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Chris Brewer Lands Lake Record 18 pound bass!
(Saturday, February 26,2000 - Lake Comedero, MX) It's fantastic! The Comedero camp opened on November 1, 1999 to the very best bass fishing I have ever seen. Jerry McKinnis of ESPN-TV made three TV shows at Comedero and proclaimed them to be the very best big bass topwater shows he had ever shot. Warren Brewer of Iowa and son Chris fished the lake in November boating one-18 lb, one-15 lb, four-12 lbers, one-10 lb and four - 8 lb bass. On December 7th, Justin Frost of California boated 5 lunkers over 8 lbs in 7 casts on the Storm's big bug topwater.

The special bond or fraternity between Father's &Son's who spend time together fishing.
(Wednesday, February 23,2000 - Fort Worth, TX) You don't grow up having a fishing legend and father like Jerry Nichols as your teacher and team partner without it rubbing off on you. The family den/office at the Nichols residence is legendary. More than one angler has asked me, "Have your seen their trophies?" Plaques and trophies spanning three decades of winning in competition are on most every shelf and wall. The entire family, individually and together, have won in tournaments before.

(Tuesday, February 22,2000 - Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.) "I was pre-fishing for an up-coming Rayburn EverStart tournament, informed the Lady Pro/Angler who had just caught & "released"a 42" long by 32" round, 52.5 lb "MONSTER" back into Lake Sam Rayburn. "My fishing friends, and info-guides, Bobby & Nobie "Jo" LeBert, of Brookeland TX, were sharing some fishing areas with me, explained the Sugarland TX, resident, "when Bobby decided to show me a fishing spot up in the Black Forest area which he thought might be holding some bigger bass. "In this tournament trade, advised the lady bass/pro, "we are always looking for "kicker" fish to help anchor our 5 bass catches for a heavier weigh-in, "sooo, as I was working a Big Bass bait along the 4' edges of some ridge-line stumps, I felt the light "tic" of a bite on my jig and immediately set the hook into what quickly became a wild & krazy "toe-to-toe" battle with a huge BULLY of a fish."But, as we were to soon find out,........."it was the "Wong" fish!!"

Texas/Budweiser Share-A-Lunker Program
(Monday, February 21,2000 - Austin, TX) With the state of Texas enjoying some of the finest bass fishing found anywhere, the genetics to that success can be found within its Share-A-Lunker program which was started back in 1986. "To date, this program has recovered over 300 lunker bass which were within the 13 lb and up range which top-ends at the 18.21 lb mark of the Texas State record. This years start of the 'traditional' lunker bass season has already produced eight Share-A-Lunker bass which have been successfully donated into the program. These eight lunkers represent 109.81 lbs in live bass poundage which have a possible spawn production of over 500,000 bass fingerlings..........."IN-credible!!"

(Friday, February 11,2000 - ) Have you ever noticed whether it be Club Tournaments, Divisional Tournaments (B.A.S.S. Federation, Red Man, Anglers Choice, etc.) and even the Pro Tournaments, usually you will see a hand full of the same anglers consistently "In-The-Money" most of the time. Then while you're driving home after fishing some of these tournaments without much success you ask yourself "What are these anglers doing so different than I am."

(Wednesday, February 09,2000 - South India) It was quite cold. I had just got in from the Bandipur jungles and I was asked to proceed to the Great Mahseer Angling Camp at Mekhedaatu by the office. A booking had come in from Bangalore. The form quite clearly indicated that the guests coming in had never held a rod in their life. That they wanted to catch the Mahseer was ironic.

BassMasters Central Division Texas InvitationalFebruary 6-thru-12, 2000, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.
(Thursday, February 03,2000 - Jasper, TX) During the week of February 6th thru the 12th, our Nations top Professional BassMasters will converge on Lake Sam Rayburn, TX, to compete for the National B.A.S.S. title win for Lake Sam Rayburn's Texas Invitational. The B.A.S.S. anglers will be competing during the three days of Thursday -(February 10), Friday-(February 11), and Saturday-(February 12), as they check in with their daily catches at Twin Dikes Marina during the weigh-in hours of from 2:30 pm -to- 4:30 pm each day of the event. The public is "welcomed" to attend each weigh-in day to watch and cheer on the National Bass/Pro's as they display their efforts for this prestigious BassMaster tournament. As BassMaster, Robert Tucker once stated at a Rayburn event, "Somedays Hero's and Somedays Zero's, But that's Bass fishing!!"

(Tuesday, February 01,2000 - ) They may be hard to find, but changes in bottom composition can be important to anglers searching for fish. Here's how to find them. In the world of the structure fisherman, mountains dominate the mind. When you talk structure with many anglers, they appear to think only of spots where the bottom rises or falls a significant amount––such as dropoffs, points, and humps.

