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Part II - More great places to find that perfect gift
(11/28/2001 - ) The community of businesses offers a wide variety of great Christmas gift ideas, and today we are going to look further at some of the business that just might have one of those perfect presents that you are looking for. If there is a fisherman, or outdoorsman or women in your family then visiting the stores and boat dealers in is bound to help you in finding gifts that you know will be surefired successes.

A look inside the businesses of bass fishing, and why you should support the businesses that support the fishermen, period.
(11/26/2001 - ) Sponsors come in many different capacities, to both the host tournament organizations as well as to tournament anglers. No matter what capacity the sponsor and their sponsorship package may contribute, the bottom line here is that sponsor loyalty begins with you, the bass angler.

Visit some of the businesses in Fishingworld that offer a variety of great products to make your gift shopping easier....
(11/25/2001 - ) As the holiday season rapidly approaches, this is a good opportunity for the community to share with our visitors the many businesses that are part of this community. Each of these businesses offer great gift ideas for the fishing enthusiasts, so during the next few days we will introduce many special ideas, places and things.

(11/25/2001 - Braham, MN) Our Nation‚ great walleye waters are varied indeed, and include natural lakes, rivers and reservoirs, as well as the monstrous Great Lakes, like Erie and Ontario. Techniques for extracting ol‚ marble eyes from such a diverse assembly of waters can equally vary, from pitching jigs to shoreline rocks, to dragging live bait rigs, to open water trolling, it takes a pretty big bag of tricks to get the job done. Selecting a craft that is equally home on all of the aforementioned waters requires some thought as you consider all the options, and there are plenty.

Is equipment the key to successful fishing? Will buying the latest gizmo or do-dad really increase an angler's success?
(11/21/2001 - ) Because I fish for a living, I probably have more gear than a lot of sporting goods stores. Still, I'd hate to think my success as an angler is based strictly on the equipment I own. When it comes to consistently catching fish, skill—not equipment—is the most important ingredient.

(11/21/2001 - SCOTTSDALE, AZ.) As this holiday season approaches, many Americans are returning to a more family-focused outlook after realizing how important and priceless time spent together truly is. One of the oldest and most enjoyable ways to spend time together as a family and to reconnect with each other is to enjoy the bounties of the Great Outdoors - camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, birdwatching and boating.

Softly invade a fish's sphere of influence to catch it unaware
(11/20/2001 - ) In this era of run and gun fishing featuring fast boats and a wide array of new lure choices, all but the most intuitive and seasoned anglers seem to have lost a degree of stealth in their approach. Repeatedly told to seek active biters, many anglers put too much emphasis on the number of spots they hit in a day, resulting in a revved up, noisy, hit-and-run operation that can put even willing fish on red alert.

(11/08/2001 - ) Who knows whether you can accurately characterize the mood or the mindset of an entire nation, but it's probably safe to say that on Sept. 11, 2001, Americans were shocked out of the childlike naivete we had lived under for a long time, the feeling that we're safe at home. We've long had this intellectual insulation, this notion that New York City as war-torn area was the stuff of silver screen fantasy.

There's no time-outs, no pit crews, just a one-man show -- against the clock
(11/06/2001 - ) In sports such as basketball and football, teams are allowed a set number of time-outs per half to strategize and refresh. Plus, they get a nice rest period called "half-time". In baseball, players get a chance to re-group when their teammates are bat or during the "7th inning stretch". Coaches and managers usually call and control these athletic breaks, and/or strategy sessions.

(10/26/2001 - ) The Weekend Warrior returns to the boat ramp at the end of a long day of fishing, his livewell empty. As he stashes his gear, our Warrior overhears another angler boasting of a great catch-lots of bass, a couple really big 'uns.

(10/21/2001 - Braham, MN) Mother Nature can destroy the best made plans. You could be on a premier walleye lake, at a peak time of the year, with all of the latest gear, and still come up empty handed after a dreaded cold front comes rolling through. Cold fronts have given walleye fisherman a time honored excuse for poor fishing results. When ever a fellow angler uses the "cold front excuse" for a less than expected catch, the excuse is accepted without question, and no more mention is made. It's the code of the west.

