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All the Features at a More Affordable Price
(Wednesday, January 05,2000 - ) Bottom Line's Fishin' Buddy 2200 and 2250 have a new sibling....introducing the Fishin' Buddy 1200 æ the latest model of the most popular and technologically advanced portable fish finder ever made. And the Fishin' Buddy 1200 is the most economically priced portable yet. The Fishin' Buddy 1200 includes the patented SideFinder® with the multi-view transducer. With SideFinder the user can look not only down but to the side as well.

12 Jon Boat Models in G3 Line
(Tuesday, January 04,2000 - Lebanon, MO.) When building the best aluminum jon boats, you’ve got to have the basics down to a science. The folks at G3 like to think of it more as an art form. Hunters and anglers will too when they experience the 2000 line of Jon boats from G3.

(Tuesday, January 04,2000 - Westlake Village, CA) Whether you're going to the Gulf, flying to the flats or sneaking off to the Sierras, Penn's new rod and reel travel systems will make the perfect travel companions

(Monday, January 03,2000 - ATLANTA,GA) Yamaha Marine is introducing a pair of newly redesigned C-Series outboards — the C115 and the C70 — aimed at boaters who want smooth, reliable mid-range three-cylinder and V4 power at an economical price. For model year 2000, the C115 sports a new streamlined appearance and the all-new C70 replaces last year's C75.

(Monday, December 27,1999 - Rhinelander, WI) Texas anglers will be splitting their winter fishing time with the computer, working with the new Digital Map Series from Fishing Hot Spots. The CD-ROM showcases some of the premier waters in the state with a program that's as easy-to-use, as it is to read.

Three 2000 Models Offered
(Wednesday, December 22,1999 - Lebanon, MO.) Long a staple of G3 boats, the Modified-V comes in three Pro models for 2000, ensuring a boat for anyone who enjoys fishing in a simpler style. For first class quality, top-of-the-line performance, plus great value, check out the G3 Modified-V series that offers one-piece hull construction, for a stronger, more stable boat from bow to stern.

Procaster X-IB Interlines
(Wednesday, December 22,1999 - Cerritos, CA) Daiwa's new Procaster-X-IB Interlines are the latest, and most affordable addition to Daiwa's popular Interline rods.

(Thursday, December 16,1999 - CERRITOS, CA) You don't have to be a top pro to use the customized rod actions that have won the last four Bassmaster Classics. Daiwa's new TD-S-B rod series offers those special actions along with all the actions that have brought Daiwa’s team more first place Classic finishes than all other manufacturers combined over the past 16 years.

(Tuesday, December 14,1999 - Monterey Park, CA) When the fish are biting, Snap-Loc keeps the rod under control. Snap-Loc is the easy to use, quick-release rod holder that mounts securely on the deck or rail. Only a two-inch square space is needed for side or top deck mounting. The supplied adapter is designed to boat railing ranging from seven-eighth of an inch to one and a quarter inch in diameter without the need to purchase additional mounting kits.

Basic Aluminum Boats Remain Popular
(Monday, December 13,1999 - Lebanon, MO.) Retro, old school, classic. You can call the G3 Utility V whatever you want, but the fact is that the basic aluminum fishing boat is as popular today as it has always been.

(Monday, December 13,1999 - CERRITOS, CA) Daiwa’s newest CV-ZA MILLIONAIRE is the largest in the series and also the first to feature spool click. Like the other Millionaire-Z models, the MCV-Z300A is tooled from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum and all exterior surfaces are hard anodized.

(Wednesday, December 08,1999 - ) The North Dakota Game and Fish Department's wildlife books, videos, and magazine make great Christmas gifts for friends and relatives who enjoy the outdoors. The various books provide nontechnical life histories, population-trend information, and historical and modern photographs and narratives. Videotapes cover a multitude of wildlife-related topics. North Dakota Outdoors magazine, the department's official journal, covers all wildlife related topics in a timely manner. The department has the following items available:

(Sunday, December 05,1999 - ) Fishing Hot Spots, Inc., the nation's largest fishing map publisher is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2000. To commemorate the milestone, the company introduces the first eight states in its new Digital Map Service in January.

(Saturday, December 04,1999 - CERRITOS, CA) You don't have to be a top pro to use the customized rod actions that have won the last four Bassmaster Classics. Daiwa's new TD-S-B rod series offers those special actions along with all the actions that have brought Daiwa's team more first place Classic finishes than all other manufacturers combined over the past 16 years.

