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Aqua-Vu’s Bio-Lume XL engineered for powerful, portable underwater fish-attraction
(Sep 21, 2015 - Crosslake,) Like moths to a flame, bugs above the water and below both respond to light like Pavlov’s dogs—they just can’t help themselves. Underwater, critters called phytoplankton utilize sunlight for photosynthesis. Phytoplankton attract bigger “bugs” called zooplankton, which draw baitfish, and then the sizeable predators we like to catch.

Bearhug Outerwear offers surrounded warmth that's replenished by your body's core resulting in possibly the highest warmth to weight ratio ever.
(Aug 27, 2015 - Chicago, IL) Today, Bearhug Outerwear LLC announced the launch date of their new line of outerwear that offers instant relief from the cold. Their patent pending "double loft front" is a direct response to the clear limitations of current options – namely kangaroo pockets, which offer little warmth and coverage.

The benchmark for quality fish 'n' play boats adds 175-horsepower model to its lineup. 
(Aug 26, 2015 - Flippin, AR) The Ranger 212LS Reata®, introduced for the 2014 model year, continues to set the benchmark for quality and performance in family-oriented fish 'n' play boats. Based on the success and popularity of that introduction, Ranger is adding a more compact model to its acclaimed Reata® line, delivering a true family boat that can fish all morning and pull skiers all day.

Ranger quality and performance, best-in-class interior space for less than $26,000 MSRP.    
(Aug 20, 2015 - Flippin, AR) Recreational anglers eager to experience Ranger quality and performance without the need for a 20-plus-foot, professional-tournament-ready platform have a new fiberglass boat that easily fits into virtually anyone's lifestyle and budget.

(Aug 21, 2015 - Mt. Pleasant, SC) A great sound system not only delivers crisp, clear tunes, but also adds sophisticated flair to a boat. Prospec Electronics' INFMC30 weatherproof wired remote helps make the company's INFPRV350 and INFMBB3030 radios easy to control, while providing style.

Uncompromising comfort and performance for big, demanding waters 
(Aug 20, 2015 - Flippin, AR) From Lake Erie to Sam Rayburn and places in between, some of the country's biggest fish make their homes in some of the nation's biggest and most demanding waters. Cranking offshore ledges, dropshotting deep rock piles or even making check-in time while conditions are rough is no place for undersized - or underpowered - boats.

Tournament-proven performance for less than $60,000 MSRP.   
(Aug 20, 2015 -  Flippin, AR) Ranger's reputation for building the industry's best boats centers on the brand's insistence on quality components, innovation, fit, finish and unmatched resale values.

StructureScan 3D offers sonar perspective like never before
(Aug 17, 2015 - Tulsa, OK) Sonar has been opening anglers' eyes to the underwater world ever since Lowrance first made waves with its iconic "little green box" back in 1957.  In the years since, fishermen have enjoyed a steady stream of technological advancements that have enhanced our view beneath the surface, while improving our understanding of fish location and behavior. 

(Aug 9, 2015 - Hayward, CA) Trolling does not have to be a drag. Ideal for salt and freshwater fishing with a 6-25 lb. test line, Davis Instruments' Fish Seeker enables users to choose their trolling depth from 5' to 80' when at a speed of 2 mph.

(Aug 9, 2015 - Milwaukee, WI ) Generator cords are required to provide secure electrical connections. This ensures safe and steady power is supplied even when the cord is unintentionally pulled or stepped on. Conntek's 25' four-prong Generator Extension Cord is reliable and convenient in many transfer switch and generator applications.

St. Croix Rod Avid Inshore wins ICAST 2015 Best New Saltwater Rod
(Aug 8, 2015 - Park Falls, WI) “Game Changer.” The phrase echoed through the American Sportfishing Association’s ICAST “On the Water” event and carried over to the tradeshow floor the following day. With a radically different look, the reborn Avid Inshore sports a seafoam green metallic skin that tempted buyers and members of the media to hold it.