(10/20/2001 - Braham, MN) During the course of a season, situations occur that create peak angling opportunities, and are defined by intense action in easily identified areas. Unfortunately these periods are often short lived, and by the time you hear about it you're probably too late. By all definitions, one of the season's most productive peaks is at hand, and revolves around many of our nation‚s rivers, and better yet; It's not too late.

Fall Bull Red Run On Galveston Bay
(10/04/2001 - Sea Wolf Park, Pelican Island, Galveston, TX.) As we stood around bantering and joking amongst ourselves, a sudden "clicking" sound silenced all who heard as our attention suddenly focused on the array of multi-colored "Bull-Rods" that were lined up on along the pier rail. "It's yours Capt. Bill, yelled one attentive angler just as the red, black, and gold banded rod suddenly lurched and bucked to the heavy strike of a big fish. "Fish-On" Capt. Bill yelled as he reared back hard, several times on his rig to set his hook. When his pole bent and line started spooling off his reel, all of us immediately moved to our "Bull-Rigs" to keep the lines from tangling up with the hard-fighting fish.

Annual Galveston Bay Fall Flounder Run
(09/29/2001 - Rollover Pass, Gilchrist, TX.) "I fished the falling edge of the outgoing tide yesterday morning, informed the grinning angler who just waded in from an intra-coastal bay-flat trailing an impressive stringer of seven flounder, "And was able to catch five flounder, with my smallest at 20 inches and my largest being a 26 inch "Door-Mat" flounder. "Yup, the Fall flounder run is definitely on, he stated with a knowing grin, "But don't tell anyone ok?.... "Sure, no problem!

One of the most important lessons I learned from years of tournament fishing is how to "run and gun."
(09/28/2001 - ) The run-and-gun approach means fishing as many different spots as possible in as little time as necessary. The theory behind run and gun is simple enough: Every minute wasted on an unproductive spot is a minute not spent on a good one. Rather than frittering away an hour on a spot that's not kicking out fish, you run and gun until you find a hot school.

(09/22/2001 - ) Have you ever bent over to pick up a rod and found that when you pick up the one you want you get two or three others because the treble hooks from one of your rods has become tangled in the line or lures of the other rods?  There are two things you can do to really cut down on this problem. 

(09/21/2001 - Braham, MN) There's a right time for just about everything, and if you're a jig fisherman, the time is now. If you're not a jig fisherman, you should be. Jigs are one of the most deadly, and versatile, tools available to today's walleye angler. Jigs can be cast, drug, swum, and even trolled. The key is knowing when and where to use the appropriate technique.

(09/20/2001 - ) Staying in complete control is one of the keys to successful walleye angling, and is worth the effort to try and effect, especially if you want to catch more, and bigger walleyes. If you can control your boat, you can control your bait, allowing you to keep your offering in the "zone" and maximize your opportunities.

Los Cabos Baits Anglers with the World's Best Fishing Grounds and Most Exciting Tournaments
(09/12/2001 - Los Cabos, Mexico) The Los Cabos Tourism Board is capitalizing on its reputation as one of the greatest fishing destinations in the world -- and the Marlin capital of the world -- by providing anglers with exciting tournament options.

(09/13/2001 - ) It seems like just about the time you establish a pattern, conditions change. Take springtime for instance, walleyes wrap up spawning and quickly switch focus to edibles. They flock to shallow structure where baitfish are easy to come by. Dial them in, and you're the man.

(09/02/2001 - Mustang Island, Port Aransas, TX.) The "Texas Treasure" had cruised nine miles out from the Texas Gulf Coast before making her turn to starboard. Glancing back, I spotted several other ships steaming out from the stormy cauldron of dark rain-soaked skies and flashing lightning that we had just escaped from.

