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(Sep. 30, 2008 - Braham, MN) Some of the best the ice fishing season has to offer comes in the form of giant yellow perch ( a.k.a. jumbos ) and can make for some exciting angling. Even the most ardent walleye anglers can find the challenge of finding and catching jumbo perch through the ice to be well worth the effort and something to actually look forward to.

(Oct. 15, 2008 - ) I recently returned from the northwest bay on Rainy Lake in Ontario where we were walleye fishing. Boy were we excited going into that trip, because anglers were hammering big walleyes under stable autumn conditions. Multiple 30-inchers in one day was not uncommon.

(Oct. 14, 2008 - ) Brazil peacock bass fishing. However, this week let me start by giving you the results of our first week's fishing in Brazil with 2 days left to go. Looks like it is going to be a great season.

(Oct. 10, 2008 - Lake Sam Rayburn, Tx) In a year filled with fishing tournaments, professional angler Stephen Johnston has competed in his share of them. With the season now drawing to a close, he can rest easier knowing that there are more check marks in the plus column than the minus.

(Oct. 08, 2008 - ) As the cool nights start to turn the leaves different colors the cool nip in the air will signal that a change is happening. The shorter days of sunlight will start to drop the water temps that the lake has held all summer long. Following the downward mark of the water temps will come fall turnover.

Bolivar Peninsula; Rollover Pass, TX.
(Oct. 09, 2008 - Rollover Pass, TX.) Sunday; first it was but a blip on the radar scope, a chance of a storm brewing in the Atlantic. Then it began to grow into a tropical system, No worries yet as it was far off and all we worried about was where the specks were biting and what on. The surf was nice and sandy green. But soon, all too soon, the water would begin turning color with the surf building into one of the most disastrous storms to impact the Bolivar Peninsula.

(Oct. 08, 2008 - Lake Sam Rayburn, Tx) Since he was old enough to go fishing, one local teenager has expressed a love of the sport and a dedication to perfecting his skills for finding and catching bass. John (Danny) Iles has practically grown up in the back of a boat and as anyone who knows him can attest, would rather be doing that than just about anything else.

(Sep. 30, 2008 - Minneapolis, MN) We have all had those times when you can't seem to buy a bite out on the water, whether it be through the ice or in a boat. One technique that I have come to rely on for panfish in these situations is the Dropshot Rig. The Dropshot Rig has been popularized by professional bass fishing in recent years, though few fishermen use it for any other species.

(Sep. 30, 2008 - Braham, MN) Swimming baits can be the big ticket to solid early season catches and are always a good option for icing heavy duty walleyes. Some may argue "the always" point but when given a fair chance I've yet to find water where they don't produce.

(Sep. 30, 2008 - Tyler, TX) Bass fishing in October for me is kind of like fishing in the spring of the year. Bass will be found in a lot of the same areas and can be caught on just about every lure you used in the spring. The only difference this year is that normally we go from summer to fall with all our lakes down but this year the lakes are pretty much full or above pool.

(Sep. 24, 2008 - ) On a hot summer day in 1906, a young man paddled his rowboat across a lake to fetch some ice cream for his fiancé. As he did, he thought about how much easier the task would be if he had a motor on his boat. That young man's name was Ole Evinrude.

(Sep. 23, 2008 - Athens, TX) Most anglers probably know that many fish caught from deep water can suffer from an over-inflated swim bladder, a condition called hyperbuoyancy. The air bladder inside the fish that inflates and deflates to give the fish neutral buoyancy can expand suddenly when a fish is brought to the surface after being caught. This puts pressure on other internal organs and may even lead to the stomach protruding from the fish's body.

(Sep. 02, 2008 - Malakoff, TX) This week I am going to tell you another fishing story that was full of crazy but — believe me — real events. Lets call it Jungle Baby Tarpon.

(Aug. 24, 2008 - ) When I think about the evolution of fishing boats, it's mind-boggling. In the early days of my fishing career, guiding and chasing the tournament trails, my fishing boat was a pretty simple outfit.

(Aug. 25, 2008 - Braham, MN) In between trips to North Dakota for ducks, South Dakota and SW Minnesota for pheasants, and northern Minnesota for grouse, there's some really good walleye fishing to be had. The tough part is giving up one for the other and has been made even more difficult with pheasant numbers up and grouse up in certain areas. Even so; you might find the tradeoff to be worthwhile, especially when you start hooking up with chunky late season 'eyes.

(Aug. 16, 2008 - Woodbury, MN) Working the night shift can help you land the walleye of your dreams. But top walleye guide Greg Bohn sees this scene all the time - taillights at the boat ramp, indicating all the other anglers are headed home, just as the prime time for big walleyes is about to begin.

