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(Wednesday, September 29,1999 - El Salto Lodge, Mexico) Mexico has long been known as a mecca for duck and dove hunting, particularly in the West Coast region. Fast-flying birds, furious action and red-hot shotguns are trademarks of wing-shooting south of the border Few places in the world can offer the kind of wing-shooting that Mexico is famous for.

The fish, ocean ecosystem, recreational fishing, and commercial fishing are to benefit.
(Friday, September 17,1999 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Winthrop Rockefeller, Chairman of The Billfish Foundation's (TBF) Board announced today that "a far-reaching bycatch conservation agreement has been reached among four principal U.S. recreational and commercial fishing organizations, which proposes legislation to close over 160,000 square miles to pelagic longline fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and establish the areas as billfish and swordfish conservation zones. The Billfish Foundation, the Coastal Conservation Association, the American Sportfishing Association together with the Blue Water Fishermen's Association of U. S. pelagic longline fishermen are to be congratulated for their courage to cooperate and advance a truly constructive conservation plan."

Weddings To Remember
(September,1999 - Lake El Salto, Mexico) We've just completed our first season in our new lake-front Inn on Lake El Salto, a scenic facility that received rave reviews from our customers telling us of their great satisfaction.

(Wednesday, August 25,1999 - Toledo Bend Lake, Louisiana/Texas) "Thank God for these people, stated the angler who had just hustled his "hard-earned" catch of bass into the waiting hands of the Shimano/SRA-LA fish Recovery Krewe, who were busy collecting, separating, and treating todays tournament catch for live release back into the lake. "Today, this fish recovery krewe would recycle over 4,000 lbs of tournament caught bass from a major fishing tournament that would be treated and released back into Lake Toledo Bend.

(Saturday, August 21,1999 - Austin, TX) The deaths this summer of up to 4,000 largemouth bass on one of the nation's premier trophy bass fisheries, Lake Fork, were most likely caused by a virus similar to one implicated in fish kills in four southeastern states, according to an investigative report released this week by Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW).

Lake Fork Area Merchants Council
(Tuesday, August 10,1999 - ) Lake Fork: Earlier today, a combined effort by Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Lake Fork Area Merchants Council and Lake Fork guides to locate and capture distressed or struggling fish for further study yielded encouraging results.  The massive search by volunteers resulted in only one fish that appeared to be sick or struggling, and most boats reported sighting very few (if any) floating or dead fish.

(Thursday, July 22,1999 - Sam Rayburn, TX) Rayburn Bass/Pro, Carl "Munchkin" Svebek, provides some insight on what it takes to become a Professional Bass angler, as well as pinpoints some of his favorite Bassin' holes and fishing techniques for catching quality bass from Lake Sam Rayburn on a year round basis.

(Monday, July 12,1999 - Zavalla, TX) The weather has decided to do the same thing on Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend, as it does each year about this time.IT'S HOT!!!!!!!! Many local anglers are doing the smart thing, as they do each year, they go out at daylight and come in when the sun gets about one hour over the top to the pines, that trace the water boundaries of each lake. That is a smart schedule for fishing, but the anglers that are trying to fish a tournament, or pre-fishing for an upcoming tournament, don't have that luxury.

(Wednesday, July 07,1999 - AUSTIN, Texas) State fisheries biologists are conducting an intensive investigation into a relatively small but significant fish die-off on one of the nation's premier trophy bass fisheries. Small numbers of dead and dying largemouth bass, the largest measuring 27 inches, have been observed by anglers during the last week on Lake Fork, a 27,000-acre impoundment in northeast Texas.

(Thursday, June 17,1999 - Somewhere Betwixt Bird Island And Buzzard Point, L) "Bizzy little critters ain't they, grinned I, as another handsized crappie was flipped across the gunnel of the boat before being de-hooked and tossed back as undersized. "Yep, agreed Pistol Pete, "but after these "bizzy little critters" grow another year they'll provide us with some pretty incredible crappie fishing dontcha' think-?- "Yep, sure-nuff will, I answered after catchin' another "slightly-under" ten inch throwback. "Lately, Pete began to explain, "Rayburn's crappie fishing has been really good, "but, we've had to cull from between 30 to 40 of these "bizzy little critters" in order to catch our ten inch keeper's................ "Hmmm, thought I, as our catch & release pattern was already up to the #36 mark, "and counting".

(Monday, June 14,1999 - Brevard County, Florida) "I don't know who told you that crock", I responded. "Let me look at my log book and I'll get back to you." The comment and the response were Internet traffic items on a fishing site discussion page that I frequent. One thing I have found in all my years, both as a fisherman and as an outdoor writer, is that rumors beget rumors.