New V160 Gets You Into Deep Water Without Deep Pockets
(Thursday, December 02,1999 - Lebanon, MO.) Newly designed as part of the G3 Explorer V series for 2000, the G3 V160T (tiller) and V160C (console) may well be the best values in deep northern water.

(Thursday, December 02,1999 - Hoffman Estates, IL) Dear Captain DieHard: I keep my boat (Luhrs 320 open) in the water over the winter season. As long as I keep the batteries charged and the fluid levels normal, would there be any problem leaving them on board? I need 12V current for the bilge pumps. Pasadena, Maryland

Daiwa Exclusive: Long-Spin Spool
(Wednesday, December 01,1999 - CERRITOS, CA) Sporting high-performance features unavailable from any other manufacturer, Daiwa's Millionaire S reels offer fresh and saltwater fisherman X-Treme casting and fish fighting performance for $89.95 or less.

(Monday, November 29,1999 - Honolulu, Hawaii) The perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the outdoors enthusiasts. Record-A-Catch wooden fish are individually hand carved and hand painted to our specifications, offering a wide variety of both freshwater and saltwater species. A great way to remember that special catch and help support catch and release.

Bass Pro Joe Thomas has expanded his on-line presence with a bigger store offering a variety of Tournament Tested Products
(Saturday, November 27,1999 - ) Touring Professional B.A.S.S. Angler Joe Thomas unveils his new on-line fishing and boating catalog "Joe Thomas Tournament Tested Products" which is directed toward the in-the-know fisherman and bass boat owners and offers "Leading Edge" products that are not readily available in the mainstream retail and catalog market.

Standard Modified-V Perfect For Many Anglers
(Friday, November 26,1999 - Lebanon, MO) Long known for top performance with exceptional value, the Modified-V series from G3 goes a step further in 2000 with the PF165 Panfish, one of the best boats for the money on the water.

(Monday, November 22,1999 - Norman, OK) Shake off any thoughts of the Y2K blues with a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer that says the season shall be merryºas long as it's spent outdoors. Here's a wish list that any outdoor gal or guy can't help but savorºfrom fishing tackle to shooting gear and maybe even a little outdoor garb thrown in for good measure. So start making your list and checking it twice.

(Monday, November 22,1999 - Scottsboro, AZ) The popularity of outdoor recreation continues to grow, and chances are you'll be shopping this season for a hunter, angler, boater, backpacker or camper. No matter what your budget, gifts abound this year for that special outdoor enthusiast on your list. The following list provides gift ideas in a variety of price ranges that are sure to please any outdoor enthusiast this season, and can be found in retail dealers and sporting goods stores.

Viper lures, three years of testing and research completed; now they are ready to strike.
(Wednesday, November 24,1999 - ) Custom made, each hand crafted balsa bait possesses a virtually indestructible finish, a finish unique to Viper lures. Each Viper combines realistic color and a real life action with the custom finish and easy cast size and weight.

Light Tackle Lurefishing for Sharptooth Catfish in South Africa
(Monday, November 22,1999 - ) "…Whiskers some 30 cm long protruded ominously skywards, followed immediately by a huge bulk-of-a-head as a Sharptooth Catfish lunged upwards, gulping air and churning the water surface into a froth of bubbles. This is what I had been waiting for, and a disturbance like this one created the perfect target. My 6-ft flipping stick was already over my shoulder as my thumb instinctively clicked down on the Shimano’s fire button. A 20 yard cast aimed just to the right of the swirl, allowed my grub tail to splash down a few feet ahead of the bubble train left by the fish as it dived back towards the bottom. I took up the slack waiting patiently for my _ oz jig to sink, leaning forward at the same time in anticipation of a strike. I flicked the rod tip once to get the grub moving, simultaneously turning my reel handle one full revolution. The 4 inch grub with its long wide throbbing tail which suddenly wiggled up in front of the fish was more than it could stand…with one powerful surge of its tail and a gaping maw, it savaged the morsel…"

(Tuesday, November 16,1999 - ATLANTA,GA) Tapping its 35 year history in designing four-stroke outboards, Yamaha Marine introduces its newest and biggest four-stroke outboard — the 2000 F115, a fuel-injected, in-line four-cylinder outboard. Designed from the beginning as a marine engine, the F115 offers more power with less noise and more fuel efficiency making it the ideal motor for boaters who have larger boats, preferring four-stroke power.