A new trolling trick that lets you 'check' three depth levels at once!
(Thursday, January 27,2000 - ) One of the old jokes guides like to crack at their clients as they push off from the dock in the morning concerns how easy it will be to find fish. A lot of paying customers walk right into this one, in fact, by asking where the fish are likely to be.

(Wednesday, January 26,2000 - Zavalla, TX) The article this month is going to be a strange one, at least it is really weird to write. I don't know rather to tell you that my roses are blooming , or to tell you to cut extra firewood. We, here in East Texas have had NO winter. Yes it has gotten down in the 20's a couple of nights, but the temperatures are way above normal for the year. The spawn on Rayburn and Toledo are just around the corner. With the low water levels on both lakes, the bass have never really left the shallow water.

From Pre-spawn to Post-spawn
(Tuesday, January 25,2000 - Lake Toledo Bend, TX/LA.) As we cruise in from the windy chop of mainlake waters to the more protective waters of Indian Mounds, I begin to settle into the comforts of what is to become an enjoyable fishing trip with one of Lake Toledo Bend's most amiable of fishing guides. Just being able to fish for mid-winter bass without having to worry about ice, snow, or frozen bass-i-tudes becomes a pleasent bonus as my day launches into the realm of Noe "No-Way" Garcia, and with the chill of our pre-dawn launch quickly warming to the shimmer of a Louisiana sunrise Noe begins to navigate his Stealth bass-rig into a creek area, "where, after one look at his electronics, he sets the troll-motor and whispers..... "They're here!"

(Friday, January 21,2000 - Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.) Due to the confusion of conflictive reports on proper procedures for live release of largemouth black bass, this report has been compiled to be used as a guideline for those bass anglers and bass clubs who wish to format and support live release programs. Though live release of bass has come under fire by some organizations and individuals who express their concerns for delayed bass mortality, it is "very important"that we promote the positives of active live release formats for the purpose of conserving even the slimmest survival margins, for without it, our bass fishery, as we now know and enjoy it, could become totaly dependent on State hatchery productions.

(Tuesday, January 18,2000 - Orlando, FL) As a bass fishing sportsman, I have had the delight of being able to fish in many bass tournaments here in central Florida. I have always had fishing in my blood, starting as a young child. Fishing has always been more than a sport to me, it's been a way to relieve stress brought on by our normal lives. My story starts on September 10th, a Friday night, as my partner and I usually set out for evening of fishing at a nearby lake. Both Brian (my partner) and I have been on the lake when the normal thunderstorms move through the Orlando area. We both have always had a deep respect for lightning and as with most sportsman, we know when it's best to hit the barn and be safe.

The National Registry Of Who's Who-(1999 Edition)
(Monday, January 17,2000 - Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.) In National Recognition for being an outstanding individual who has made an impact in her profession as a community leader, as well as "a legend" within the bass fishing industry, two time Woman's World Bass Champion and multiple Woman's National Bass Champion, Ann Thomasson Wilson, owner/proprietor of Ann's Tackle Shop in Jasper TX, has been honored and published in the 1999 Edition of "The National Registry of Who's Who" in America.

(Monday, December 27,1999 - ) As another fishing season rolls around, a lot of anglers are looking for ways to improve their fish-catching skills. Unfortunately, many of them are looking in all the wrong places.

(Saturday, December 18,1999 - Six Mile Creek, Toledo Bend Lake, TX.) It's a typical cool and crisp December morning as our boat banks into Six Mile Creek, and as the boats wake begins rippling through a stubbled forest of some creek channel timber, we settle down on a deepwater point to try our first casts of the day. "Here, use this Titanium I-M700 rod which is already rigged and ready, advises Mike Cortelloni, as he helps Stephen Johnston set the troll-motor into what is to become a very interesting fishing day on Lake Toledo Bend.

(Friday, December 17,1999 - Zavalla, TX) Well Santa is about to leave the North Pole. Have you put your order in for your new equipment yet? I don't know about you , but I'm looking forward to the boat shows this year. There is ALOT of new stuff out there on the market this year, that the local bait and tackle shops haven't seen yet.

(Tuesday, December 14,1999 - San Marcos, TX) This is a story about Coryphaena Hippurus. He spends the short span of years on this Earth swimming in circles -- not exactly tight circles; never-the-less circles. Coryphaena is more popularly known as dolphin not to be confused with porpoise -- mistakenly called dolphins.

