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Smallest of G3 Sun Catcher Pontoons Introduced
(09/06/2001 - LEBANON, MO.) G3 Boats has expanded its popular pontoon boat series. The three models introduced just last year are joined by four new crafts including the PB18F, a fishing model that's compact and carries the new G3 pontoon Sun Catcher logo.

(09/02/2001 - ) No matter what you're fishing for, no matter where you're fishing, Remington Express gives you the durability and versatility that you need. Whether you're using light or heavy tackle, this flexible line exhibits superb shock strength with exceptional recovery from strain.

(09/01/2001 - KENNESAW, GA.) Although the summer boating season is winding down, the marine industry is seeing a new wave of technology that will forever change the way Americans go boating. Yamaha Marine recently introduced the world's first and only V6 four-stroke outboards in 225 and 200 hp models. These new models are clean running, quieter and more fuel-efficient than traditional two-stroke outboards. The marine industry has been anticipating Yamaha's new outboard and V6 technology ever since Yamaha first unveiled the outboard at an industry trade show last fall where it won the marine industry's prestigious Innovation Award. Judged and presented by Boating Writers International (BWI), the Innovation awards are regarded by many as the highest recognition in the marine industry and competition is fierce.

(08/30/2001 - Madison, NC) Stren Fishing Lines offers its favorite monofilament in a range of colors and pound tests to meet virtually every angler’s needs. Original Stren has all the attributes that anglers want in a fishing line with its super limpness, low memory, controlled stretch, high-tensile strength, super knot strength and high-abrasion resistance. And Original Stren is offered in a variety of colors for virtually every fishing application.

(08/21/2001 - Madison, NC) Stren Sensor is a unique monofilament line made with a copolymer formulation. It delivers the sensitivity of a "superline" with the superior knot strength and abrasion resistance of a monofilament. At the same time, Stren Sensor is highly castable and offers low memory. The result is a fishing line with the preferred handling and casting characteristics of monofilament combined with the performance benefits of superlines.

(08/18/2001 - Madison, NC) The Stren High Impact family includes a tournament IGFA-rated line, a popularly priced nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon and monofilament leader materials as well as a line of sleeves.

(08/17/2001 - Madison, NC) If you were to ask anglers what the most important characteristic of a fishing line is, odds are they would answer with one word - strength. After all, if your line breaks when fighting a fish, you lose. In response, Stren has created its strongest fishing line ever - Stren Extra Strength.

(08/15/2001 - Alexandria, VA) For those anglers that are in the market for a new lightweight rain suit (Spring, Summer & Fall seasons), ProFishing Network announces the availability of new-bibbed style rain pant and jacket straight from Japan. ProFishing Network has teamed with Decoon of Japan in their newest design for extreme wet weather protection

(08/13/2001 - Madison, NC) Last year, Remington Ultra brought new meaning to the term "premium monofilament" fishing line. The result of extensive research and engineering, Ultra is a copolymer monofilament line that blends individual nylon resins with an infused silicone coating.

Meet the 8" Lake Fork Worm, 5" Fork Creature, the Craw-Tube and Fork Craw plus the Mega-Weight Drop Shots
(08/06/2001 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle has introduced five new products, the Mega-Weight™ Drop Shots, 8" Lake Fork Worm™, 5" Fork Creature™, the 4" Craw Tube™ and the 4" Fork Craw™.

(08/04/2001 - ) Bass Stalker Jigs is proud to announce their new line of jig trailers. Bass Stalker Jigs has teamed up with Snakebite Custom Fishing Tackle to develop a line of super-soft, crawfish-scented, hand-poured jig trailers in 12 colors that perfectly complement our jigs. The 3" Claw Chunk for Flippin' and the 2" Claw Chunk Jr. for Finesse.

(07/21/2001 - ) Penn's new-for-2002 Formula™ 10LD and 15LD models provide Penn's tough graphite lever drag performance in a single-speed reel. These 20- and 30-lb. class reels can handle a variety of saltwater angling assignments, from tarpon and amberjack to tuna and sailfish.

(07/07/2001 - ) Envision Lures is proud to introduce it's new line up of spinnerbaits. The Envision Spinnerbait is designed for a higher level of performance and are built to withstand the pressures of tournament fishing. Utilizing a head design that channels water to the side, the envision spinnerbait eliminates roll over. This provides for a full day of snagless fishing. Another feature of the Envision spinnerbait is they are built with .32 wire and jewelry finished blades to combine increased vibration with the brightest flash.

(07/02/2001 - LINDALE, TX) The all-new vDealer System provides marine dealers with the power and tools to take their marketing and customer follow-through way beyond just having an on-line presence that focuses only on selling their inventory.