Keweenaw Tackle’s Fin-Wing rises to the top when the bite is looking up
(Aug 7, 2015 - Traverse City, MI) The late summer bite is quite distinctive. Most notably, the major bug hatches and shallow-kept young-of-the-year that filled fish earlier are gone. Fish of all stripes are on the prowl, attempting to pack away provisions before the water cools.  

(Jul 16, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) The Pflueger® Medalist was named the Best Fly Fishing Reel at the 2015 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. Voters consisted of attending journalists and retailers. The Medalist is widely popular, but received technological upgrades that benefit the many anglers that rely on Pflueger.

(Jul 16, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) The PENN® Clash™ has been honored with the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2015 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. The voters recognized the PENN Clash as the top new saltwater reel by the select ICAST attendees, which included attending journalists and retailers.

(Jul 15, 2015 - Plano, IL.) America’s fascination with plastic began when modern thermoplastic compounds were first developed for commercial use during the years leading up to WWII. Plano Molding Company was one of the first to begin injection molding these new “miracle materials” in 1938. Their complex mold designs and innovative spirit quickly showed the world what could be done with the new technology.  

(Jul 14, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) PENN® knows anglers need more than typical fishing tackle. If the boat is outfitted with the six pairs of new PENN pliers, there will never be a need for MacGyver-style improvisation.

Fenwick World Class rods create a new performance standard 
(Jul 14, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) Developing high-end rods is nothing new to Fenwick®. With its rich history of blending tradition and new technology, Fenwick introduces the new Fenwick World Class spinning and baitcast bass rods. These rods maintain the Fenwick look and feel, while incorporating the latest technology to give anglers a trusted companion for years of use.  

Progressive Avid Inshore ups the saltwater ante – redfish, trout and flounder expected to fold
(Jul 13, 2015 - Park Falls, WI) If the engineers at St. Croix Rod were professional card sharks, they’d be odds on favorites to win the World Series of Poker. Lady Luck needn’t apply when these guys get together to craft a series of rods, either.  

Popular Amphibian and Salamander combos refreshed for the next generation of anglers 
(Jul 14, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) Increase youth involvement in fishing by investing in gear that's up for the challenge. Shakespeare® enjoys a rich history of producing gear that youth can handle with confidence, knowing it will last for years and deliver maximum performance. Shakespeare continues to do so by modernizing its popular Amphibian™ and Salamander™ line of youth combos.

St. Croix steps outside the everyday bass cast and adds new Mojo Bass Fly miniseries
(Jul 13, 2015 - Park Falls, WI) Bass catching is a pastime of continuously making precision casts. If you’re unable to place your offering where “X” marks the spot every time, all you’re doing is bass fishing.

Two unique tangle-free light-tackle spinning reels, featured at tackle trade show
(Jul 13, 2015 - Orlando, FL) WaveSpin, the popular light-tackle spinning reel company with the patented and award-winning tangle-free spool technology launched a decade ago by the late celebrated angler Doug Hannon, is featuring its two newest innovations at the ICAST trade show July 13–15. The Vision 65, the largest reel in the line, joins the smaller Legend 250 introduced last year as the top end pair of WaveSpin’s quality lineup. Both carry two-year warranties.

Built to accommodate today's compact reels and braided lines  
(Jul 13, 2015 - Columbia, SC) PENN® revamped the already-successful Carnage™ rod family making way for the introduction of the new Carnage II rods. Today's reels are smaller in terms of both physical dimensions, as well as overall weight.

Berkley hardbaits deliver professional quality and actions
(Jul 13, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.)  Berkley® Hardbaits are new for 2016, but the concept began four years ago. Transforming the idea from napkin scribbles into action required the creation of sophisticated CAD designs and intricate molds to form an engineering facility rivaling any high-tech facility found around the world. Next, America's best bass pros tested them on some of the toughest lakes they could find.

Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 gets super charged 
(Jul 13, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) Abu Garcia® gives anglers the advantage needed when it counts the most - on the water. The new Villain™ 2.0 from Abu Garcia is superior in construction, sensitivity and rod components to its older self. It is an entirely new rod, but with the same trusted name.