(Sunday, May 30,1999 - "Texas Riviera" of the Coastal Bend area) Screeching Gulls diving into the high-noon surf alerted me to the possibilities as sand and seaweed suddenly scrunched under rubber as I braked to a sliding stop. Quick grabs for fishing tackle and headlong splashing through cresting waves found my first cast sailing past the diving birds. As my silver spoon began its tantalizing wobble back through the foaming surf, a sudden tug reflexed into an arched rod just as a Gull splashed for a fleeing baitfish. Fearing that I may have hooked the Gull, I quickly relaxed my hook-up only to spot the feeding Gull flying off to the right as my line began skimming to the left. Re-setting into an arched hook-up posed rod and angler into the classic "bowed-up" scene of a surf angler's dream as bending rod and screeching drag imaged the adventure of the moment. After a quick landing of a speckled trout in the 3 pound range, and after catching a few more of its feeding school-mates, the "rowdy' specks suddenly disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared, herding off to "who knows where", as full bellied Gulls and a fullfilled angler retired back to the beach.

(Wednesday, May 26,1999 - AUSTIN, Texas) Seizing a window of opportunity to eradicate a serious threat to Texas waterways, a team of Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) fisheries biologists is targeting a federally-prohibited exotic aquatic plant discovered on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

(a view on Rayburn with Mr. Bob "Big Bass" Sealy)
(Sunday, May 23,1999 - Sam Rayburn, TX) "A "not too early" meetup with Bob Sealy, CEO of Sealy Outdoors and Director of the McDonald Big Bass Tournaments, managed to put me into a pleasent mornings worth of bass fishing on Lake Sam Rayburn, and after loading up his Triton bass-rig with camera, gear, and tackle, we left the Sealy Outdoor's office for the boat ramps and a quick launch into Lake Sam Rayburn. As we cruised past Crash Island Bob throttled up and aimed his bow towards a distant blurr on the lakes horizon, "I've been having some good luck up in the Caney Creek area lately, Bob attempted to yell above the pitch and whine of our smooth run up-lake, and as we settled into the area of Caney that he wanted to fish, I checked my watch to see that it was only 8:15 a:m, a short 15 minutes from the time we left his office until we were grabbin' sticks and making our first casts, and as Bob hooked and landed our first bass of the morning, I checked to see that it was 8:17 a:m..."not bad"...."not bad at all".

(Monday, May 17,1999 - Lake Fork, TX) Merchants participating in the TROPHY BASS SURVEY reported that anglers recorded 822 Largemouth Bass over 7 pounds during the month of April. These figures are the second highest ever recorded, falling short of the 943 reported in March of this year. Highlighting the impressive April results were 98 Bass over 10 pounds reported to Lake Fork Merchants, which included 6 that were in excess of 13 pounds. Four of these "Teenagers" were donated to the TFFC in Athens through the Bud Sharelunker program. The anglers who caught the other 2 unselfishly released both fish fish back into Lake Fork to continue their spawning process.

(Monday, May 17,1999 - Lake Fork, TX) Widgeon Emerson of Quitman, a Lake Fork Crappie guide noticed that a Big Bass tournament was being held Sunday, May 16th, as he launched his boat to do some crappie fishing at the 2946 bridge near Axton's Marina.  Intent on putting some crappie in the cooler, Emerson didn't give it another thought, until around noon.   At 11:55 AM, while fishing a small crappie jig on ultralight 6 lb. test line, he hooked a fish that put his angling skills to the supreme test.

Fishing "Big Sam" and Toledo Bend
(Monday, May 10,1999 - Zavalla, TX) Well, this month has been one of the months that has really been weird. To start with we have been finally having some Spring weather, after what I call an Indian Summer. This is a phrase that was used when I was a child for a season of weather that was out of place. We have been having Summer temperatures when they should have been Spring temperatures. This of course, as I stated in the last article, warmed the surface temperature of the water up quicker than normal.

(Wednesday, May 05,1999 - Ute, NM) Fishing in our region often turns into a contest against Mother Nature, and the anglers who are dressed right are the ones who can keep fishing in the cold and rain while others are forced to retreat to the warmth of the car. Last weekend's Fun Tournament at Ute Lake was one of those miserable events where the cold winds were laced with torrential rain squaws, and only the angers with the right kind of rain gear survived and were able fish the entire event.