Lake Sam Rayburn Pavillion Association for "Rayburn Meadows"
(Tuesday, December 14,1999 - Sam Rayburn, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.) "This new facility will be located on the southern shores of Lake Sam Rayburn within a 16 acre tract of land situated between the Jasper County public boat launch ramps and the Crystal Beach swimming area, announced Don Collins, Commitee Director for the newly formed Sam Rayburn Business Association. "It will have a paved road system with a 100 foot by 60 foot rectangular concrete pad with a 60 foot by 30 foot open sided recreational building, and a maintianence building with men's & women's restrooms, Don continued to inform, adding that this new park will be a multiple events facility which will be open to all activities, which includes fishing tournaments.

(Thursday, December 09,1999 - LANSING, MI) Mediation of United States v. Michigan, the Great Lakes Fisheries Dispute, began on September 13, 1999 with a plenary meeting of all parties to the litigation. All litigants participated in the negotiations including Bay Mills Indian Community, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa Tribe, Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, the State of Michigan and the United States.

To help fish caught from deep water and buoyancy problems
(Monday, November 29,1999 - ) Bass, like most fishes, adjust their buoyancy so they can maintain their vertical position in the water without actively swimming. Bass adjust their buoyancy by the gas bladder. The gas bladder in fish operates like a buoyancy compensating device (BCD) used by a SCUBA diver. As depth increases, pressure increases and the gas compresses (occupies less volume.) The compressed gas provides less buoyancy. To maintain neutral buoyancy, the fish adds gas to the gas bladder. When the bass ascends, pressure decreases, the volume of gas in the bladder expands, and buoyancy increases. Bass can remove gas from the bladder with the gas gland, but this is a relatively slow process. Therefore, a bass quickly displaced from deep water to shallow water (de-pressurized) is helplessly buoyant and suffers physical damage ("the bends"). Until gas volume is reduced, the fish is unable to return to deep water and relieve the physical problems caused by de

Bass'N'Bucks East Texas Team Season Opens with an Impressive Field of Anglers
(Wednesday, December 08,1999 - Sam Rayburn, TX) Sounds like a furniture store advertisement, but if you were to ask Charles Latham from Orange, Texas or Tim Palculict of Beaumont, Texas, they would both tell you it was true, Skeeter Boats and Yamaha Motors makes you money! This Texas duo teamed up to win the first Bass-N-Bucks 2000 East Texas Team Tournament with a 5 bass limit weighing 23.61 pounds, including 2 kicker bass weighing over 7# each. The tournament was held at Lake Sam Rayburn on Sunday, December 5th. with 290 teams entered in the first of seven tournaments. They competed in some of the worst conditions Texas has to offer, double cold fronts and winds in excess of 25-35 mph. The tournament payout was guaranteed at $40,000, but, because of the high turnout, over $52,000 in cash and prizes were actually paid out to the top 40 places.

(Wednesday, December 08,1999 - ) Cooperative efforts between the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) and the Fish Diagnostic Laboratory in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University (MSU) have confirmed the presence of the largemouth bass virus (LMBV) at Tunica Cutoff. Tunica Cutoff is a man-made oxbow of the Mississippi River near Tunica, MS. It gained national attention earlier this year by producing heavy stringers in the Wal-Mart FLW bass tournament stop held on the Mississippi River out of Memphis, TN.

(Tuesday, December 07,1999 - Austin, TX) Hooking a tarpon is somewhat like grabbing hold of a runaway train. The ride doesn't stop until you run out of track. Heralded for their awe-inspiring jumps and tenacious power, tarpon are the stuff from which fish tales are spun. Although they may not be as prominent a game fish in Texas as they were during the first half of the century, a recent catch illustrates the "silver king" is still running.

(Friday, December 03,1999 - ) Let someone mention the word fishing in a crowded room or elevator and our ears perk up like radar, it's like a sixth sense! Bass Fishing means many things, just ask the question, "Why do you love bass fishing" of any angler, and the response will range from simple to deep, or is it shallow to deep? Mike Bednarski from Connecticut said, "Because it's in my blood ... my Grandfather was a fisherman, my father was one and so I must be one. It is the single greatest feeling in the world ..." Doug H from Alabama said, "It allows me the opportunity to give my kids the same kind of memories my Dad gave me." And, Steve H from Iowa followed with, "I learned from my parents, who learned from my grandparents. I have passed it down to my two kids. It provides an opportunity to really become a part of the environment that we must share with all living things."

(Thursday, December 02,1999 - Austin, TX) Trout fishing on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake will get an early jump-start Tuesday, Nov. 16, with the release of 8,250 rainbow trout. Because if interest in trout fishing on this popular stretch of water, Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) biologists decided to begin stocking trout a month ahead of schedule.

