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Testing the waters and weather in the land of Mozart
(12/29/2000 - Mittersill, Austria) Among fly-fisherpersons, the prime locales of the world are well known. The Florida Keys, Montana, Alaska, Argentina and the Bahamas are the subject of countless articles and dozens of outdoor shows. Outside of the chalk streams of England, Europe is rarely a destination for the international fly-fisher. Austria however, is the keeper of what could be the world's best-kept fly-fishing secret. Austria and its alpine lakes and streams provide visitors with uncrowded access to unspoiled, world-class fishing in a variety of environments.

(12/20/2000 - Walker, MN) Clearly, I can recall Minnesota's esteemed Governor, Jesse Ventura, then traveling by the ring name of "The Body", being backed into turnbuckles by villains the likes of Jerry Blackwell and The Claw. And just when The Body and his feathered boa appeared to be in dire straits, out thrust the brawny arm of tag team partner Adrian Adonis, the Atlantic side of The East West Connection. The Body tagged and through the ropes entered Adonis to begin counter-pummeling. Former AWA fans can now regain their seats... Fact or fiction, teamwork, that's what it was all about. A reference to tag team professional wrestling might be a bit of a stretch, but trust me; teamwork plays a vital role in ice fishing.

(12/20/2000 - Walker, MN) The stereotypes are out there. A casual ice angler glances out the frosted window of a permanent shelter to verify that his tip-up, which was deployed yesterday, remains un-sprung. Another angler, this one seated next to a buddy in the cab of a pickup, wipes just enough condensation off the passenger window to scan the ice for tripped flags. And a third party, slurping suds and dealing poker inside a toasty cabin, forgot about their field of tip-ups a case of beer ago...

(12/18/2000 - ) My Spanish-speaking guide used hand signals to tell me the bass far below was just nibbling the tail of my plastic worm. Then, tapping his index finger on his temple, explained that the fish was too smart to be caught.

(12/16/2000 - Toledo Bend Reservoir, TX/LA) "There they are, Patty alerted as the LCD graph marked several large fish holding over the hump. "They be Striper, and big ones at that, Noe advised just seconds before Patty shrieked "FISH ON!" The next few seconds were "blurred" as we hurriedly reeled in our lines to give Patty some fighting room. "GOSH" this fish is strong, Patty lightly complained as the brute forced her to brace for a long fight. "Finally, after some "toe-to-toe" moments of drag burning runs and rod wrestling, the lady finally managed to lead the Striper to boat-side, "Where, after another surging run, Noe finally "swoops" out the large Striper into the net. It was 6:58 am, only minutes after launching from the Harbor Lodge boat ramp, and by 7:45 am we would have eight more "shrieks" & hook-ups which saw "nothing but net" as Noe was kept busy landing Striper from eight to fifteen lbs.

(12/08/2000 - ) Boy, what a year. As any angler knows, that has fished this year, if you want to fish something new, just wait a few weeks. We had very little rain this year and that means that on generating lakes like Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend, the water table goes down and down and down. Partner that up with an unusually short Spring, if any and a very hot summer. Then add a Fall that has not existed, and what looks like an early Winter, and you have almost no specific fishing pattern for the whole year. I am just like any other angler seeking for knowledge, I read alot of articles from amateur anglers to the Pros, and when I find something that would help build my arsenal for ways of catching Mr. Bass, I try to put it into my memory files

(11/24/2000 - Walker, MN) We've all been out there when it didn't seem to matter what you gave them or how it was presented. The very moment aggressive to nearly hostile crappies or sunfish see it they thump it. Under such conditions you can jig a lure with every conceivable combination of motions and there will be dinner on the table. These fish are ON, or as On Ice Tour labels them, Gulpers. But what about when they're OFF, behaving like Gawkers, or somewhere in between? By the way, naming rights for these "in-between-ers" is yet undetermined and On Ice Tour is open to suggestions.

(11/24/2000 - Walker, MN) Oh, the good old days... Chip and Tommy reminisce about afternoons-spent ice fishing from a wood heated shanty. Toasting by the stove. And that march out to the fish house; pulling the Radio Flyer; carrying buckets of gear; shuffling through drifts of snow. Such fond memories...

(11/22/2000 - ) It took the third person saying about the same thing in the span of a couple hours to get through to me, but I finally realized I had a failure to communicate.

