevy on Cross Lake. Wheeler, with a two-day total of 10 bass weighing 28-10, holds a massive 9-pound, 8-ounce lead going into the final day of competition.

(May. 13, 2011 - Bolivar Peninsula, Texas.) For years and years I've fussed and cussed catching the lowly hardhead catfish, and like most anglers asked the question, "What use do these critters have in the scheme of nature? I even attempted using hardheads once as crab-bait, but even the crabs seemed to avoid these dreadful critters. My negative attitude toward these barbarous devils were further enhanced when severely finned several times by it's toxic fins.

(May. 06, 2011 - Tyler, TX) In the spring time we have three portions of the spawn and they are, pre-spawn, spawn and post spawn.

(Apr. 26, 2011 - Braham, MN) Hooking up with super-sized early season smallmouth bass is huge fun and there is nothing like it. Smallies are built for fun; they bulldog, pull and test your equipment to the max, and jump for all their worth which can be extremely exciting.Professional angler John Janousek of Nisswa, Minnesota has a special place in his heart for smallmouth bass and has fished for them across the county and into Canada and shares some of what he has learned in pursuit.

(Apr. 26, 2011 - Woodbury, MN) Mike Weinkauf is vice president of Field Logic, a company that manufactures and markets innovative products to the hunting industry. To hear him tell it, that explains his addiction to sight-fishing early in the season for smallmouth bass.

(Apr. 26, 2011 - ) When I lipped the 5-pound largemouth, I couldn't resist. I looked up at my friend Jerry and with a twinkle in my eye I said "are you sure you're not ready to switch?" Jerry just shook his head. He couldn"t bring himself to admit what he knew he should do.

You can lead youngsters to fishing and hunting, but you cannot make them all love it.
(Apr. 14, 2011 - Woodbury, MN) There are numerous reasons that it's a challenge for today's youngsters to get started in fishing and hunting. Right up there is the reality that it's harder than it used to be to find a good place to go?especially if you live in or near a major city, which most people do. Also, there's a severe shortage of qualified and background-checked adult mentors to take out kids who don't have a relative ready to guide them.

(Apr. 05, 2011 - Temple, TX) High School Championship The 2nd Annual Texas High School Bass Championship is being hosted on Lake Belton this Saturday the 9th of April. This is an open tournament for all high school students in grades 9 through 12.

(Apr. 01, 2011 - Galveston Bay System, TX.) The smell of salt-air blending with the hushed grey mist of an early morning fog greeted us as we waded against the rip of an incoming tide. With visibility limited to only yards, we carefully shuffled our way into position along the channels edge to try our luck for speckled sea-trout.

(Mar. 30, 2011 - Tyler, TX) The April spawn is up and running spite the low water. Lake Palestine is now about 20 inches low and dropping, but the fishing is great. We have good numbers of bass, crappie, sand bass and catfish being caught now and it's only going to get better as the weather gets warmer.

(Mar. 30, 2011 - Braham, MN) It really is a thinking man's game when it comes to catching early season walleyes because they can definitely be a challenge. Part of the problem is there is no starting point and you can't pick up where you left off, especially in states where there's a closed season.

(Mar. 22, 2011 - ) As I write this in Minnesota, we're still sitting on about 3 feet of solid ice. Temperatures are on the rise, and the melt will happen quickly to turn our white lakes into blue. In the meantime, it's also one of the best times to capitalize on panfish through the ice!

Spring Spawn
(Mar. 16, 2011 - Temple, TX) Fishermen, grab your rods and reels! The spring spawn has started in Central Texas and now is the time to hit the lakes and rivers. As the waters warm up, the white bass will head up river and the crappie will move into the shallows. After an unusually cold winter, the fish will be hungry and will strike at just about anything you throw at them.

(Mar. 13, 2011 - Woodbury, MN) When north woods guide, Greg Bohn, fishes for crappies in the springtime, all he needs is a boat equipped with a Humminbird sonar/temperature gauge and a Thill slip bobber.

(Mar. 03, 2011 - Rollover Pass, Gilchrist, Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) Starting as just a nibble at first, the lady angler picked up her rod to set the hook into what she thought would be but a small fish. But seconds later she was straining and screaming for help to keep from being pulled into the water. Her husband, quickly racing over to help, grabbed her around the waist, yelling, "HANG ON HONEY!!"

(Mar. 01, 2011 - Braham, MN) Don't forget about perch when it comes to ice out panfish. Most of the early season attention is directed towards sunfish and crappies, but there's one more member of the family that usually gets passed over and its jumbo perch. Big fat jumbos are what we're talking about and can really help get the early season started.

(Feb. 28, 2011 - Tyler, TX) March, Is the month of magic or miracles! The weather begins to warm up, our grass begins to green up our yards, our trees and flowers begin to bloom and the lakes begin to warm up and with all this our spring spawn gets in high gear so if that aint magic it must be a miracle from God.

(Feb. 28, 2011 - Isanti, MN) I'd hate to fathom a guess at the number of big walleyes that have crossed the gunwales of Lund boats. It wouldn't be easy to calculate the number of tournaments won in these famed fishing vessels, either. Or for that matter, trying to estimate how many 5 to 10-pounders my uncle Gary has boated over the years.

Becoming a Mentor Series
(Feb. 25, 2011 - Woodbury, M) The future of anything has always rested in the hands of teachers. When it comes to fishing and hunting, this is especially true. Teachers, mentors, guides-call 'em what you will, they hold the fate of the future of our outdoor traditions.

(Feb. 19, 2011 - New Orleans, LA) Kevin VanDam, often described as the best angler in the world, said he simply got lucky Saturday when he hauled 22 1/2 pounds out of the Louisiana Delta on a day when other Bassmaster Classic anglers fishing beside him fell behind.

(Feb. 15, 2011 - ) There is much written about the large river systems that wind through the heart and soul of this great nation. The mighty Mississippi, the Missouri, the Columbia and other massive flows are top of mind.

Looking for Black and White Answer for Catching Perch After Ice-Out
(Feb. 07, 2011 - ) Rocket scientist I am not. Heck, I have to speculate at the exact reasons fish behave the way they do. Take perch after ice-out, for example. There are any number of reasons why they are where they are and why they're eating what they're eating. The catalysts behind it all, in my mind, are more of a conglomeration of conjectures over clear-cut calculations.

(Feb. 06, 2011 - Rollover Pass, Gilchrist, Bolivar Peninsula, TX.) Surf rods bending, fish being reeled in, and coolers filling with "soon to be" succulent treasures from the Gulf of Mexico. Whiting, averaging less than a pound, are not known for their fighting abilities, but as table fare the small cod like fish are superb to the palate.

(Jan. 29, 2011 - Tyler, TX) First before I get into talking about the spawn and spawning areas let's talk a bit about water levels. At this time we have had some rain and the lakes are beginning to come back up little by little. Lake Palestine is at this time about two and half feet low and just before our last rain it was little over three feet low.

(Jan. 29, 2011 - Woodbury, MN) Rivers pulsate with life in spring. In all rivers and reservoirs, walleye and sauger will charge upstream and collect in huge numbers just below dams or rapids. After they spawn, the fish travel back into the reservoir or just spread out in smaller schools downstream in search of food.

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