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(01/12/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) At the 2002 New York National Boat Show, Taylor Made Systems introduced a new series of shaped-glass windshields for center console boats.

Relief is here and it's easy to use
(01/10/2002 - ) There's a new device now available called the ReliefBand that is a remedy for nausea and the discomfort of seasickness and it's proving itself to work well for one of mankind's most unpleasant illnesses. We talked with John Phillips, a writer who reported on this new wristwatch-sized device in Salt Water Sportsman magazine, having used it himself and on some fishing buddies offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

(01/02/2002 - Rhinelander, WI) Anglers in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina will find new and updated maps for their favorite fishing destinations, courtesy of Fishing Hot Spots, Inc. The nation's largest fishing map publisher released several dozen maps for the coming season, the bulk of them in the Southeast. They include: Alabama - Guntersville, Logan Martin, Weiss, Wheeler, Wilson. Georgia - Allatoona, Sidney Lanier, Hartwell, Sinclair, West Point, Oconee, Eufaula.

Each Pro Pack System Factory tested
(12/22/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) ... When it comes to ice fishing, Vexilar Marine Electronics is the world leader with their three color flasher technology. The reliable FL-8slt and the new FL18 models have revolutionized the winter fishing industry. Over the years, Vexilar has gained a reputation for producing quality marine electronics and systems.

Vexilar Instructional Videos
(12/15/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) ... Vexilar, the world leader in color flasher technology announces the introduction of two instructional and educational ice fishing videos featuring ice fishing legend Dave Genz. The two videos are intended to help current owners of the popular FL8slt and the all-new FL18 with operational procedures. Highlighting both winter and summer applications, these videos also contain lots of practical fishing

(12/15/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) Walleye anglers across America are going to be pleased to know that one marine electronics company understands the demands of the serious walleye angler. It is called the LC-507 and it comes from a company with over 40 years in the marine electronics industry, Vexilar.

(12/17/2001 - ) Who says you can't be tough and sensitive at the same time? Those are, in fact, two dominant characteristics of Penn's new Power Graph® II rods -- a family of ten fishing rods built with Penn's exclusive Carbon Core Technology (CCT) -- a tubular graphite core overlaid with a strong yet lightweight fiberglass coat. The result is a rod with unparalleled strength and durability, which achieves the next highest level in sensitivity.

(12/15/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) .... For the last several seasons, the Vexilar Pro Pack and Value Pack systems have been a favorite with winter anglers. Due to this popularity, Vexilar, the world leader in three color flasher technology has designed a line of Soft Packs to protect their Pro Pack and Value pack systems.

(12/15/2001 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) For 2002, Taylor Made Products introduces its newest boat horn, the EcoBlast, a refillable, rechargeable safety signal air horn. Environmentally friendly, the EcoBlast never needs refills. It can be quickly and easily recharged with air from a bicycle pump, service station air pump or compressor. The powerful 120-db sound, which can be heard up to a mile away, meets U.S. Coast Guard regulations and has volume control to easily adjust to the user's preference.

(12/02/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) There are few lures or products that can lay claim to revolutionizing the sport of fishing. The Vexilar Company of Minneapolis is proud to be one of those innovators with their popular FL8slt. This innovative three-color LED flasher has taken the world of ice fishing by storm to dominate the way angler's fish.

(12/02/2001 - ) Penn has updated and improved a popular graphite one piece frame level wind for 2002, calling it the 320GT2. This new model replaces the 320GTi Super Level Wind, which was introduced well over a dozen years ago. Thousands of anglers throughout the world have caught several thousands of fish with the 320GTi, and the 320GT2 will carry on that tradition in style.

(11/26/2001 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN.) Solar Bat-maker of the toughest, lightest and clearest polarized sunglasses on the water-has signed on as an Associate Sponsor of the entire lineup of 2002 Wal-Mart fishing circuits.

Vexilar Mag Shield
(11/25/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) In an effort to meet the needs of anglers, Vexilar, the world leader in color flasher technology has developed the Mag Shield to be placed over the built-in sun shield on their popular FL8 unit and the new FL-18. In fact, the new Mag Shield will fit on any FL body style made since 1980.