New Invention Gives Anglers More Rod and Net Lifting Power. Device Helps Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries
(05/16/2001 - Whitestone, N. Y.) A fisherman from New York's Long Island has invented a device for fishing rods and nets that lets the angler apply more muscle power and helps prevent repetitive stress injuries to the wrist and elbow. Called Leverage King, and weighing only 6-ounces, the unit screws firmly to the handle of spinning, casting, and surf rods and provides a curved, foam cradle for the forearm near the elbow. With his arm secure in its new position, the angler will find it easier to put more pressure on fish in salt water or fresh water.

Football Isn't The Only Sport The Flutie Name Is Famous For
(05/12/2001 - Florida Keys) Glenn Flutie, cousin to NFL quarterback Doug Flutie and CFL wide receiver Darin Flutie, is a world class champion in his own right. Raised in the Florida Keys, Glenn's prowess with a fly rod is known throughout world wide circles of expert fly fishers. His reputation dates back to 1972 when he caught over 252 bonefish during the month of September, guided by Capt. Gary Ellis, founder of the RedBone Celebrity Tournament Series, and by 1976 had caught and released an additional 1,000 bonefish on fly

(05/11/2001 - ) Jigs have become the number one lure for winning tournaments and catching big bass in heavy cover. Many jigs on the market today have hooks that are too small and inadequate weed guards. Falcon lures has developed a jig with several unique features to solve your jig fishing problems.

(04/27/2001 - Rhinelander, WI) Fishing Hot Spots, Inc., the nation's largest publisher of fishing maps introduces the latest addition to its Canadian Series with two new maps for Rainy Lake.

(04/14/2001 - CHATTANOOGA, TN) Killer Kam Lures introduces its new line of Super Sonic Spinners, which enables fishermen to fish with Different Sounds. That's right! Now fishermen can choose between a variety of 4 different sounds to fish with.

(04/10/2001 - Page, AZ) Gary Yamamoto has released the new Senko Lite in two sizes and four strike-provoking colors. Made from a special blend of buoyant soft plastic, the Senko Lite doesn't actually float but it sinks incredibly slowly with a hook in it, and it triggers intense action as it suspends and hovers enticingly above shallow cover.

Bottom Line's Tournament 4300
(04/02/2001 - Meridian, ID) No matter how you look at it, Bottom Line fish finder technology keeps a clearly defined edge up on all competitors. One glance at the new Bottom Line Tournament 4300 tells all. This unit offers amazing sharpness and a wide-ranging field of view. Plus a price that's truly Bottom Line affordable.

(03/13/2001 - Portland, OR) Portland, OR. based HannaNRyan Inc. has completed the acquisition and move of the Zipper Worm Co. from Arizona. In addition to Zipper the HannaNRyan brands include Big Poly, Seducer, CRO, Crackle, and In-Line Jigs. The move to Portland includes opening a new distribution center as well as additional corporate offices. The new distribution center is open and shipping orders as this is being written.

(02/23/2001 - Scottsdale, AZ) Nemire Lures of Scottsdale, Arizona, recently announced its sponsorship of the 2001 Professional Red Fish Tour as well as its new "Go For The Gold" award program designed to reward anglers in the Red Fish Tour who use specific Nemire Lures products during the tournament.

(02/16/2001 - ) Hot new fishing item coming on the market. The Line Bugz holds your fishing line & hook without tieing a knot, it performs well. It holds hook sizes from 2.0 to 4.0 and line size from 16 to 40 lb line. The line bugz was tested in a big aquarium, both salt and fresh water. The fish struck the Line Bugz with and without bait.

(02/16/2001 - Bologna, Italy) BassMania an exciting new fishing publication dedicated totally to European bass fishing has been introduced and published by two well known Italian fishermen, Stefano Sammarchi and Paolo Vannini.

(02/14/2001 - ) Circle Hook advocate Capt. Ron Hamlin is no stranger to the dangerous sport of big game fishing. He knows firsthand the danger of entanglement and the possibility of going overboard while wiring or angling big fish.

(02/07/2001 - Helena, MT) Want to know how the pros land the fat fish and snag the big winnings checks? The new edition of CATCHING BASS LIKE A PRO by Steve Price and Guy Eaker (The Globe Pequot Press, Guilford, CT 06437) takes you inside the minds of seasoned pros to help improve your chances for fishing success -- whether you seek the trophy bass of a lifetime or just want to fill a stringer on the weekend.

