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(Wednesday, September 29,1999 - IRVINE, CA.) It's always been said that to keep something working properly, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way. Especially when fishing is involved. No one wants an equipment problem keeping them from landing that long-sought-after trophy.

(Wednesday, September 29,1999 - QUITMAN, TX) It's been more than a dozen years since Lake Fork guide Mark Stevenson caught "Ethel," the 17 pound, 6 ounce largemouth that started the fabulous the big bass boom on Lake Fork, but that giant certainly hasn’t been the only trophy Stevenson has caught. He and his clients have caught numerous other bass as heavy as 15 pounds.

(Sunday, September 26,1999 - PINTLALA, AL) "This is the most important step toward saving lives since the invention of the life vest," says Ray Scott, about the recent United States Coast Guard approval of the first automatic inflatable life vest, SOSPENDERS, by Sporting Lives, Inc.

(Thursday, September 23,1999 - Waukegan, IL) Johnson and Evinrude professional angler Ron Shuffield of Bismarck, Arkansas, breezed past the competition in the performance and boating skills division of the recent inaugural Illinois BASS Quest tournament, sponsored by World Championship Fishing.

(Monday, September 06,1999 - ATLANTA, GA) Anglers who fish freshwater lakes and rivers will appreciate Yamaha’s new High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) VMAX 150 outboard. Designed around a new 2.6-liter 76-degree engine block, the HPDI VMAX offers the perfect mix of performance and fuel economy making it the best outboard motor available for freshwater anglers.

(Friday, August 27,1999 - Rhinelander, WI) High-tech fishing takes its highest leap yet at ICAST, the American Sportfishing Association show in Chicago. Fishing Hot Spots, Inc., (FHS) the nation's largest fishing map publisher introduced its new Digital Map Series at the event July 9th. The CD-ROM based lake maps boast the premier fishing waters on a state-by-state basis and feature an auto-GPS engine allowing the user to pinpoint locations instantly. You can plot, label and log GPS waypoints with an easy-to-use navigation system that has continuously running lat/long coordinates. Other features include; detailed contours, structure, species information, fishing tips and techniques, access points and much more.

(Thursday, August 26,1999 - ATLANTA, GA) Not all of the news coming out of Yamaha Marine is about its new High Pressure Direct Injection outboards or its new Four-Stroke outboards. Yamaha has enhanced 11 models in its line with features its customers want.

(Wednesday, August 18,1999 - ) Yamaha introduces its High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) outboards in 150 and 200 hp ratings to saltwater and freshwater fishing fans. This revolutionary new design reduces exhaust emissions by 75 percent, meeting the EPA's 2006 low-emission guidelines six years early.

(Wednesday, August 18,1999 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle introduces their latest trick with the new 5" Magic Shad. The Magic Shad is an irresistible likeness of the real thing with its natural shad body and a unique "spade-shaped" tail that sets up a vibration when the lure is retrieved or even on the fall.

(Monday, July 26,1999 - Alexander, AR) Rattles are fast becoming a vital addition to the bass anglers arsenal. They attract fish to lures that would otherwise go unnoticed. Rattles enable an angler to announce to fish that their lure is in the vicinity by producing a clicking sound, mimicking their forage.

(Sunday, July 25,1999 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle puts on some weight with their new "Mega Weights™". The Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle Mega- Weights™ are 25% smaller than conventional lead weights, enhancing the bottom "dragging and bumping" technique used for Carolina Rigging. They are also twice as loud, producing more fish-attracting noise when used with any style of beads. The smooth polished finish and clean holes of the Mega-Weights™ help to reduce line wear.

(Friday, July 23,1999 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Bait & Tackle's new 4" Trophy Tube is an extra large tube bait that features a large pulsating skirt with a large tube body that makes for easy rigging of either large tube jig heads or worm hooks. In addition to these features, the Trophy Tube is "Mega Salt" impregnated so fish will hold on longer for more hook sets.

(Friday, July 23,1999 - Menomonie, WI.) The Bass Intimidator, the ringworm on steroids, has taken East Texas by storm this past season. The 6" Intimidator, which has a large ribbed-body and a paddle tail, has been winning tournament after tournament, and setting lake records throughout Texas since its' introduction by Innovative Sport Group(ISG), in July 1997.

(Tuesday, June 08,1999 - SCOTTSDALE, Ariz) Father's Day is just around the corner, so why not get Dad gifts he can use as he enjoys the Great Outdoors? Chances are he enjoys fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, birding or camping. So no matter what your budget, there are plenty of gifts this year for that special outdoor enthusiast. The following list provides gift ideas in a variety of price ranges that are sure to please any Dad this Father's Day, and can be found in local retail dealers and sporting goods stores or easily ordered by phone.

148 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" format, 41 maps, 69 photos, 27 illustrations.
(Saturday, May 22,1999 - ) Lake Erie, the undisputed "Walleye Capital of the World," reigns as the "Smallmouth Bass Capital" as well. From Ohio's Bass islands to Buffalo, New York, Lake Erie now gives up more quality smallmouth bass than any other body of water on earth. Thanks to increased water clarity, the fishing continues to improve.

Outboard Marine Corporation has rewritten the rules for low emission technology
(Monday, May 17,1999 - Waukegan, IL.) Outboard Marine Corporation has rewritten the rules for low emission technology with the introduction of its all-new line of Evinrude® two-stroke, direct injection outboards featuring FICHT® Ram Injection™. OMC has dramatically refined its award-winning FICHT technology and, in the process, has achieved durability and runability advantages across the entire line.