Fish are already in summer patterns on "Big Sam" & "The Bend"
(Monday, May 03,1999 - Zavalla, TX) For those readers, that are not living in East Texas, this might be hard to understand, but we did not have a winter. Some of you had a little ice, and a minimum of light snow, but here in the Piney Wood, insects are going to be in great supply this Spring! Well I might ought to rephrase that too. It is just the first of May, and we have already had days over the 90 degree mark, so I'm not sure that we are going to have a Spring either.

(Friday, April 30,1999 - ) When it comes to crappie & fishing, few lake systems can hold a "slip-cork" to the likes of Lake Sam Rayburn. Mostly recognized for its abundance of quality Black Bass fishing, Big Sam is quickly being recognized as a "AAA" Crappie fishery. A long time secret at first, Rayburn's treasure trove of calico'd perch soon leaked beyond the controls of the locals, especially after visiting bass anglers began "hookin' up" with 2 lb crappie via Rattle Traps, crankbaits, and 3/4 oz Spinner baits. "Amazing, stated Bass/Pro, Slade Dearman, as he explained how he managed to catch a monster 3 lb-"plus"- white crappie while competing at the recent Everstart Bass Tournament. "I weighed it on my electronic scale, Slade informed, "and it digitized at 3 lbs-6 ozs, "but, Slade rued, "not knowing that it woulda' been a new lake record, I turned it loose as I was looking for big bass.... "not" big crappie.

It's time to grab the poles, get some minnows, and head to your favorite Crappie lake folks
(Saturday, April 03,1999 - Penwaugh Marina, Lake Livingston, TX.) "Its probably one of the top 3 White Crappie that has "ever" been caught within the state of Texas, stated Harry Dehtan, owner/proprietor of Penwaugh Marina & Campground on Lake Livingston, TX. Harry had just weighed-in a 17" long by 15 -1/2" wide "SLAB" of a white crappie that was brought into his marina by retired Milkman, Robert Kemp of Livingston, TX. "It looked like a "bull" just laying there, Harry tried to envision for my notes, "and when another angler walked in with a legal 10" crappie, we placed it next to the 3.52 lb "hawg" which made it look like an "ill-legal" minnow, Harry chuckled, as he further informed that this was the 2nd time that the Lake Livingston record was broke within 12 days, when Roger Statucki of Onalaska, TX, caught a 3.01 white crappie on March 19th. "And, Harry excitedly pointed out, "Our Crappie season has "just"begun.

(Wednesday, March 31,1999 - Harborlight Marina, Toledo Bend Lake, TX.) It's Springtime on Lake Toledo Bend, and when Spring arrives on "The Bend" most anglers grab their favorite ultra-lite rods & reels, purchase' some live minnows and pan-fish jigs, and head for the lake, "because, when Springtime arrives on Big "T" so do the "Crappie". Just ask Toledo Bend resident/guide, Bobby Wright, of Bobby Wright's Guide Service, who decided to spend some crappie fishing time with a friend, where he managed to catch a 17 & 1/4 " long by 17 & 1/2 " wide White Crappie that weighed-in at 2.91 lbs, a "possible" new lake record for Big T's long list of quality fish catch records. "Then" as a point of concern for the full bellied female that was preparing to spawn, Bobby decided to live release the "huge" female back into Lake Toledo Bend's waters where she could finish her spawning urge.

The Bass Pro Shops Tracker Legends Pro-Am Tournament
(Tuesday, March 16,1999 - Tyler, TX) Recently, I was fortunate to get the call most serious weekend anglers yearn for. I had been selected to participate as an Amateur in the Bass Pro Shops Tracker Legends Pro-Am at Table Rock Lake, Missouri. This angling adventure included an expense paid stay at Big Cedar Lodge, two rods and reels, a tackle box full of baits, a Stearns life vest, special Tracker Legends Tournament apparel, and a day in the boat with one of the "Legends" of the sport of bass fishing. Like the commercial says, "it just doesn't get any better than this". My friends at The World Of Fishing have asked me to share some of my trip with their readers.

(Thursday, March 04,1999 - Texas City Dike, Galveston Bay, Texas.) "Going out", warned the Little Rock Arkansas, fisherman, "alerting us of his impending cast, we quickly stepped aside to avoid his swing, Darion Hines then arched his whole body into his "bull-rod" as he flung a 2 lb sand-weight (which much resembled a Russian "sputnick") out into the incoming currents of Galveston Bay. After setting his weight to the bottom of "The Drum Hole", Darion began to review his previous evenings catch at Texas City Dike Pier.