(Aug. 15, 2008 - Rollover Pass, TX) Well, it's started folks; the long awaited run of the "golden croaker" along the Texas Gulf Coast is beginning to fill the fish coolers. Fun to catch and really fun to eat, these little treasures from our saltwater fishery will be producing exciting family fishing adventures from now through October.

(Jul. 30, 2008 - Braham, MN) If you're into going toe to toe with high flying super sized smallies there's probably no better time to do it than right now. When natural forces come together at just the right time seasonal peaks are created, and the late summer and early fall is as good as it gets.

(Jul. 30, 2008 - ) Last week the story ended with the Austin fishermen racing wood-hauling carts with burros, drinking hot beer, and having a great time along with the fine people of the village. Suddenly a loud sharp train whistle sounded in the distance and everyone got very quite. Remember ..... some of the guys had persuaded the bus driver to park the bus across the train tracks to stop the train.

(Aug. 07, 2008 - Waxahachie, TX) Each July, anglers begin to doubt their own good judgment while fishing on triple-digit summer days. They lure even the fairest skinned anglers with cool, early morning air temps and shade which slowly give way to a sunrise straight from National Geographic Magazine cover. But beware, those breathtakingly, beautiful mornings turn into breath-taking, broilers. By 10:00 a.m., we're asking ourselves, "is all this worth a fish?"

(Jul. 30, 2008 - ) Stroll through the fishing line aisle at a big sporting goods store and it's overwhelming. Monofilament, co-polymer, braid, fluorocarbon, tough, limp, lear, blue, green, red, yellow, 1-pound test, 75-pound, and every poundage in between! Plus so many brand names and models that it'll make your head spin!

(Jul. 30, 2008 - ) Last week the story ended as I was telling my former high school coach, Tommy Phillips, that I didn't want to burn up in a fireball when we crashed. I thought about what would happen to the fuselage if the wings were torn off. The door was immediately behind my seat and to the left. I wondered if I would would be killed instantly or maybe knocked unconscious A million things went through my head.

(Jul. 23, 2008 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX) With predictions of a "HOT" summery day formulating the final day for my fishing vacation, I opted to rise and shine early to beat the sun to the surf. Arriving on the beach thirty minutes before first light I found a light southwesterly calming the pre-dawn surf with "TONS" of baitfish rippling the surface.

(Jul. 16, 2008 - ) This week I am going to tell you a story about a near fatal airplane accident in the mountains of Mexico. In 1972 I had just quit my job as athletic director & head football coach at Hemphill, Texas High School. I had moved to Dallas to start my Mexico fishing business.

(Jul. 14, 2008 - Gainsville, FL) During a normal day, a bass can be presented with many different types of baits, artificial and live. Sometimes a different presentation can make a bass strike; today we are going to be discussing the wacky rig.

(Jul. 14, 2008 - Woodbury, MN) Smallmouth bass are among North America's best fighting fish anytime of year. But, late summer and fall fishing for smallies has another advantage - the scenery along the rivers and lakes where smallmouth thrive is fantastic.

(Jul. 07, 2008 - Lake El Salto, Mexico) This week let's talk about the most celebrated and famous black bass lake of all time: Lake El Salto! How did this small 12,000 acre lake get so popular and why does it produce so many huge bass? How did this happen? Why did other Mexican lakes (other than Comedero) not come even close to all the publicity and all the big bass?

(Jul. 01, 2008 - Braham, MN) Numbers of big bass just might be what the hokey pokey is all about. By late summer rock solid patterns set up that produce not just numbers, but numbers of big fish that anglers in the know can cash in on and have some real fun with. Deep is where a lot of the action is (maybe deeper than you think), any maybe not where you would guess.

(Jul. 01, 2008 - Braham, MN) If you're looking for some big August fun you might think about heading for a small river. Even some of the smaller streams can have solid populations of smallmouth bass that for the most part are overlooked and under fished.

(Jun. 27, 2008 - ) Ron's Fishing Tips and Tales...

(Jun. 25, 2008 - ) I was talking with some fellow anglers the other day about walleye fishing and one of them made the comment that "walleyes like the rocks." I disagreed with him.

(Jun. 11, 2008 - Athens, TX) TPWD district fisheries biologist Stephan Magnelia and I are on Granger Lake, a 4,400-acre impoundment on the Blackland Prairie northeast of Austin. Magnelia is doing a creel survey, motoring around the lake talking to anglers about what they're fishing for, what they're catching, and how much time and money they're spending.

(Jun. 11, 2008 - Woodbury, MN) If you didn't know better, open-water trollers might look a little like drunken sailors. What could they possibly be doing... weaving this way and that, planer boards to the side, seemingly trolling to and from nowhere?

(Jun. 11, 2008 - ) The last time I wrote about the Outkast Swim Jigs largemouth were the target but in the last few years I have found a few more uses for my swim jig. In today's article we are going to look at targeting springtime smallmouth and pike, you will be amazed as I have been at the catching power of the swim jig.