(08/25/2001 - Braham, MN) Anchoring is tried and true method for extracting walleyes from specific areas, that is often thought of as being too slow, and outdated. It may be slow, but under the right conditions, slow can be the very best way to go. And as far as being outdated goes, catching more walleyes is always in.

(08/24/2001 - ) The morning mail contained a copy newspaper editorial on fishing. Because op-ed writers rarely address outdoor topics, it caught my eye. The editor talked about how the state's department of natural resources is proposing changes in the fishing regulations that include more restrictive size and slot limits and a reduction in the daily bag. The editorial writer argued the wisdom of such a move, noting that folks in his state have a passion for outdoor pursuits and shouldn't be penalized by regulations that would restrict their ability to utilize the resource.

(08/23/2001 - Braham, MN) One of the keys to good walleye fishing, is to spend your time in areas of high concentrations. It only stands to reason that a heavy concentration of fish can greatly increase your chance of finding at least a few that are active. Finding good concentrations of walleyes in big reservoirs, come late fall, can be as simple as looking under the nearest bridge.

Women Outdoor Skills Workshop
(08/21/2001 - Martin Dies Jr. State Park, TX) "OK Ladies, instructed the map orientation teacher, "just line up the red arrows with the red arrows on your compasses to locate your direction, "have any questions? Upon which one lady quickly adjusted her compass directional reflector and asked, "Yes, what's this mirror for, so you can see who is lost? Philosophy of the "Women in the Outdoors".. "Tell me, and I will remember for a day, "Show me, and I will remember for a week, "Involve me, and I will remember forever.

(08/15/2001 - ) Without question many of us can be considered crazed about the sport of bass fishing. When it comes to the details and the passion to it fish competitively many outsiders would consider us crazed individuals with fish on the brain. Guess what.

(08/07/2001 - New Orleans, LA) The 2001 Bass Masters Classic in New Orleans, LA. was filled with class, style and charisma - just like Jay Yelas of Tyler, Texas. I had a unique opportunity to be an observer with him on the first day of the Classic. Only 35 years old, this is Jay's 11th B.A.S.S. Classic, he was the 1995 Bassmaster Super Stars Champion and 3 time winner of the Bassmaster Trail just to name a few of his accomplishments so far in his blooming career. He has only been fishing tournaments for 13 years and has fished the classic 11 of those years.

August 2, 3, 4, 2001, BASSMaster Classic
(08/04/2001 - New Orleans, LA) As the World's top BASS anglers were fishing the fertile waters in the Mississippi River Delta of New Orleans LA, the public, who came to watch and cheer their favorite anglers, are being treated to the flash & splash of the Classic Outdoor Show being held at the Morial Convention Center. "We expect to see over 100,000 fishing fans visit the Classic show this year, stated one BASS official, "as they arrive here from all over the world to watch World Class tournament anglers fish a World Class fishery in a World Class City.

Do your homework, to understand just what you are buying
(07/29/2001 - ) Have you ever had one of your marine batteries just, quit working? If you answered "yes", then you probably also had that sinking feeling in your stomach that usually effects boat owners whenever something goes wrong with "their boat".

(07/29/2001 - ) Well, finally after all the years of enjoying the sport of bass fishing I have noticed that more and more women (and girls) are taking a considerable liking to this wonderful sport. In fact, in the last five years during the operation of my 3-day "On-Water" Bass Fishing School and Bass Fishing Charter Service located here on Lake Champlain and Lake George, NY, I have had a tremendous increase of women (and girl) students enroll in my school as well as booking bass charter trips each year, and I really must say that it really gets me excited to see them enjoy all the fun and excitement they've been missing out on for so long.

August 2001 article
(07/28/2001 - ) Does Mother Nature provide signs that help us predict when and where the fish will be biting? Is it possible to look at the sky, sniff the air and know whether or not it's going to be a good day on the water?