(Thursday, February 25,1999 - Lake Sam Rayburn Dam, Texas.) "Umph", "scritch", "got-em", "snap", "oops", were the only sounds or "@*~!!?" words being heard, the early morning of February 24, as "break-of-dawn" anglers were slinging 2 oz slab spoons towards the Dam to "hook-up" with some of the awesome action which was occuring in front of the Dam. But it would take a 9' to 12' casting rod, with wide spooled casting reel loaded with 150 yds of line to make the distance cast it would take to reach the strike zone. And for those who could make the cast, it was "Katie Bar The Door" as each successful cast was immediately "thumped", as another large "Hyper Striper" slammed their baits.

(Tuesday, February 16,1999 - Sam Rayburn, TX) "I love this lake, stated Mike Metzler, as he stepped off the BassMaster stage with the winners plaque for the 1997 BassMaster Texas Invitational tournament, held in December on Lake Sam Rayburn. The December of '97 tournament was won with a three day catch weight of 12 bass/ 48.04 lbs, giving the Birmingham AL, construction contractor, Mike Metzler his first pro win of his 8 year career, giving a 2nd place finish to Lake Sam Rayburn's own, Jeff Buchanan, who managed a 37.12 lb weight and a 3rd place slot to Alexander AR, angler, Scott Suggs, with his 35.09 lb catch.

January results - Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey
(Saturday, February 13,1999 - ) Lake Fork area merchants participating in the monthly Trophy Bass Survey reported 140 bass over 7 pounds (including 21 over 10) caught during the month. The numbers indicated that January through April still remains the prime time for "Trophy Largemouth", as four fish over 13 pounds were reported.

Another Tournament Season Has Started
(Monday, February 08,1999 - ) Well, another tournament season has started, and 1999 looks like it could be full of surprises. For instance, the Angler's Choice Pro-Am which was held on Sam Rayburn on February 6th and 7th. Would anyone think that, with a field of 150 top Pros and 150 accomplished Amateurs that there would not be a stringer on the first day that did not weigh 20 pounds? Boy I wouldn't have. The size of the fish that were weighed in were, to say the least, small. I have no explanation for this, and I don't think anyone else does.

"Somewhere" on the Texas, Louisiana border waters of the Sa'Bine River, North of Lake Toledo Bend.
(Thursday, February 04,1999 - Texas, Louisiana border) Light, and almost undetectable at first, the hesitant tug seemed more like my Roadrunner had just thumped over a root or rock, "but, upon lifting my rod tip to clear the snag, that subtlety quickly "activated" into a rod bending, drag screeching "free for all". After yelling "Fish on" to my partner at the back of the boat, my rod "stretched" to the waterline, causing my fishing instinct to further yell, "Sandy, and a good one too. As the classic reaction of it turning sideways against the current was the telling mark of this small, but pugnacious relative of the Bass family, the battling, silver sided critter would definitely give a good account of its fighting ability.

Cape Lookout Draws Attention of International Fishing Community in a Non-Profit Event
(Wednesday, January 06,1999 - Morehead City, NC) A collaborative effort between scientists and the recreational fishing community is providing valuable information necessary in solving critical stock issues surrounding Bluefin tuna. As part of the "TAG-A-GIANT" project, researchers from Stanford University and Monterey Bay Aquarium will converge on Morehead City, NC and Cape Lookout National Seashore to surgically implant computer tags into the giant fish. Dr. Barbara Block of Stanford University is heading the project, which takes place December 28, 1998 through January 11, 1999.

Mexico Update -- Fishing is Heating Up
(Wednesday, January 06,1999 - ) Five years ago, Ron Speed Adventures closed their fishing on Lake Comedero and left it closed for 3 years due to small bass. For the past two years from January until April we have taken several groups and the results have been absolutely fantastic on big bass. Our numbers were about 30 to 40 bass a day, but almost everyone who fished the lake the past two years caught a lot of quality bass with almost 100% catching a 9 lb to 14 lb bass. In fact, last March we had 10 clients in camp over a weekend and every single client caught a 10 lb bass or bigger.

(Tuesday, January 05,1999 - Belleville, ONT, CA) About 90 minutes northeast of Toronto, just off the MacDonald Cartier Freeway (also known as Highway 401) along Lake Ontario's north shore, lies an industrial town of 43,000 called Belleville.

Adios 1998 and Howdy 1999
(Thursday, December 31,1998 - Lindale, TX) If you are just discovering for the first time, let us take this opportunity to welcome you to the World of Fishing. A true community just for fishing enthusiasts who are looking for a place to call home. In a minute we'll go over all the interesting areas that are available at To all of you who visit regularly, thanks for your support and we hope that the upcoming year is loaded with lots of "bites" of happyness and prosperity.