(Sunday, November 14,1999 - ) We at American Angler are committed to providing the avid sportsman with the best in innovative new products. We asked fishing enthusiasts throughout the country what performance improvements they would like to see in the electric fillet knife. Quite simply, the response was more power, faster knife speed, more comfort and greater product longevity.

Walleye Water Is Gravy For Newly Designed Deep V
(Saturday, November 13,1999 - Lebanon, MO) It's nice to know you can manuever in big water as well and easily as the trophy walleye you pursue. With the newly designed G3 Tournament V175 Deep V, consider it done, and done giving you the best value in deep water.

(Friday, November 05,1999 - SPIRIT LAKE, IA) For dozens of years spinning reel manufacturers have enticed the angling public with dozens of gimmicks in their quest to corner what has grown into a diverse and broad based market for quality gear.

Pro G Series Very Popular
(Thursday, November 04,1999 - Lebanon, Mo.) When traditional aluminum boat builder G3 ventured into the fish-eat-fish waters of fiberglass bass boats, they did so with a purpose - to build the best value fiberglass bass boat on the market. If first year results are any indication - mission accomplished.

(Wednesday, November 03,1999 - Fond du Lac, WI) An all-new low-emissions outboard and a stroked small block sterndrive engine package lead the Hi-Performance propulsion offerings from Mercury Racing for 2000.

(Wednesday, November 03,1999 - ATLANTA,GA) As part of its largest commitment ever in bringing the best in outboard motors to saltwater anglers and boaters, Yamaha Outboards is introducing for 2000 a High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) system so revolutionary the company developed an all-new 2.6-liter 76-degree V6 engine for it.

(Thursday, October 21,1999 - Lebanon, MO) Lowe Boats has introduced a new high-performance aluminum fishing rig for the 2000 model year that is designed specifically for competitive bass anglers.

(Monday, October 18,1999 - ) Tom Gruenwald, a fisheries biologist and professional ice-fisherman, knows there is no bigger thrill than hooking, fighting and landing a big gamefish through ice. Now hard-water anglers looking for the same thrill can find all the information they need to consistently pull big fish from beneath the ice in Gruenwald's new book, Hooked on Ice Fishing III: Gamefish. The latest book in Gruenwald's popular Hooked on Ice Fishing series, Hooked on Ice Fishing III puts readers right in the thick of the fight with hundreds of photos and illustrations, and easy-to-understand explanations that take the guesswork out of fishing frozen water. The most popular gamefish -- walleye, pike, salmon, bass, lake trout, steelhead and whitefish -- are covered thoroughly within individual chapters. Readers are also treated to tips on landing muskellunge, Atlantic cod and halibut.

(Friday, October 08,1999 - ) Ask any fishermen what type of boat he has, and he quickly responds with a big smile and quotes the manufacturer, model number and horsepower of his prized possession. Ask a fisherman what type of polarized sunglasses he owns, and most respond more slowly. "A fishermen will tie up $50,000 in a boat and tow rig combination," states North Carolina professional angler Marty Stone, "but he fails to invest in a $150 pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes."

Six Months — No Interest, No Money Down, No Payments
(Friday, October 01,1999 - KENNESAW, GA.) Getting away from it all just got easier thanks to Yamaha Marine. Boaters who purchase any 1998-2000 model year two- or four-stroke engine from 2 to 25 hp using Yamaha's credit card are eligible for Yamaha's Small Outboard Fall Promotion — zero down, zero payments, zero interest for six months.

(Wednesday, September 29,1999 - IRVINE, CA.) It's always been said that to keep something working properly, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way. Especially when fishing is involved. No one wants an equipment problem keeping them from landing that long-sought-after trophy.

(Wednesday, September 29,1999 - QUITMAN, TX) It's been more than a dozen years since Lake Fork guide Mark Stevenson caught "Ethel," the 17 pound, 6 ounce largemouth that started the fabulous the big bass boom on Lake Fork, but that giant certainly hasn’t been the only trophy Stevenson has caught. He and his clients have caught numerous other bass as heavy as 15 pounds.

(Sunday, September 26,1999 - PINTLALA, AL) "This is the most important step toward saving lives since the invention of the life vest," says Ray Scott, about the recent United States Coast Guard approval of the first automatic inflatable life vest, SOSPENDERS, by Sporting Lives, Inc.