(Jul 13, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) Berkley® continues to produce the best baits in an effort to propel its dedicated pro staff to victory. With lighter presentations becoming the norm, Berkley PowerBait® introduces something new to give anglers the advantage in finesse fishing: the Shaky Snake.  

(Jul 10, 2015 - Mt. Pleasant, SC ) When boaters want to combine acoustics and style, they turn to Prospec Electronics' Infinity by Harman line. This popular brand's best-selling INFPRV350, INFPRV250 and INF622MB make pairing the best receiver with the right speaker simple.

(Jul 10, 2015 - Old Towne, Maine) Old Town has expanded their lineup with the new Loon Angler kayak. This one-of-a-kind fishing craft is an evolution of Old Town’s original and extremely popular Loon that made its debut 20 years ago. Old Town will unveil their new Loon Angler at ICAST 2015, the world’s largest sportfishing trade show.  

Abu Garcia delivers all-around performance in Revo Spinning 
(Jul 10, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) Top-end performance is the defining characteristic of every Abu Garcia® product. Since introducing the Revo® spinning reel to the world in 2009, Abu Garcia has given anglers a decisive advantage each time a Revo spinning reel is deployed on the water.

New FRABILL Stow Series Gear Easily The Best Packable Raingear
(Jul 10, 2015 - Plano, IL) Wikipedia defines a raincoat as, “A waterproof or water-resistant coat worn to protect the body from rain. A rain jacket may be combined with a pair of rain pants to make a rain suit.” (My times have changed….citing Wikipedia as an “official” source of information.)  

(Jul 10, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) Saltwater anglers prefer to blend into their surroundings. Look at their boats, clothing and equipment: each is designed to outwit wary fish, so why expect anything else from braided line? The new SpiderWire® Stealth® Blue Camo Braid™ blends into blue-water surroundings to give saltwater anglers an added advantage.

Berkley hooks are engineered to be sharpest on the market  
(Jul 10, 2015 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) Bass anglers understand the importance of sharp hooks, though most don't practice their hook sharpening skills often enough. The new Berkley® Fusion19™ hooks give novice and avid anglers the sharpest hooks that stay sharper longer than any other on the market. 

St. Croix makes “the best” even better by overhauling flagship freshwater rod series
(Jul 6, 2015 - Park Falls, WI) In 1957, automotive engineer Ed Cole created Chevrolet’s now classic car design. Also in ‘57, American guitar manufacturer Fender moved from ash to alder Stratocaster guitar bodies.

New HELIX™ 7 boasts amazing features and brightest 7-inch fishfinder screen yet
(Jul 1, 2015 - EUFAULA, AL.) This year the Humminbird HELIX™ 5 shattered all expectations for features and price, literally selling out at retailers across the globe. As anglers hit the water with HELIX, feedback was consistently positive … even passionate.

(Jun 30, 2015 - Plano, IL) Plano revolutionized the tackle storage business over 60 years ago with the creation of the first molded plastic tackle box.

5 PLUS Underwater Viewing System positively IDs your target species
(Jun 25, 2015 - Crosslake, MN) While searching for fish with sonar, an unspoken uncertainty permeates the thought processes of anglers everywhere: The marks on my viewscreen look like fish, but how do I know they’re the right size… or even the right species?

(Jun 17, 2015 - Brainerd,MN) Through years of research and development and advice from such angling luminaries as Al Lindner, Dan Sura, Dave Csanda and Jeff Zernov, as well as input from anglers with physical limitations, was born the M-POW-R REEL®

(Jun 12, 2015 - Clearwater, FL) Many boaters are always looking to save space aboard, whether it's on the dash, deck or in storage compartments. With Accon Marine's new Cleat/Rod Holder Combo, the gunwale is also a spot owners can lessen the clutter.

(Jun 12, 2015 - Plano, IL) It’s often said the simplest solutions are the best answers to life’s little tribulations. Take, for example, the quandary of keeping your soft plastics in the same pristine shape as they were the day you bought them. You know, having them remain in the very fish-catching forms they were designed to be even after seasons of storage later.    