An Adventure into the "Awesome-Autumn" Top-Water Phenomenon
(11/22/2000 - Lake Sam Rayburn, TX) On this day of "trick or treat" when ghosts and goblins were running amuck, three anxious bass anglers managed to weave their way through those "things that go bump in the fog" for some "Awesome-Autumn" top-water bass adventures that most of us only dream of, "or read about"................As the Spook slowly "wobbled" past the grassy-staub, the obvious strongly hinted for me to put down the fishing rod and pick up my camera, but when the obvious suddenly "EXPLODED" out of the water..............."Too late!!"

(11/21/2000 - ) Walleyes, as if you didn't already know this, possess these amazing eyes. They feature a reflective pigment that helps walleyes see well in dim light, giving them a vision advantage over most of their prey, especially in those minutes when light levels change rapidly.

You can think your way to better ice fishing success. Here's how to do it, this winter.
(11/17/2000 - ) For as many years as we've been ice fishing a whole new way, I'm amazed at the number of people I see out on the ice who are still fishing the old way. Even a lot of people who have gone out and bought the new equipment are still stuck in some of the same old ruts.

(11/15/2000 - ) Imagine a consumer show for golf enthusiasts. For the price of admission, golfers could purchase the latest equipment at special prices, receive discounts on green fees at area courses and attend workshops conducted by professionals like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Tom Lehman

When it comes to ice fishing success, your mind may be the most important piece of equipment you have.
(11/16/2000 - St. Cloud, MN) It's funny how your body can be out there ice fishing and your mind is shopping for Christmas presents, or working, or figuring out how you're going to put shelves in the garage. According to Dave Genz, Mr. Ice Fishing himself, you'll catch more fish if you can temporarily set other matters aside (not that they're not important) and put yourself in fishing mode from a mental standpoint.

(11/15/2000 - Mid-Lake area, Lake Toledo Bend, TX.) "I grew up in Texas City TX, down in the Galveston Bay area of the Texas Gulf Coast, informed the father, husband, and BASS/Pro, "And hung out with some of the older boys in my neighborhood to learn fishing for the saltwater species. "As I grew up, graduating from Texas City High School, I went to work for the Southwestern Investment Company, and after 3 to 4 years, they transferred me to Lufkin TX. "I was "aghast" at the move and wasn't really enthused about leaving my saltwater fishing where I was used to catching Tarpon up to 150 lbs and huge 800 to 900 lb sharks, "I mean, I lived, breathed and enjoyed saltwater fishing as that was what I did back then, and wasn't exactly thrilled about moving to the East Texas area where I'd be catching "itty-bitty" 3 to 4 lb freshwater bass. "But, the move provided a major career change for me as I moved up to East Texas in 1965, which was also about the same time that Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn were filling up with water.

(11/05/2000 - Gadsden, Alabama) Youngsters with disabilities gathered at Gadsden City Park boat launch and marina today and were treated to fishing trips with a favorite professional angler of the Women's Bass Fishing Association (WBFA). Twenty-six of the top women anglers in the world assembled in Gadsden Saturday in preparation for the WBFA Tour's 2000 Classic World Championship.

(10/25/2000 - Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.) "Feeling another light tap of a hit right after catching and releasing small bass, the angler informed, "I told my fishing partner that I thought I had another "dink" hitting me, then upon setting my hook into what I thought was another small bass -"ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE"- as water, grass, mud and "my adrenalin" suddenly erupted as the "DINK" quickly bolted off with me, and our boat in tow!.... "Uhh, my partner blurted as he started digging for the net, I don't think it's a dink! "As the big fish continued to erupt, boil, and pull us around, cutting grass as it bulldozed its way through the grass-bed, I then thought it might be an Opelousas catfish which were common catches for this type of fishing, "Then, after another 10 or 15 minutes, the un-seen monster began to tire as I was finally able to work it up near the boat." My fishing partner, now standing next to me with the net at the ready, quickly stuttered, "Uh, "uh,......... "I don't think the net's gonna' be big enough Carl!!!

(10/18/2000 - Antioch, IL) Mike Gofron, Professional Walleye Angler, added another top-10 finish to his career total earlier this month at Operation Walleye's inaugural RCL Championship. Finishing fifth overall and making the cut each of the last two days, Gofron was thrilled to be on stage during the unique 'shoot out' weigh-in style. Wisconsin state regs only allowed each angler to weigh three fish on the final day, making strategy, decision making, and each hook set critical.