(02/03/2001 - Fairview, TN) AMPRON introduces the DuraCharge Tournament Series charger means it works no matter how wet the conditions. Even fully submerged, these chargers are watertight.

(01/31/2001 - Shelton, CT) Doug Antuna, President of Catch-All Lures launches a new program that will benefit kid's fishing programs across the country as well as improve the environment and give our youth the chance to enjoy this wonderful sport. Catch-All Kids is the program to do it all.

(01/31/2001 - Madison,NC) When the fish become finicky and the bite gets tough, anglers must reach into their bag of tricks for a solution to pull out those few precious strikes. Stren Magnathin is a low diameter, durable line that enables anglers to reduce thickness without sacrificing strength.

(01/23/2001 - Mount Laurel, NJ) TACKLE-RACK™ is an open, two-sectioned box, which is used "while" fishing. Instead of storing 50 to 70 routinely used lures. TACKLE-RACK™ LMS, with its patented "Hook-Nook" beveled notches, allows an angler to hang each lure separately around the perimeter of the RACK. Lures hang safely without exposed hooks outside of the box.

(01/11/2001 - Rhinelander, WI) Fishing Hot Spots, Inc., the nation's largest publisher of fishing maps and Garmin Inc., a leading manufacturer of navigation, communication and information electronics, jointly announce a new CD-ROM giving anglers what it takes to find fish - introducing MapSource(tm) Fishing Hot Spots®.

Two New Models Designed For Simplicity, Durability
(01/07/2001 - Philadelphia, PA) In response to anglers from around the globe, Penn has announced two new electric Fathom-Master® downriggers for 2001. Model 805 features a 24" boom and a fixed base, while Model 835 features a 48" boom with a Swivel-Matic® base.

Information, Answers Come Easy At G3
(01/05/2001 - Lebanon, MO.) Call toll free, e-mail, conventional mail or cruise the internet, there are a variety of quick, easy and efficient ways to get answers or information from G3 Boats, where customer service is the number one priority.

SL-Fish & Ski Series
(01/05/2001 - Kilgore, Texas,) Looking for stripers or largemouth at dawn. Taking the girls out tubing and skiing in the afternoon. Do it all from the same boat with Skeeter's Fish and Ski SL190, designed to accommodate however you chose to have fun on the water. Skeeter's SL190 offers the best of both worlds, with the most popular features of Skeeter's legendary bass boats together with those of stylish ski crafts.

13 Jon Boat Models in G3 Line
(01/05/2001 - Lebanon, MO.) When building the best aluminum Jon boats, the basics need to get down to a science. The folks at G3 like to think of it more as an art form. Hunters and anglers will too when they experience the 2001 line of Jon boats from G3.

ZX Deep V - Big Water Series
(01/05/2001 - Kilgore, Texas) Fishing rough water? Gotta have a Deep V. No matter how far north or how tough the conditions, Skeeter has a Deep V built for big water, a great ride and even better fishing experience. Skeeter's new ZX2050 satisfies the special itch big water anglers have, whether it be fishing for walleye, northern pike, salmon or lake trout. The hydrodynamically designed Deep V hull makes for a fast and dry ride in even the worst chop. They're rugged too. Skeeter's unique X-TREME and X-CEL composite design, backed by over ten years of engineering and construction experience, is used for all Deep V floors, stringers, transoms and hulls, and results in a lasting performance year after year under even the harshest conditions.

(01/02/2001 - Philadelphia, PA) Saltwater anglers have long awaited the arrival of American-made graphite reels offering Penn's world-renowned two speed lever drag performance. With the introduction of the new-for-2001 Penn Formula™ Series reels, there's no need to wait any longer.

Versatile Size Ideal for Freshwater, Saltwater, Even Ice Fishing
(01/02/2001 - Providence, RI) When Acme introduced its new Slim Jim® spoon for 2000, serious saltwater and freshwater anglers immediately had two reactions. One, they started catching everything from saltwater bluefish, bonito and false albacore to freshwater walleye and stripers like never before. Two, they began clamoring for a scaled-down version that would fit the bill when gamefish were keying on small prey.

Taking Finesse Fishing to the Next Level!
(12/28/2000 - Menomonie, WI.) Imagine this scenario…you only have the weekend to fish for your favorite finny opponent …Mr. Largemouth Bass. All week long you've made plans to be out on your favorite lake hoping to entice a game of tug o' war from a lunker largemouth. The only problem is, Mother Nature throws one of her famous "Cold Front Curve Balls" right at your lake! Bright sunny skies, no wind, cold temperatures -- fishing is tough and nothing seems to be working!

(12/22/2000 - ) Now and then a fish finder comes along with the kind of quality every angler desires, at a price every angler and boater can afford.