(Wednesday, December 01,1999 - DES MOINES, IA) Although there are always hazards when hunting or fishing from boats, cold weather and the possibility of hypothermia can make falling into the water deadly.

Waterfowl Hunting, Saltwater Fishing Surge 1994-1998
(Tuesday, November 30,1999 - ) Waterfowl hunting and saltwater fishing on national wildlife refuges across the country have both surged by almost 75 percent since 1993, according to statistics recently compiled by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Participation in other types of hunting and freshwater fishing held steady or grew modestly over the same period.

(Sunday, November 21,1999 - ) How many of you anglers who walk into Tackle Shops, Discount Stores, K-Marts, Wal-Marts, etc., go straight to the sporting goods department, look for the fishing rods sticking up in the air to zero in on the Fishing Lures and Plastic Baits section? Then, when you get there you start looking over all of the enormous selections of all the different baits and different colors that are offered by the many bait companies that are on the market today, and you're not really sure of exactly what is really needed, so "The Big Question" comes to mind; "What colors do I really need?" especially when looking over all the plastic baits.

(Tuesday, November 16,1999 - ) Anticipation was high as Rayburn Tackle Pro/Guide Carl Wright, his client Jamie Brasher and myself slipped his Ranger into the cool still waters of Big Sam at dawn. This early November morning was highlighted by a heavy fog, which hung around like marshmallow cream on the roof of your mouth. My concerns for a lack of compass and low visibility went unheeded as Carl launched his water rocket into the day. After a short ride we had reached our destination.

(Tuesday, November 16,1999 - ) The original buzzbait was introduced to the national market in 1976. Today however, most anglers do not always use them as often as they could, even though buzzbaits have consistently been great bass producers for the past twenty-two years!

(Saturday, November 13,1999 - ) Have you ever noticed whether it be Club Tournaments, Divisional Tournaments (B.A.S.S. Federation, Red Man, Anglers Choice, etc.) and even the Pro Tournaments, usually you will see a hand full of the same anglers consistently "In-The-Money’ most of the time. Then while you're driving home after fishing some of these tournaments without much success you ask yourself "What are these anglers doing so different than I am."

Bolivar Peninsula of the "Upper" Texas Gulf Coast.
(November 6/7-1999 - Gilchrist TX) With swift undulating currents ripping past the sea-worn shards of the rusty bulkhead, you could almost feel the tension in the air, as hundreds of anglers gripped their fishing poles in anticipation of the flounder run. "Slow at first, one by one on down the line, dozens of waiting poles suddenly began to dip and bend to the incoming tide of outgoing flatfish as they swam against strong currents to reach the Gulf of Mexico.

(Tuesday, November 02,1999 - ) If you were to look in a professional angler's boat during practice before a big tournament, chances are you would see topwaters, spinnerbaits, and lipless crankbaits. They would either be on the deck or within easy reach in most every rod box. The main reason for having these baits tied on at all times is that these are fish finding and fish catching baits that always work.

"...the Grub and the Catfish"
(Thursday, October 28,1999 - South Africa) "...Whiskers some 30 cm long protruded ominously skywards, followed immediately by a huge bulk-of-a-head as a Sharptooth Catfish lunged upwards, gulping air and churning the water surface into a froth of bubbles. This is what I had been waiting for, and a disturbance like this one created the perfect target. My 6-ft flipping stick was already over my shoulder as my thumb instinctively clicked down on the Shimano's fire button. A 20 yard cast aimed just to the right of the swirl, allowed my grub tail to splash down a few feet ahead of the bubble train left by the fish as it dived back towards the bottom. I took up the slack waiting patiently for my 1/4 oz jig to sink, leaning forward at the same time in anticipation of a strike. I flicked the rod tip once to get the grub moving, simultaneously turning my reel handle one full revolution. The 4 inch grub with its long wide throbbing tail which suddenly wiggled up in front of the fish was more than it could stand...with one powerful surge of its tail and a gaping maw, it savaged the morsel..."

Just Around "The Bend" On North Toledo
(Thursday, October 28,1999 - Huxley Bay Marina, Lake Toledo Bend, TX) With the tantalizing smell of fresh brewed coffee merging with the country fried aroma's of buttered eggs, golden hashbrowns, sizzling bacon, and homemade biscuits, surrounded by rustic walls sporting mounts of 12 point Deer, 20 lb Striper, 10 lb Bass, 4 lb Crappie, and a "2 lb Bream", intermingling with the gawfaw's and story tellin's of pre-dawn anglers, there is but one place that I can possibly be..............."Heaven".