(09/18/2000 - ) Have you ever thought about fishing without say, a thumb or maybe your casting arm. Well, Meet Jim Goldman, he has no arms. That's right, he was born without arms and he is a tournament fisherman. Jim is 36 years old and lives in Wayne City, Illinois and has been fishing as long as he can remember. He began tournament bass fishing 9 years ago and hasn't looked back since. Jim is very secure in the fact that he has born with no arms, and if he could have them now, they would probably get in his way. When someone says that you can do whatever you set your mind to, Jim could be the true Example.

(09/17/2000 - Tyler, TX) Young tournament anglers are coming on strong and competing with the veteran pros; and, nowhere was it more evident than at this year's BASSMASTERS Classic. These guys are to be commended just for earning the right to be at the Classic. They qualified by being top- notch anglers along the various B.A.S.S. Invitational and Top 150 trails and through the Federation divisions. At this year's Classic, there were eight Classic qualifiers under the age of 30: Timmy Horton, Brent Chapman, Edwin Evers, Todd Faircloth, Brett Hite, Michael Iaconelli, Kotaro Kiriyama and Aaron Martens.

Wal-Mart FLW Tour "Millennium" Championship
(09/15/2000 - Shreveport, LA) Special Report After 2 days of grueling competition on the Red River near Shreveport LA, 50 of the worlds best FLW anglers, representing 22 states and Japan, would be whittled down to just the top 10 Pro-Boaters and Co-Boater anglers. And then to make things a bit more interesting, day-3 competition would thin the original line-up even more as only the top 5 FLW Pro’s would advance to the final phase of this $250,000 Championship.

Bassin' with the Mayor, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX. Jasper Outdoors Festival
(09/13/2000 - Jasper, TX) Most of Rayburn's bass anglers naturally gravitate to the grass-beds to find their bass, explained the Jasper TX, native, "But we're going to a little hump which comes up right dead in the middle of the lake that will have from 45 to 50 foot of water all around it. "This main-lake bassin' spot is a crappie hole, explained the former Lake Fork guide, "which has about a quarter of an acre of brush-piles scattered all around it, "So we're going to fish it with some Carolina and Texas rigs to catch the deepwater bass that should be hanging around to ambush some "tasty" crappie. "I mean, after all, he quipped, "we're not the only species on earth who enjoy eating crappie!

(09/08/2000 - ) In my home state of Arkansas, the "Top Dog on the porch", is a title well earned by the one that leads the rest of the pack through the hunt and is consistently successful in tracking the prey. For this reason, our current "Top Dog" honors go to the 2000 Wal-Mart FLW Angler-of-the-year and Gambler-BANG pro-staff member Clark Wendlandt.

Bassin’ with the Olde Breed
(09/02/2000 - Toledo Bend, TX.) After arriving at a main-lake slough area the "weathered" Bass/Pro positions our boat on the very tip of a long underwater point. Informing me that we were sitting 200 yards from the nearest land with the depth gauge reading 18’, he then advised me to cast my worm to the left side of some stick-ups, where he then flipped his cast to the right. My instructed efforts however produce only a missed opportunity while the Toledo Pro suddenly reared back "HARD" setting his hook into our first "landed" bass of the day.

Dog Day Bassin' on Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas
(Wednesday, August 09,2000 - Sam Rayburn, TX) "Where are we going? Was my first, of many questions as Scott Soisson nosed our bass boat away from the launch ramp. "Oh, I dunno, he answers, "Solley's, Buck, Needmore, or maybe even Five Fingers, "Nah, interjects Scott Springer, the larger bass will probably be holding on "Sawdust, "Nickel, or maybe "Red Tape". Not having "ANY IDEA" of what Springer was talking about I zipped up my life-vest and braced for our run as Soisson throttles out and across Lake Sam Rayburn. What's really "cool" about running the lake in a sleek "Ranger Class" bass boat is its "ultra" smooth, nose down high-tech posture and high-speed performance run. Kinda' like being on a Harley run without a helmet. "But I must give caution that if you're an outdoor writer looking for a story-line that you best stow extra pens in your camera bag to replace the ones that'll get "sucked" out of your pockets, much like the ones I had to replace after arriving at our fishing destination.