(12/12/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI.) Mercury Marine has been presented the first ever 2001 Environmental Leadership Award from the Bluewater Network, a national environmental organization protecting public waters, lands and ecosystems. 

(12/06/2000 - Rhinelander, WI) If you've been searching for that one "good book" for your favorite angler this Christmas, you can stop looking. And if that person fishes for bass, you'll really be a hero!

Scorpion 377 Sterndrive Provides Unmatched Performance Proving Itself a Viable Power Source for High Performance Bass Boat Market
(11/28/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) Bryant Enterprises of Maryville, TN and Mercury Racing have teamed up to develop a high performance Stroker bass boat powered by the Mercury Racing Scorpion 377 sterndrive engine. The innovative combination of a 350 h.p. small-block V-8 sterndrive in a 21-foot bass boat has netted very positive results, providing unmatched performance with the Scorpion 377 sterndrive proving itself as a viable power source for the high performance bass boat market and is one low-emissions alternative to traditional 2-stroke performance outboards.

(11/28/2000 - Atlanta,GA) Last year, Yamaha Outboards introduced a line of High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) outboards as part of its largest commitment ever in bringing the best in outboard motors to anglers and boaters. The HPDI system won three industry innovation awards in 2000 - the IMTEC Innovation Award, given by the National Marine Manufacturers Assn.; Motor Boating & Sailing magazine's Innovation Award; and the Design & Engineering Award 2000 from Popular Mechanics magazine. For 2001, Yamaha is expanding that line with three new models - a premium175, a VMAX 175 and a VMAX 200. These engines meet the Federal 2006 guidelines today.

Versatile Applications Include 26-foot Military Landing Craft
(11/27/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) of Franklin, LA has developed an innovative turbine-powered Mercury Racing Outboard. The experimental outboard features a Rolls Royce Allison 250 series gas turbine engine mounted to a Mercury Racing 2.5 EFI Offshore outboard center section and 1.87:1 gear ratio Torque Master gearcase. The lightweight, 320 horsepower outboard is being tested on a 26-foot aluminum hull landing craft built by Munson Boat Works. The 4500-pound boat, loaded with four people and a Jeep, is capable of reaching speeds up to 40 mph.

World's First Low-Emissions Hi-Performance Outboard set to Revolutionize Outboard Sport Boat Market
(11/27/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) The new OptiMax 200XS consumer performance outboard represents a culmination of advanced, direct fuel injection, 2-stroke technology developed by Mercury Marine. Mercury Racing's OptiMax 200 earned its 'XS' advanced performance designation and entry in the record books after winning the 2000 '24 Hours of Rouen' endurance powerboat race in Rouen, France. The 200XS not only won the race but also set records for the most laps completed (837) and fastest average speed (129.052 kilometers per hour). OptiMax 200XS outboard powered boats also finished second and fourth. This record setting performance, resulting in part by fewer necessary fuel pit stops, proved the extended operating range and durability of Mercury's OptiMax 2-cycle direct fuel injection, low-emissions technology.

(11/22/2000 - Walker, MN) We've all received "unseasonable" presents during the Holidays. Much needed or wanted, these items go unused and often misplaced during the winter months. There's the out-of-season weed-whip, bug-zapper, electric trolling motor, canoe paddles, running shorts, etc. As a winter sports enthusiast, I prefer giving as well as receiving "seasonable" gifts – those, which can be used within minutes of unwrapping. And ice-fishing trinkets are the niftiest of all...

ZX-Saltwater Series
(11/21/2000 - Kilgore, TX) With a no carpet deck design, the Skeeter ZX 225L and ZX 190L, the most popular models of Skeeter's high performance bass boats, are equally ideal for saltwater and low maintenance conscious anglers. Equal in every way to their bass counterparts, the ZX 225L and ZX 190L feature a light maintenance, corrosion free fiberglass deck in place of the traditional carpet covered deck with the inshore saltwater as well as the bass fisherman in mind.

ZX-Saltwater Series
(11/21/2000 - KILGORE, TX) A tunnel boat with a unique hull design that allows fishing in very, very shallow water and a trey of big center console boats, make up the Skeeter Boats saltwater bay boat lineup. The Skeeter ZX2400, ZX2200, ZX2200T and ZX2000 are engineered to provide first-class bay and offshore performance. With Skeeter's exclusive X-TREME composite transom and stringer system, Skeeter bay boats are stronger than ever. That means great performance in shallow as well as deep water. Plus, Skeeter's patented V-pad hull flattens the roughest water for a smoother, drier ride.

1919 Articles
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