Vexilar Boundary Waters, LC-10
(11/23/2001 - Minneapolis, MN....) If your an angler with a traveling spirit, or one who enjoys fishing from a small boat or canoe, Vexilar Marine Electronics of Minneapolis has what you need. Their proven performance in their Boundary Waters LC-10 has re-defined the term of "portable depthfinders".

StrikeMaster LazerMag Ultra
(11/24/2001 - Big Lake, MN....) The LazerMag Ultra uses a patent pending cutting blade design called the LazerMag Ultra, Triple Blade Cutting system. These serrated stainless steel blades also use a patent pending Lazer Power Point feature that allows you to easily re-open old frozen holes. Made from Swedish forged Sandvik 12C27 Chrome Allow Stainless Steel. This super hard, corrosion resistant metal is formulated just for cutting ice. The new design will improve cutting speed by an amazing 15 to 20 percent!

Each Pro Pack System Factory tested
(11/23/2001 - Minneapolis, MN...) When it comes to ice fishing, Vexilar Marine Electronics is the world leader with their three color flasher technology. The reliable FL-8slt and the new FL18 models have revolutionized the winter fishing industry. Over the years, Vexilar has gained a reputation for producing quality marine electronics and systems.

Expand Series With Two Speed and Singler Speed Models
(11/24/2001 - ) Three new models of Formula™ lightweight graphite, lever drag reels are being added to Penn's family of great graphites, which were first introduced last year and quickly won on-the-water approval among serious ocean anglers. Appreciated for their ability to handle a variety of game fish from bluewater billfish, tuna, wahoo and albacore to yellowtail, grouper, amberjacks and more, the Formula™ Series now includes a new two speed model, the Formula™ 24KG, plus two new single speed models, the Formula™ 10LD and 15LD.

(11/23/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) Walleye anglers across America are going to be pleased to know that one marine electronics company understands the demands of the serious walleye angler. It is called the LC-507 and it comes from a company with over 40 years in the marine electronics industry, Vexilar.

(11/20/2001 - ) The world's first spinning reel was invented in 1948 by Maurice Jacquenim, a young engineer from the Avre Valley in France. It was named the Mitchell 300. Jacquenim had begun working on a tool to be used for fishing in 1946, at the request of his brother. For two years he worked and researched to produce a reel which was not only a container to hold line, but also a tool which could cast a lure a great distance with precision, and recover the line without tangling. At that time, such a reel was only a dream, as casting and tangling problems left something to be desired in the "revolving spool" reels of the time.

(11/20/2001 - ) For 2002, Penn has introduced two new metal-bodied, American-made spinning reels that will be an instant hit with both salt and freshwater anglers. The size and quality construction of these two skirted-spool models – the Slammer® 460 and Slammer® 560 – make them ideal when plugging for snook, casting to boiling blues or working the flats for permit. Penn's new Slammers® are also more than a match for tough freshwater fish like pike, muskie, or stripers.

Offers Stable Platform For Trolling Or Downrigging
(11/13/2001 - KILGORE, TX) Fishing in big water requires a tough boat capable of standing up to big wave after big wave. Skeeter Boats designed its >ZX Deepwater Series of deep-V hulled boats - the ZX2050, ZX1950, ZX1775T, ZX1775WT and ZX1775SC - to handle the roughest big water fishing. "A good big-water boat needs to handle running all day in most water conditions while still offering a stable, dry platform to fish from while trolling," said Dean Burnett, National Sales Manager and Marketing Director for Skeeter. "Our ZX Deepwater Series boats make going after fish in rough waters as comfortable and stable as possible."

(11/13/2001 - Rhinelander, WI) It was raining in Georgia on Thursday, June 2, 1932. Why should that interest you? It's the day George Perry caught a largemouth bass weighing 22 pounds, 4 ounces. It's a record that still stands and many believe won't be broken. Or will it?

Pursuing its goal of always being more environmentally-responsible
(11/08/2001 - Sturtevant, WI) Bombardier Recreational Products, a leading provider of recreational marine products, announces it will expand its current Johnson outboard engine line with the addition of several new models featuring state of the art four-stroke technology. The Johnson outboard line currently includes two-stroke outboards ranging from 3.5 horsepower to 175 horsepower. With today's announcement, the Johnson line will incorporate several new four-stroke models ranging from 6 horsepower to 70 horsepower.