(Monday, July 31,2000 - ) There is so much emphasis placed on winning the Classic that folks forget that it's a real challenge and honor just to qualify. These boys work super hard to get to the Classic and then they compete against the super elite fishermen in the country. Texas' had six guys qualify for the 30th BASSMASTER Classic: Alton Jones, Mark Pack, Jay Yelas, Gary Klein, Todd Faircloth and Lendell Martin, Jr. In addition, those of you who have been around awhile consider Larry Nixon and Rick Clunn to be honorary Texans' even if they did jump ship and move to another state, they spent the majority of their fishing careers here in Texas and we claim them anyway! We are privileged in this state to have so much freshwater to fish and the anglers that Texas produces are all topnotch and extremely talented.

A Team Approach to Fishing Finances
(Tuesday, July 25,2000 - ) What would you say if I offered to give you a guaranteed method for helping to save approximately $ 1,700.00 at no additional cost to you? What would you say to me if I could ensure that you would have at least enough money at the end of the year to fish 6 maybe 7 more additional team tournaments, with all the options? And , finally what would you say to me if you could do all of this without having to go hungry in the process?

Wins Second Angler Of The Year Title
(Thursday, June 22,2000 - Florence, AL) Texan Clark Wendlandt, 34, will join America's elite sport's heroes as a cereal box icon after winning the 2000 Land O'Lakes Angler of the Year title Thursday on Pickwick Lake during the Wal-Mart FLW Tour's $1 million Forrest Wood Open presented by Kellogg's. In addition to gracing the cover of Kellogg's brand Corn Flakes and Frosted Mini-Wheats boxes, Wendlandt will receive $25,000 and a Johnson-or Evinrude-powered Ranger 518 VX bass boat. Should he win the Forrest Wood Open, which runs through Saturday, Wendlandt will receive an additional $200,000.

The Dawn of a new Bass/Pro, Todd Faircloth
(Tuesday, June 20,2000 - Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas) An early June morning, "Somewhere, on Needmore Point", Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas Thwuck! "This really feels good, expressed the long, tall East Texan who had just set his hook into a good fish. "The jig bite, "man, there just ain't nothing else in this world like it! After a short, but vigorous seesaw fight, the angler finally manages to lip-land a "chunky" representative of what Lake Sam Rayburn has become famous for.

An early June morning, "Somewhere, near Needmore Point, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.
(Friday, June 16,2000 - Sam Rayburn, TX) "Gosh, I love this lake!" expressed the tired, but happy angler. "You really don't know just how much you miss it until you've returned from a long trip," smiled Sam Rayburn Pro, Carl Svebek III, explaining that he had just returned from Wagoner, OK, where he competed at the Everstart tournament on Ft. Gibson. "And this is where it all started for me just a short three years ago, "Carl advised with a knowing grin while navigating the "Butter Boat" towards a shallow grass-pocket near Needmore Point.

C.I.P.S. – C.O.N.I. – C.M.A.S. - F.I.P.S.A.S.
(June 10 - Brian Channel, Boccafossa, Italy) Brian Channel: The FIPSAS held its second qualifying event for the BASS Italian Championship on the Brian Channel at Boccafossa (district of Venice). The game has been organized by the BEBA society, B.A.S.S. affiliated. The first eight team are qualified for the final contest of the BASS Italian Championship that will be held in Corbara Lake on 15/16/17 September 2000.

Fishin' The Bend
(Wednesday, June 07,2000 - Lanana Bayou, Toledo Bend, LA.) "OUCH!!" -- Yelping out in sharp pain when a lively White Bass manages to slash me before wriggling free of my grasp, I quickly re-grip the unruly critter and toss it into our live well. With razor-like cuts pulsing pain & blood I have little time for mending as some really "HOT" Toledo Bend fishing action was occurring right in front of us.

(Thursday, June 01,2000 - Lake Sam Rayburn, TX) "I treasure the many moments I find on a lake like no one will ever know, the lady angler softly spoke as she scanned the early morning dawn, "like every little detail from that peach/gray sunrise with wispy fog, to the bream dimples on the water's surface, the heron stalking breakfast, or those squirrels arguing up that pine tree. "I think of all these pretty things I've ever seen out here due to fishing, all of the funny things, scary things, memorable moments, "and people think fishing is just for catching fish ..."I don't think so!"