1998 Wrap Up ....Countdown to 1999
(Wednesday, December 30,1998 - Lindale, TX) During 1998 has almost daily experienced an upward growth spiral, reaching over 2 million hits per month during its peak periods. Along with the rapid growth in use, many businesses have joined the community greatly increasing the information and services that are available for the fishing enthusiast.

(Tuesday, December 29,1998 - Lindale, TX) It is time to put the 1998 accomplishments of competitive freshwater fishermen into the history books and prepare for 1999 which promises to be an exciting end to this century.

(Friday, December 18,1998 - Lake Fork, TX) If you happen to ask Rick Sleeper what he was doing last week, he will tell you a tale that might just sound more like a dream than a "fish" story.

(Tuesday, December 15,1998 - Brainerd, MN) To borrow a phrase from the tired vernacular of the politicians, sportsmen sent a clear message to lawmakers in the November election.

(Wednesday, December 09,1998 - Quitman, TX) After the initial three months of a unique new Lake Fork Trophy Bass creel survey, it is obvious that this world-class fishery is holding its own, according to state fisheries biologists.

(Thursday, December 03,1998 - Jasper, TX) Wim van Velzen is from Holland (Dutch not Texas) and he has spent the last five years traveling the world fishing for trophy sized game fish. This past September He and his companion Joseph (Joe) Taylor of England visited the Piney Woods of East Texas in pursuit of a large Alligator Gar.

Bass Tournaments Attracting Family Oriented Enjoyments
(Saturday, November 28,1998 - Sam Rayburn, TX) The bass fishing tournament industry has come a long way from those previous weekender fruitjar "winner take all" episodes to what are now well developed, and professionally organized, bass fishing tournaments which now pay out thousands of dollars in cash & prizes for its weekend contestants. "Something for everyone" is now a promised enticement which attracts the interests of all those who seek to exercise their sporting blood, as tournament organizations now offer several different formats which can fit anyones family budgeted enjoyment.

(Monday, November 09,1998 - Brainerd, MN) Have you ever heard of flasher-friendly lures? Do your know the difference between a drop-and-lift and a lift-and-drop? Do you think a Pounder is a really big hamburger?

Lake Sam Rayburn & Toledo Bend
(Sunday, November 01,1998 - Zavalla, TX) Boy, what a year this has been! Let's try to recap the high points in the world of fishing in East Texas in 1998.

(Tuesday, October 27,1998 - Algonquin, IL) The glow hasn't dimmed since I won the 1998 In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail Championship at Bismarck, N.D., at the end of a tough three-day tournament on the Missouri River in late September. Winning the championship has been the high point of my fishing career. It just doesn't get better than this. I began dreaming of this moment when I began fishing professionally 10 years ago, and the reality is even better than the dream.

Now here's a brain-teaser for you: How many of the new record-holders were caught this decade?
(Saturday, September 26,1998 - ) The 1990's saw three of the oldest and most revered records in freshwater fishing erased from the books. Replaced during the '90's were the 1995 smallmouth bass record, the 1957 musky mark and the 1960 walleye record.

(Friday, September 11,1998 - ) Fall is a great time to go fishing. Gone are the wake-throwing water skiers, whining jet skis and fish-spooking speed boats. Gone, too, are most other fishermen. But best of all, fall means those trophy walleyes that played hide-and-seek all summer are finally catchable.

Tournament Championships
(Saturday, September 05,1998 - Zavala, TX) Yes, it's that time of year. Almost all of the tournament circuits have wound down to the end of the year, or only have one tournament left. Most of the individuals have been chosen, by the points they scored throughout the year, that made the championships, and are trying to get mentally prepared for the classic tournaments coming up.

(Tuesday, August 25,1998 - ) Bob Torgerson of Aberdeen, WA and his life-long friend John Person of New York City wanted to do something special for their 74th birthday, so they decided to retrace the Lewis & Clark expedition in reverse. The pair put into the Missouri River at Great Falls, MT on June 23rd using a 16' drift boat powered by a Mercury 15 hp four-stroke Bigfoot.

(Monday, August 24,1998 - DISNEY, OK) You're all set to go. You have the tackle, you've got the snacks, and you're about to depart on one of the greatest adventures you and your child will ever enjoy together. It's called bonding at its best. It's called fishing.

Anglers are always arguing about which fish is "pound for pound" the strongest fighter.
(Thursday, August 20,1998 - ) Actually, our lakes and rivers are full of fish that are toughas barbed wire. From the scrappy bluegill in the featherweight division to the acrobatic smallmouth bass in the lightweight class to powerful middleweights like musky and pike, there are lots of bona fide contenders for the pound-for-pound crown.

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