Taylor Made Systems recently previewed its new self-cleaning glass technology for the marine industry.
(11/07/2001 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) "This is a major breakthrough in marine glass technology," said Mike Oathout, vice president, sales and marketing, for Taylor Made Systems. "We are continuing to test and fine-tune the technology, and we plan to incorporate the self-cleaning process into a variety of new glass products during the next 12 months."

(10/31/2001 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) For 2001, Taylor Made Products introduces a new line of flexible dock edging with built-in shock absorption. The "Wave" is the latest addition to Taylor Made's extensive line of vinyl dock protection products specially formulated for softness and durability, protecting both boats and docks from damage.

(10/30/2001 - ) nVIEW Corporation announced today that it has signed a joint development agreement with Headhunter, Inc., to develop a customized tank monitoring system for the marine industry.

(10/26/2001 - BIG PRAIRIE, OH) The new 35-Gallon Holding Tank System (35 HTS) was introduced by SeaLand Technology during BoatBuilding 2001, Tampa, FL. Targeted primarily for pleasure boats up to 50-feet, SeaLand developed the 35 HTS with installation simplicity and outstanding performance in mind. The system's space-saving design combines a VacuFlush® vacuum generator, TankWatch® level indicators, vent filter, TankSaver® relief valve, optional overboard discharge pump and holding tank into one package. High quality, factory pre-installed components, coupled with integral mounting feet, make installation nuisance-free.

(10/18/2001 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) Taylor Made Systems has announced that two major U.S. boatbuilders are now offering the FastBack pop-up boat top as factory-authorized accessories this year. "Regal and Wellcraft have joined the growing list of boatbuilders specifying this unique pop-up boat cover with their new boats," said Mike Oathout, vice president, sales and marketing for Taylor Made Systems. Chaparral added the FastBack to their accessory list for several models earlier this year.

(10/17/2001 - ) Larry Bracken of Muscle Shoals, AL has developed a new concept for the Carolina rig.  Instead of the commmon soft plastic baits most angler's drag on the end of their Carolina rigs, Bracken has come up with a weedless jig that floats.  Or as, Van Schwendimann of Franklin, TN puts it "the multifilamentous silicone skirt slowly and tantalizingly opens up like a blooming flower."

Features The Heritage Of The First Bass Boat
(10/14/2001 - KILGORE, TX) As a proud sponsor of B.A.S.S. for 2002, starting this year with the 2001 BASS Masters Classic in New Orleans, Louisiana, Skeeter Boats, which invented the bass boat more than 50 years ago, now offers a Classic Limited Edition Skeeter.

(10/14/2001 - Madison, NC) Anglers have relied on Stren for years to deliver the best in fishing line technology and they get the same quality and dependability from our line of fishing accessories and fillet knives.

Four Designer Colors, Choice Of Trim Finish Available
(10/10/2001 - BIG PRAIRIE, OH) To accommodate raised platform installations, the advanced Magnum Opus™ premium, one-piece, all-china vacuum toilet will be available in a new, low-profile design for boat manufacturers in January 2002. Measuring three inches (76mm) shorter than the original version, the low-profile Magnum Opus toilet has a height of 14 inches (356mm) from the mounting surface to the top of the toilet seat.

StrikeMaster LazerMag Ultra
(10/07/2001 - Big Lake, MN) In the competitive world of power augers, when you lay claim to having the lightest, fastest, smoothest cutting and most durable power augers in the world, you are saying a lot. StrikeMaster augers not only make this claim, but continue to dominate the power auger world with the introduction of the LazerMag Ultra.

Vexilar FL18
(10/07/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) In the world of LED color flashers, Vexilar has established itself as the world leader in color flasher technology. This dominance in the marine electronics world will only grow with the introduction of a new unit called the FL-18. The FL-18 is the next generation of color LED flasher that will be setting new standards of performance and features. The FL-18 joins the Vexilar family of products and will be made available in the popular Pro-Pack system that contains everything you need to start ice fishing and the classic gimbal mount.