(Saturday, October 23,1999 - ) To watch this scene unfold from any distance, it would have appeared that the driver of the boat had fallen asleep. Zig-zagging along a path that looked crazy enough by itself, the boat suddenly turned sharply and headed straight for shore. The boat was within perhaps 30 yards of dry land when the operator finally switched the motor into neutral, then reverse, revving the engine slightly to stop his forward progress.

Fall Fishing Season Underway
(Friday, October 22,1999 - Lake Huites, Mexico) On September 23, 1999, we posted a news release on Lake Huites. At that time, the lake level was at 85% and rising. We predicted at that time that fishing should be excellent due to the tremendous rainfall during the annual rainy season.

"Of I'm not tickin' I'm not fishin'" -- Larry Dahlberg
(Friday, October 22,1999 - ) Are you among the anglers frustrated at the number of fish you catch? After most outings, do you return disappointed at your lack of action? We all love "just being out there," but all things being equal, fishing is more fun when a fish is pulling back.

(Thursday, October 21,1999 - ) It's not like fish are the deepest thinkers. They don't ponder shiner minnow futures, or wonder how long it'll be until the next cold front comes through. As best we know, their brains operate in a mode that helps them survive.

Original "Berkley" Home Will Provide Special Tourism Attraction For Area
(Thursday, October 21,1999 - Spirit Lake, IA) Tom Bedell, owner and CEO of Spirit-Lake, Iowa based Pure Fishing, has announced the purchase of the home where his father, Berkley Bedell, spent his childhood and where he started Berkley Fly Company in 1937.

(Tuesday, October 12,1999 - "Somewhere" on Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.) Invited to attend a fish fry at a friends house, drew quick questions as to what's cookin', with an even quicker "I'll be there" upon finding out that it was to be crappie. "But first, we've got to go and catch them, advised my neighbor, explaining that they had accidently stumbled onto the crappie while checkin' out some bassin' water along a deepwater ridgeline, where, as we were draggin' for some bass-bites, my wife suddenly quipped, "Honey, will you lookee here at what the graph is showing................"ohmygosh!!!

(Wednesday, October 06,1999 - Somewhere Betwixt Plum & Sandy Ridges, Lake Sam Ra) "Geeesh,..only 15 minutes, man that's not enough time to brush & flush, let alone to be grabbin' clothes, gear, and "stuff" to go fishing with. "But, 15 minutes later I was verbalizing my discomforts to deaf ears as we launched into the "crack" betwixt the dark and the dawn. This was October, and a chance meeting with Eddie Carpenter, a Pro/Guide for Rayburn Tackle, found me fumble, stumbling my 5:15 am wake-up call as I tried to make the 5:30 am ramp-off. Seems that Eddie knew of some "Hyper" activity that was "happening" during the pre-dawn hours on Lake Sam Rayburn, and as our Ranger slowly neared a shadowy clump of a clay Island, Eddie suddenly yelped, "there they are"!!

(Friday, October 01,1999 - ) One of India's premier trout runs - a stretch of the Baspa river deep in the Himalayan range - provides the perfect angling environment. The fish are plentiful and the river offers some great and unexplored beats. It is most definitely a trout angler's paradise. The Himalayas in India is a great place to come for a fishing holiday.

(Tuesday, October 05,1999 - Waukegan, IL) Turn-of-the-century America was a period when things began to move. Henry Ford's Model T was motoring down the road when Ole Evinrude got the idea of motoring, not rowing, across a Wisconsin lake.

(October 03,1999 - Chandigarh, India) The mahseer has been fished many years, by a lot of anglers. It got its name due to the incredible strength of the fish. "Mah" as they say in the local language means great, "seer" means head

A Day at the Govind Sagar Reservoir
(Friday, October 01,1999 - Chandigarh, India) Nothing in the world gives me more pleasure than casting a line into the wild waters. Here I was right in the middle of nowhere for yet another fishing adventure, at a place I fancy the most.

(Thursday, September 23,1999 - Malakoff, TX) Mexico's newest bass lake, Lake Huites, appears to be primed for it's best fishing year. Why? After a tremendous amount of rainfall during the annual monsoon season (June-September), that embarks upon Mexico's west coast every year, the water level in Lake Huites is quickly approaching 80%.

(September, 1999 - El Salto, Mexico) The big-bass action at Lake El Salto this season was so unbelievably good that BASSMASTER Magazine Senior Writer Tim Tucker called it "the absolute best trophy lake in the world."

(September,1999 - Mazatlan, Mexico) Anglers Inn makes it easy for our bass customers to experience world-class billfishing action off the coast of Mazatlan. Our combination bass and billfish option is easily accessible and surprisingly affordable!

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