-- Direct injection two-stroke and four-stroke outboards; MerCruiser Sterndrives, inboards, D-Tronic diesels and ski engines
(Tuesday, March 02,1999 - Fond du Lac, WI) Entering its 60th year as the leading contributor to marine power technology, Mercury marks the 1999 model year with an impressive array of low-emissions offerings, including five OptiMax' direct injection two-stroke outboards from 115 h.p. to 225 h.p.; 10 four-stroke outboards from 4 to 90 horsepower; and 12 MerCruiser four-cycle sterndrives from 135 to 415 horsepower; six inboard offering from 260 to 400 horsepower; 3 ski engines at 270, 315 and 330 horsepower; and seven virtually smokeless D-Tronic diesels from 150 to 270 horsepower.

Number one marine power company has number one marine name
(Wednesday, December 09,1998 - Fond du Lac, WI.) Mercury has announced sweeping changes to leverage the equity and 60-year heritage associated with the number one name in marine products and services, and consolidate its premium domestic brands under a single Mercury banner.

Handcrafted Cedar Lures Work On Eufaula Bass
(Monday, May 11,1998 - Columbus, GA) Now not only do the local Lake Eufaula, Alabama anglers, but several of the touring pros such as, Mike Auten and Roy Sedgewick, know the secret about the handcrafted cedar lures that many of the locals have been crediting their "catching" success to on Eufaula bass.

(Thursday, May 07,1998 - Svangsta, Sweden) Proper care can be key to the longevity of your fishing reel, according to Swedish engineers with Abu Garcia, the world's largest leader in baitcast reels. As you head for the water this season, Abu Garcia's BjÖrn Everman says there are some simple steps that can help keep your reel rolling right though the year.

(Sunday, April 26,1998 - Fond du Lac, WI) Serious bass anglers are serious about one thing. Speed. Mercury Marine Propeller Company (MMPC) has designed the new Tempest Plus for one thing. Speed.

(January 31,1998 - San Dimas, Calif.) Magellan's new GPS Map ‘N Track navigation software package lets outdoor enthusiasts, business travelers and vacationers maximize the potential of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for faster, more accurate travel. Designed to work with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT software, the versatile GPS Map ‘N Track package combines three separate software programs (GPS Link 3.0, Precision Mapping Streets 3.0, and GPS DataTrack), creating an all-purpose, personal navigation system.

The world's first portable GPS receiver with a color display
(January 31,1998 - SAN DIMAS, Calif.) The first hand-held GPS satellite navigator to feature a color display, Magellan's new ColorTRAK boasts 12-channel GPS reception, 30 hours of continuous-use battery life, a fishing time calculator, a built-in thermometer and a host of other functions outdoorsmen will truly appreciate, according to Margaret Goodall, Magellan's outdoor products marketing manager.

(Thursday, August 21,1997 - ) How Do You Tie Your Boat To The Dock? If you answer this by saying you use a rope and a cleat then you need to read on. If you have ever tried to find a place to tie your boat and found the tying cleat broke or gone read on.

(Tuesday, August 12,1997 - Fort Atkinson, WI) Because nightcrawlers are recognized as the best natural bait for many game fish, Uncle Josh Bait Company recently announced the introduction of Uncle Josh Preserved Nightcrawlers.

(Tuesday, August 12,1997 - Norman, OK) STORM LURES' electrifying introduction for 1998 is causing lots of Rrrumbling. The "new" Lightnin' Shad series begins a whole new "lure family" for STORM, debuting with two sizes in the ultra deep-diving version.

(Friday, August 01,1997 - Irvine, CA) The renewed popularity in 'round-designed' baitcasting reels that Shimano started in the early '90's continues with the new Corsair reels, available in two sizes for bass fishing, large freshwater species and light-tackle saltwater action.

(Wednesday, July 30,1997 - Spirit Lake, IA) To compliment the legendary qualities of two of the world's best known reels, Abu Garcia® introducts the Equalizer rod series, new for 1998.

(Monday, July 28,1997 - Spirit Lake,IA) A quarter century ago, Fenwick revolutionized fishing rod technology when it unveiled its series of HMG (High Modulus Graphite) rods. Today, Fenwick is advancing the standard of premium rod performance once again with the HCG Hardcore Graphite rod series.

(Monday, July 28,1997 - Lafayette, LA) YUM®; is a newly discovered lure scent that is a true fish attractant. It was designed with biological ingredients that stimulate the aggressive attack instincts of gamefish. It was formulated to help the sport fishermen catch more and quality gamefish.

(Sunday, April 13,1997 - ) As fun as this does not sound, many experienced fishermen have done just that when their trolling motor cable breaks during a tournament.

(Apr. 26, 2006 - ) Time out on the water with family and friends should be fun, but it should also be safe. With more than three hours of video that includes nearly every subject pertaining to boating, the Encyclopedia of Boating DVD from Shurhold Industries spells out the Anchors to Zinc of how to make boating as fun and as safe as possible for everyone.

(Sep. 15, 2005 - ) What the experts say... “Year after year, the Kona Clone family of lures continues to be a leader in offshore trolling lures. Now each Kona Clone comes with a multi color prism head which match perfectly our 7 Strand skirts to further enhance the Kona Clone effectiveness.

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