(Jun. 02, 2008 - ) I love the feeling of a deep-water bite as much as the next guy. That solid THWUMP when a big bass inhales a Carolina rig. But it just doesn't compare to the adrenaline charge you get when a big largemouth blows up on a weedless topwater bait in thick cover.

(May. 23, 2008 - Braham, MN) Riggers, jiggers, crankers, and bladers, all nicknames for anglers who use a particular method in pursuit of the elusive walleye. The most successful fisherman have become adept at applying all of the aforementioned techniques. While all methods can produce all year long; they're not always the most productive method for that particular moment.

(May. 22, 2008 - ) Living in the Midwest we are really blessed, we get to witness center stage the 4 seasons that Mother Nature sends our way every year. In the fall we get to choose between grabbing guns or continue on with rods during the fall months, leading us up to the ice fishing season.

(May. 21, 2008 - Athens, TX) If you fish in public fresh waters in Texas, you have benefited from the work of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department hatchery biologists. Fish production at state-owned hatcheries is one of the management tools for inland fisheries public water management.

(May. 13, 2008 - Woodbury, MN) Some brilliant marketing expert who never wet a line is probably to blame for fishing's image as a calm, placid sport. 'Patience' probably became an angling buzz word about the same time.

Spring is the ideal time to go bass fishing with family.
(May. 06, 2008 - Athens, TX) Kathy Magers of Waxahachie is a fifty-something grandmother who fished women's professional bass fishing tours for 18 years, but she remembers exactly why, when and where she got hooked on fishing.

Writer Russell Tinsley knew the meaning of a good hunt.
(May. 06, 2008 - Athens, TX) I came to know Russell Tinsley late in his life, after he'd had a 30-year career as sportswriter and outdoor editor for the Austin American-Statesman and freelance writer for almost every outdoor magazine in the country at a time when they were in their heyday. I knew him by reputation, and with some trepidation I asked him to contribute a story to a little outdoor magazine I was publishing at the time.

(May. 06, 2008 - Athens, TX) Fish live in a semi-transparent world suspended between earth and sky. Some people cast lures aimlessly into this watery world, hoping luck will bring their hook and a fish together. And then there are those who hunt for big fish and haunt those waters where lunkers live.

(Apr. 29, 2008 - Gainesville, FL) As Tripp Ward, a local angler from Gainesville, Florida fishes along a bank, he sees a shiny spot on the bottom. You can sense the excitement, as he reaches for his trusty bed fishing set-up, and immediately, his stance and attitude changes. He has become a stealthy warrior, on a mission to see what it will take to get the fish to bite.

(Apr. 27, 2008 - Tulsa, OK) While spring weather has many anglers across the country scratching their heads about where to go and what to do as lakes and rivers are high and muddy in some regions and low and clear in others, there is one group that doesn't care about the conditions catfish anglers.

How a 17-pound largemouth bass changed the world.
(Apr. 27, 2008 - Athens, TX) When Mark Stevenson pulled a 17.67-pound largemouth bass from Lake Fork on November 26, 1986, he had no idea he had just set in motion a chain of events that would touch millions of lives, change careers, make fortunes and inspire conservation efforts. The fish Stevenson named Ethel after a close relative played a big part in making bass fishing what it is today.

(Apr. 26, 2008 - Woods Hole MA) Reducing bycatch could save millions of animals, reduce fishing costs Sharks in captivity avoid metals that react with seawater to produce an electric field, a behavior that may help fishery biologists develop a strategy to reduce the bycatch of sharks in longline gear.

A saltwater fish provides some of the best freshwater fishing.
(Apr. 24, 2008 - Athens, TX) When it comes to water temperature and quality, Sciaenops ocellatus swims to the sound of a different drum. Unlike other saltwater species such as flounder and spotted seatrout, the red drum is able to survive and grow quite well in fresh water—as long as the water is warm and the right minerals are present.

(Apr. 24, 2008 - Braham, MN) Not all good walleye water is of the crystal clear pristine variety, if fact some of the best options are downright dark. Walleyes inhabit a wide range of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, and their size and makeup can vary greatly, including water clarity.

(Apr. 21, 2008 - ) Picture a sleek walleye boat skimming the smooth surface of a lake. Imagine a topwater plug being twitched between the lily pads, a big largemouth lurking just below the unruffled calm of a peaceful bay. Or a walleye boat trolling on sky-blue water that sparkles like diamonds.

(Apr. 03, 2008 - Athens, TX) Gone are the days when Texas natural resources were managed by guesswork. (One example of such was the introduction of common carp into the state's waters around 1900 in an attempt to make up for the over-fishing of native species.) Today's management decisions are based on science, and research biologists play a vital but largely invisible role in collecting information to guide those decisions.

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