Part 2
(07/27/2001 - Woodbury, MN) Last time, we began the process of building a lure collection for the purposes of catching fish. We've been talking to Hank Steele of the Rapala Fishing Club, a guy who has put a lot of thought into his personal formula for methodically building a tackle box full of weapons that will work from shallow to deep.

(07/24/2001 - Woodbury, MN) The old line about fishing lures being designed to catch fishermen rather than fish pokes fun at what Hank Steele considers a serious subject. "First of all," says Steele, administrator for the Rapala Fishing Club, "regardless of what the motivations are of any tackle company, I worry about the thought process when the average angler puts together a collection of lures. They buy a couple of whatever's new every year, and pretty soon they have this fairly impressive number of lures.

(07/23/2001 - Braham, MN) The thought of bobber fishing for walleyes doesn’t instill a sense of excitement in a lot of anglers, and seems simple to the point of being crude. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth, and when done right it, is a form of art. It’s a lot more than simply clipping on a bobber and waiting for something to happen. A whole lot more.

(07/23/2001 - Braham, MN) With so many different presentations at a walleye anglers disposal, it's difficult to know just what to start with, especially if your investigating a new lake for the first time. Or maybe you haven't been on your own lake for a while, and have lost touch with what's going on. In either case, there's one tried and true method that more good anglers reach for than any other, especially when in doubt, and that's a crankbait.

Unwritten rules of the game
(07/22/2001 - ) Through the years we've all had a variety of partners in tournaments, some good and some not so good. But, whether you fish team tournaments or draw tournaments, one common denominator that would apply to both formats would be etiquette. As boaters and/or non-boaters it's our responsibility to enforce the "unwritten rules" or "code of ethics" of the sport, on and off the water. These "unwritten rules" apply to ALL boaters, non-boaters, and tournament fishermen.

(07/18/2001 - Woodstock, IL) With all of the challenges that our tournament circuit has brought my way, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot over the last several years. As a competitor I have learned a lot about tournament bass fishing etiquette. As a bass fishing promoter, I have learned a lot about many things. A lot about winners. A lot about the individual competitors themselves, and as a tournament director, way too much about petty jealousy.

(07/09/2001 - Huxley Bay Area, Lake Toledo Bend, TX.) Early morning greetings among the breakfast tables were more curious than anything else as the three of us sat down to enjoy our "Huxley Bay" servings of biscuits & gravy. Across from me, swabbing up cream gravy with crispy bacon strips, was Todd Faircloth of Jasper, TX, and across from him, forking up heaping globs of biscuit n' gravy towards his hunger, sat Harold Allen of Huxley, TX. And betwixt both of them, with my just as shameless early morning feeding habits, was this writer/angler who became an active part in this "pre-fishing melee" as we spooned, forked, and slurped our way into this story of "Classic Bound", which would deal with how two of our lake area BASS Professional's managed to qualify for the upcoming 2001 New Orleans World B.A.S.S. Classic.

(07/05/2001 - Lake Toledo Bend, TX.) Fishing the tail-end of a major tropical storm system which had just dumped some 20 plus inches of rain during its pass-over, the two anglers slowly idled their sleek bass-rig through the floatsum and flotsam of the storms aftermath as they searched for a winning bass pattern that could put some "serious" folding-money within their tackle packs. But these two anglers, who were braving the drenching adversities of Tropical Storm Allison, were not of the "rough cut" hardcore olde breed of male gendered anglers, but were two "dedicated" lady anglers from the new breed of bassers who're now fishing the "once" dominated all male circuits.

(07/04/2001 - ) "This all came about when Tom Harkins, Owner/CEO of the Casa Ole' Mexican Restaurant Chain invited me to attend Ray Scott's annual Church & School Benefit Tournament held in Montgomery AL. "Mr. Scott, who is the founding father of the National Bass Anglers Sportsman's Society holds this event every year on a private lake at his home. "This invitation was a great honor for me to be able to join the celebrities and honored guests who were there to enjoy a fun weekend as well as raise funds for Ray Scott's Church.