(Wednesday, May 23,2000 - Paris, TN) The 1st annual Stratos/Javelin World Championship Tournament took place on May 5 & 6, 2000 on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee. I had the pleasure of attending this event to offer my support to Stratos Boats, Boats Unlimited and the anglers that qualified through Nor-Cal Bass. This would be my first visit to this part of the country and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

(Saturday, May 20,2000 - ) Many dealers find that using pro anglers to promote their dealerships makes sense in increasing their sales. So we asked Mike Auten, a member of Yamaha's Pro Fishing Team and much-in-demand seminar speaker, to share how he sees pro anglers fitting in with dealership needs. If you are a dealer who uses pros, this article is aimed at helping you make your pro a more effective part of your team.

14th Annual East Texas Get Hooked On Fishing -"NOT DRUGS"- Crusade
(Saturday, May 06,2000 - Shirley Creek Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.) Scampering Squirrels, shuffling feet, and BIG YELLOW school busses arrived with the mornings sun as Shirley Creek Marina awoke to the excited giggles of hundreds of kids who were taking part in the "Fishing Friends & Family Day" phase of the 14th Annual East Texas Get Hooked on Fishing -NOT DRUGS- crusade, where, after the last cast was made, final perch caught, hotdog munched, and soda gulped, the importance of "the message" went home within the happy smiles of those "very" motivated kids,.......... "lesson's well learned".

Horton's Risk Proves To Be The Right Decision
(Tuesday, May 02,2000 - MONTGOMERY, AL.) Tim Horton acknowledges that his family was a little uneasy when he announced to them that he was going to fish for a living after graduating from college. "To be honest, my parents and my wife's parents were scared to death," says the 27-year-old Spruce Pine, Ala., pro. "But it has worked out pretty well so far."

(Easter Weekend,2000 - Port O'Connor, TX) "They must be in the pocket, advised the fishing guide as we passed the rocking boat which was in full "hook-up". By the time it took us maneuver around the craft and come about we witnessed two large redfish landed with a third being hooked and fought. "How many do you have so far, asked my guide as he tethered off to the transom then eased us back about twenty foot behind his brothers boat. "We've got seven in the well, answered the other guide, "and if this lady can land the one that she has on now, he further advised, "it'll make eight. A sudden shrill of a scream alerted to us that the big fish decided to make a run for the Gulf as it began "burning-drag" from the woman's reel.

16th Annual McSplash - April 14-15-16, 2000 - Lake Sam Rayburn, TX
(Saturday, April 01,2000 - Sam Rayburn, TX) "Gosh, I love Big Mac's", gushed a very surprised & excited Mrs Dale Robinson as she gripped her husbands $30,000 in winnings. Mr. Robinson, a Beaumont TX, school teacher, had been fishing the 1986 McDonalds Big Bass Classic on Lake Sam Rayburn, when he managed to catch the largest bass to be weighed at the tournament.

(Friday, March 31,2000 - Lake Havasu City, AZ) If you've ever fished as a back seater then you have probably experienced some degree of frustration in one way or another. When I'm not fishing from my own boat with my husband Tim I'm usually the one in the back of someone elses boat. Ever hear the catchie phrase :UNLESS YOU'RE THE LEAD DOG THE VIEW NEVER CHANGES?

Texas/Budweiser "Share-A-Lunker" Program -- Lunker Update
(Thursday, March 30,2000 - Austin, TX) ShareLunker # 19 was caught from Tyler State Park Lake at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 26th. Brad Sharp from Tyler, Texas caught his 13.28 lbs. lunker on a stanley tube jig in 8 feet of water. The fish measured 25.75" in length and with a 21.25" girth. Frank Kuhorski from Lake Jackson, Texas caught a 13.01 lbs. largemouth bass from Lake Fork at 5:00 pm., March 29th to become the 20th entry into the ShareLunker Program this year. Lunker # 20 was caught in eight feet of 65 degree water on a 6" Black Sluggo. It measured 26" in length with a 20.5" of girth. Dennis Collins of Austin, Texas caught ShareLunker entry # 21 at 8:00 am today, March 30th from Cooper Lake. The fish weighed 13.40 lbs. and measured 23.5" in length with a girth of 21.5. Collins caught in in 4 feet of water on a tube jig.

(March, 26, 2000 - Revine Lake (Italy)) Fishing alone Nicola Panareo wins the Team Tournament catching 4 bass weighing 9.99 pound. "I fished many lures 50 feet off the shoreline and I caught fish with almost all of them. I caught several pikes too; the biggest was about a ten pounder," reports "doctor Nick" at the final weigh in, smiling under the rain. Panareo also had Big Bass honours, weighing in a good 3.94 pound bass.