Keweenaw Tackle’s Fin-Wing allows anglers to cross the border of commonplace
(Jun 12, 2015 - Traverse City, MI) The expression “think outside the box” is so cliché these days. But when it comes to catching fish, after all, sometimes the typical tricks in one’s tackle tote have run dry. And the angler who dares to cross the borders of commonplace is the one who ends up out-fishing their buddies.

New Legend Elite Musky series comprises the lightest (and finest) rods on Earth – must-haves for marathon musky fishing
( - Park Falls, WI) If ever a Skunkworks or black budget project existed for musky fishing, this is it. Recently declassified at the Chicago Muskie Expo, meet St. Croix’s new super weapons for marathon giant esox hunting – Legend Elite Musky.

(Jun 11, 2015 - SPRINGFIELD, MO.) Bowfishing fanatics need specialized equipment for making the most of the time they spend on the water. Tracker Marine Group is unveiling two new super tough, stable and roomy models of the proven GRIZZLY line at the bowfishing event of the year—the U.S. Open Bowfishing Championship and World’s Bowfishing Fair, held June 12-14 at the Bass Pro Shops store in Springfield, Missouri.

(Jun 6, 2015 - Southlake, TX) A majority of  recreational, sportfishing and sailboats rely on 12V battery systems comprised of banks of one, two or four batteries connected in parallel.

April - Springtime Spinnerbaits
(Apr 18, 2015 - Mountain Home, AR) Have you been out on the water yet? We sure hope so because spring has sprung - the fish are biting, turkeys are gobbling, and trees are starting to pop leaves. It's the best time of year. A time when the promise and anticipation of the season ahead makes every trip seem to last longer, every bass seem to fight harder, and every trip more memorable. 

Rippin Lips team continues turning heads and jerking whiskers on monstrous catfish
(Apr 18, 2015 - Chambersburg, PA) “Go big or stay home” is a trendy little axiom heard predominately in sporting circles. Big plays. Big hits. Big goals. In competitive catfishing, it means bringing ‘shoulder-dislocating’ sized catfish to the scales. And so far in 2015, it’s been Rippin Lips’ starting lineup that’s played the biggest.

(Mar 30, 2015 - ) Boat owners no longer need to think about misplaced chargers or outlet clutter. Hubbell Marine's USB Charger Receptacles provide both USB and electrical power in a standard, single unit. They are offered with two or four USB ports to provide fast, maximum charging for portable electronics.

Event runs March 26-29
(Mar 26, 2015 - Flippin, AR) Legendary manufacturer Ranger Boats brings its acclaimed line of performance saltwater fishing boats and industry-leading sales incentives to the 30th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show, March 26-29 along the waterfront in Palm Beach, Fla. 

(Mar 24, 2015 - ) In a recent internet-based survey of nearly 16,000 anglers completed by Southwick Associates, the nation’s premier outdoors market research firm, participants said they purchased Plano tackle storage products more in 2014 than any other brand.

(Mar 21, 2015 - West Valley, UT) Being days or weeks from the nearest source of potable water isn't a concern for boat owners with an FCI Watermakers desalinization unit. The company's reliable and highly-efficient Max-Q+ line produces up to 1,850 gallons of pure, fresh water every day with a simple touch of a finger.

(Mar 21, 2015 - Springfield, MO) Handle an Offshore Angler® Seafire Rod and Reel Combo,and you’ll know it’s something different. With rock solid construction and premium components, this is a big game fishing rig ready to take on the most powerful fish that swim the seas.

(Mar 21, 2015 - Crystal Lake, IL) Never satisfied with the status quo, Torqeedo has taken the lightest, most powerful and most efficient electric outboards available and updated them with a new design to meet the rugged demands of commercial users. The Cruise comes in 5 hp and 8 hp equivalents and has proven to be the leading electric solution for pontoon boats, sailboats, small boats, work boats, water taxis, and users on lakes that limit the use of combustion motors

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