(06/27/2001 - Braham, MN) There's more to live bait rigging than meets the eye. The concept sounds simple enough; Take a sliding sinker, add a leader, hook on some live bait, and you're in business. It's a presentation that's extremely effective when walleyes are holding on classic walleye structure, like sunken islands, humps, underwater points, break lines and proverbial drop offs. Precision rigging is a way to capitalize on that very scenario, and maximize your chances for success.

Winkelman Fishing Column
(06/23/2001 - ) Most of today's pro anglers look like models in a Bass Pro catalog. You won't find any dead worms stuck to these guys' bib overalls, no dirt under their fingernails. They're spit-shined and ready for action. Then there's Bobby Propst, the rotund fishing guide many consider the greatest walleye fishermen who ever lived. If you've never heard of Propst, never seen his picture in a glossy four-color magazine ad, it's because he didn't have the poster-boy image necessary to capture a sponsor's attention.

(06/23/2001 - ) Three way rigs are one of the most effective, and often overlooked, methods for finding and catching walleyes available to today's modern angler. Just because you're modern, doesn't mean you should snub an older, less sophisticated technique, like trolling three ways. This time honored technique has proven to be effective just about anywhere you find walleyes, including lakes, rivers and reservoirs. One of the pre-exquisites for successful three way rigging is a condition whereby walleyes are holding relatively tight to structure, which just so happens to be a common occurrence.

(06/16/2001 - ) You've probably heard of them referred to as bronze backs, brown bass or just plain smallies. No matter how you choose to refer to them... they deserve respect! Pound for pound there is no freshwater fish that fights like them and there's no freshwater fish that will leave you high and dry like them either! I can't tell you how many times I've had good smallies in practice for a tournament and then on game day they're no where to be found.

(06/12/2001 - ) While fishing the FOXWOODS BASS FISHING TOUR on the Potomac River June 2nd & 3rd, we had a couple of stories that were too funny to keep to ourselves. To put this in perspective, we were in the 2nd day of a two-day tournament. The first day we had caught 3 fish that weighed in at 7 pounds and change, and we were over 14 pounds behind the leaders. When you don't have a great first day, I look at the second day as a day to take the risk and go for the lunker. That normally means getting out the Jig and Pig and flippin' grass till your arm falls off.

(05/30/2001 - Lake Mille Lacs, MN) I wanted to record this day for my journal and share with my fishin' buddies who don't mind a little lyin' and braggin'. The P.W.T. Walleye tournament I was working up in Minnesota was now over. Instead of flying home and suffer another bass-less weekend, I did the only right thing and set out on the expansive body of Mille Lacs in central Minnesota to get in touch with it's virtually-unknown smallmouth population. Thanks to Dave Bently at Eddy's Lakeside Resort, we were able to set out on a mission.

(05/29/2001 - Braham, MN) Summer walleye fishing can be a little tough, but it doesn't have to be that way. The key is understanding how warming water temperatures and a changing environment can effect walleye location, and activity levels. A walleye's environment is one that is constantly changing, with walleyes reacting accordingly. To stay with the fish, anglers need to be willing to change how and where they fish for walleyes, and keep an open mind. Doing the same things in the same places, time after time, will probably yield less than satisfactory results.

(05/26/2001 - ) Over the past few years bass tournament fishermen have been given a "bad wrap" in some local communities. Why? Reasons range widely from loud running boats, to jammed parking lots at boat ramps.

Let's start bridging the gap
(05/26/2001 - ) It's been said that lake property owners don't like bass fishermen. The issue has been blown way out of proportion, and has been inflated to the point, that it has become a hot issue over the years, with both groups.

(05/23/2001 - Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.) "Keep your rod up, "keep your rod up!" The fishing buddy yelled to his team partner who was struggling with a huge, unseen critter that had his rod bowed to the gunnels edge of their boat. "I can't, "I can't!" Was his partner's near panic reply as the two players began two stepping around the boat "LOCKED" into a toe-to-toe battle of angler –verses- fish.

1454 Articles
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