Texas/Budweiser "Share-A-Lunker" Program
(Tuesday, March 28,2000 - ) With the Texas/Budweiser Share-A-Lunker program now holding 18 Trophy Bass above the 13 lb lunker mark, the Florida Bass Genetic project has collected over 300 of these donated fish into its important research & development Lunker Bass program since its 1986 start. The record year for ShareLunker entries was in 1994-95 when 36 fish were entered between 12-7-94 and 4-26-95, with 23 entries donated from Lake Fork, 3 from Falcon, 3 from Sam Rayburn, the balance from Conroe, Gibbons Creek, Gladewater, Austin, Pat Mayse, Richland Chambers, and a private lake. The second highest year was 1991-92 which had 33 entries. Since its start the "Share-A-Lunker"program has averaged 23 entries per year.

Texas/Budweiser "Share-A-Lunker" Program
(Wednesday, March 22,2000 - Austin, TX) With the Texas/Budweiser Share-A-Lunker program now holding 15 Trophy Bass above the 13 lb lunker mark, the Florida Bass Genetic project has collected over 300 of these donated fish into its important research & development Lunker Bass program since its 1986 start. The record year for ShareLunker entries was in 1994-95 when 36 fish were entered between 12-7-94 and 4-26-95, with 23 entries donated from Lake Fork, 3 from Falcon, 3 from Sam Rayburn, the balance from Conroe, Gibbons Creek, Gladewater, Austin, Pat Mayse, Richland Chambers, and a private lake. The second highest year was 1991-92 which had 33 entries. Since its start the "Share-A-Lunker"program has averaged 23 entries per year.

A new trolling trick that lets you 'check' three depth levels at once!
(Thursday, March 16,2000 - ) One of the old jokes guides like to crack at their clients as they push off from the dock in the morning concerns how easy it will be to find fish. A lot of paying customers walk right into this one, in fact, by asking where the fish are likely to be.

Understanding Bass Part-1
(Wednesday, March 15,2000 - ) Bass fishing is a sport like many others that when it comes to knowledge and the understanding of the opponent it allows one to become more successful. You may look at it kind of like deer hunting, the more the hunter understands the scrapes, trails, food areas, water areas, runs, and habitats of the deer the more successful the hunter will become at locating them. The same is true with Bass fishing (Bass angling), the more you understand the Bass along with the many different circumstances and conditions you run across the more successful you will be at catching them. So let's talk about a few key factors when it comes to a better understanding of the bass. The first one we will look at would be the survival of the bass.

Texas/Budweiser "Share-A-Lunker" Program
(Tuesday, March 14,2000 - Austin, TX) "Anyone who fishes Texas waters and manages to catch a 13 lb -or plus- black bass, explained program director, David Campbell, "and who can keep that fish in good, releaseable condition, when donating it to the program, will be eligible to receive a replica mount of their bass as well as a certificate of merit from the state of Texas, a lunker cap & shirt, a lifetime resident Texas freshwater fishing license-(if a resident)-and an invitation to our Lunker Program Banquet. The anglers lunker catch will be returned to the lake from which it was caught after being studied at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens Texas, where it will "hopefully" be induced to spawn its superior lunker genetics to help improve the quality of bass fishing in Texas.

I first and foremost want to thank Jesus Christ for allowing me to have a testimony to share. I am blessed and GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY for what has happened in my life..

(Tuesday, February 29,2000 - Bainbridge, GA.) Last weekend's Georgia BIG Kmart BASSMASTER Top 150 event turned into a sight fishing contest as 98% of the field aimed their casts at bedding Lake Seminole bass. Unfortunately for the rest of the field, Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Fla., - a sight-fishing legend - was on the entry list

Recorded Lunkers as of Tuesday, February 29, 2000.
(Tuesday, February 29,2000 - State of Texas) With the state of Texas enjoying some of the finest bass fishing found anywhere, the genetics to that success can be found within its Share-A-Lunker program which was started back in 1986. "To date, this program has recovered over 300 lunker bass which were within the 13 lb -and up- range which top-ends at the 18.21 lb mark of the Texas State record. This years start of the "traditional" lunker bass season has already produced ten "Share-A-Lunker" bass within the past two weeks with the most recent being caught from west Texas this past Sunday by anglers fishing Lake Amistad near Del Rio and White River Lake near Lubbock.

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