(Thursday, September 23,1999 - Waukegan, IL) Johnson and Evinrude professional angler Ron Shuffield of Bismarck, Arkansas, breezed past the competition in the performance and boating skills division of the recent inaugural Illinois BASS Quest tournament, sponsored by World Championship Fishing.

(Monday, September 06,1999 - ATLANTA, GA) Anglers who fish freshwater lakes and rivers will appreciate Yamaha’s new High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) VMAX 150 outboard. Designed around a new 2.6-liter 76-degree engine block, the HPDI VMAX offers the perfect mix of performance and fuel economy making it the best outboard motor available for freshwater anglers.

(Friday, August 27,1999 - Rhinelander, WI) High-tech fishing takes its highest leap yet at ICAST, the American Sportfishing Association show in Chicago. Fishing Hot Spots, Inc., (FHS) the nation's largest fishing map publisher introduced its new Digital Map Series at the event July 9th. The CD-ROM based lake maps boast the premier fishing waters on a state-by-state basis and feature an auto-GPS engine allowing the user to pinpoint locations instantly. You can plot, label and log GPS waypoints with an easy-to-use navigation system that has continuously running lat/long coordinates. Other features include; detailed contours, structure, species information, fishing tips and techniques, access points and much more.

(Thursday, August 26,1999 - ATLANTA, GA) Not all of the news coming out of Yamaha Marine is about its new High Pressure Direct Injection outboards or its new Four-Stroke outboards. Yamaha has enhanced 11 models in its line with features its customers want.

(Wednesday, August 18,1999 - ) Yamaha introduces its High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) outboards in 150 and 200 hp ratings to saltwater and freshwater fishing fans. This revolutionary new design reduces exhaust emissions by 75 percent, meeting the EPA's 2006 low-emission guidelines six years early.

(Wednesday, August 18,1999 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle introduces their latest trick with the new 5" Magic Shad. The Magic Shad is an irresistible likeness of the real thing with its natural shad body and a unique "spade-shaped" tail that sets up a vibration when the lure is retrieved or even on the fall.

(Monday, July 26,1999 - Alexander, AR) Rattles are fast becoming a vital addition to the bass anglers arsenal. They attract fish to lures that would otherwise go unnoticed. Rattles enable an angler to announce to fish that their lure is in the vicinity by producing a clicking sound, mimicking their forage.

(Sunday, July 25,1999 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle puts on some weight with their new "Mega Weights™". The Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle Mega- Weights™ are 25% smaller than conventional lead weights, enhancing the bottom "dragging and bumping" technique used for Carolina Rigging. They are also twice as loud, producing more fish-attracting noise when used with any style of beads. The smooth polished finish and clean holes of the Mega-Weights™ help to reduce line wear.

(Friday, July 23,1999 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Bait & Tackle's new 4" Trophy Tube is an extra large tube bait that features a large pulsating skirt with a large tube body that makes for easy rigging of either large tube jig heads or worm hooks. In addition to these features, the Trophy Tube is "Mega Salt" impregnated so fish will hold on longer for more hook sets.

(Friday, July 23,1999 - Menomonie, WI.) The Bass Intimidator, the ringworm on steroids, has taken East Texas by storm this past season. The 6" Intimidator, which has a large ribbed-body and a paddle tail, has been winning tournament after tournament, and setting lake records throughout Texas since its' introduction by Innovative Sport Group(ISG), in July 1997.

(Tuesday, June 08,1999 - SCOTTSDALE, Ariz) Father's Day is just around the corner, so why not get Dad gifts he can use as he enjoys the Great Outdoors? Chances are he enjoys fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, birding or camping. So no matter what your budget, there are plenty of gifts this year for that special outdoor enthusiast. The following list provides gift ideas in a variety of price ranges that are sure to please any Dad this Father's Day, and can be found in local retail dealers and sporting goods stores or easily ordered by phone.

148 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" format, 41 maps, 69 photos, 27 illustrations.
(Saturday, May 22,1999 - ) Lake Erie, the undisputed "Walleye Capital of the World," reigns as the "Smallmouth Bass Capital" as well. From Ohio's Bass islands to Buffalo, New York, Lake Erie now gives up more quality smallmouth bass than any other body of water on earth. Thanks to increased water clarity, the fishing continues to improve.

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