Offers Best Of All Worlds To Boating Families
(10/07/2001 - KILGORE, TX) With more and more families taking to the water, fish-n-ski boats are gaining in popularity. Skeeter Boats knows there is more to life than fishing and offers its SL Fish & Ski Series - the SL210, SL190 and SL180 - to accommodate the needs of families looking to get on the water.

Offers Ideal Mix of Fishability Features For Anglers
(10/05/2001 - Kilgore, TX) Skeeter Boats' SX Tournament Series offers Skeeter's legendary fishability in a line of boats priced to get anglers on the water fast. For those anglers, the SX200, SX190, SX180 and SX170 offer a full complement of fishing amenities to appeal to tournament fisherman.

(10/02/2001 - Flippin, AR) Ranger Boats is announcing a new "partners in fishing" program with Chevy Trucks, which has produced a matching rig comprised of a Limited Series Chevy Silverado pickup, Ranger Comanche 520DVX boat (or Multi Species 620 model) and RangerTrail trailer.

Designed To Handle Rugged Bay Waters
(10/01/2001 - Kilgore, TX) When fishing in bay waters, anglers experience both smooth, calm water and waves rough enough to abuse less capable craft. Skeeter Boats' ZX Saltwater Series boats - the ZX2400, ZX2200, ZX2200T and ZX2000 - are designed to withstand the abuse of most water conditions and to make the most of any day spent in the nation's bay waters.

(09/28/2001 - Olathe, KS.) Garmin International, the leading name in GPS, sonar and communications products, announced today that it will provide anglers who reach the finals of the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye Circuit and EverStart Series tournament championships with some of the most powerful electronic tools on the market. Each finalist boat will be outfitted with a GARMIN GPSMAP 168 Sounder, which displays high-detail Fishing Hot Spots map data, and a Fishfinder 240.

The Luxury Liner Of Family Pontoon Boats
(09/19/2001 - LEBANON, MO.) Whether taking the family out or entertaining guests, the Sun Catcher PB25C from G3 Boats is the complete package with plush interiors and comfortable features. It's a craft the Carnival Cruise Line would be proud to call their own.

(09/19/2001 - Kilgore, TX) Skeeter Boats packs its top-of-the-line ZX Performance Series of tournament-quality bass boats - the ZX250, ZX225, ZX200 and ZX190 - with all the features serious anglers need. With boats ranging from 18'5" to 21', the ZX Performance Series has a boat that is just right for any bass angler.

Sun Catcher Pontoon Series Boats
(09/15/2001 - LEBANON, MO.) G3s Sun Catcher PB22C creates family fun and adventure on a pontoon built for comfort and convenience. The mid-sized pontoon is just the right size to hold a dozen fun seekers for an evening sunset cruise or a hearty jaunt around the lake.

Sun Catcher Pontoon Series Boats
(09/16/2001 - LEBANON, MO.) The four deluxe fishing chairs give the angler a sense of control as the new Sun Catcher PB22F/C from G3 creates the ultimate fishing and cruising pontoon boat. The mid-sized pontoon has enough deck space to hold up to 12 angling enthusiasts, with each having ample room to play and land the catch of the day.

(09/19/2001 - KILGORE, TX) Skeeter Boats knows many anglers looking to buy a boat may shy away from the larger boats. For those anglers, the new 15'7"-long ST15 offers a full complement of fishing amenities to appeal to first-time buyers and anglers who are ready to move off the bank to fish new waters.

New, Stronger Horsepower Ratings Set
(09/12/2001 - LEBANON, MO.) G3's Deep-V hull fishing boats already had a reputation of one of the most fishable boats on the water. And the durability built in to the welded .80 and .100-gauge hulls with double plated bows and riveted ribs classified the series as one of the toughest. After all, these boats were designed for the rigors of the north country. Three models have stronger horsepower ratings for 2002, power to handle any fishing environment.

Each Model Sees Increase In Horsepower Ratings
(09/06/2001 - LEBANON, MO.) The HP Series of bass boats introduced just last year were sleek looking and fast running, popular attributes in today's bass boat marketplace. But for 2002, these same boats will perform at a higher standard, thanks to upgraded and increased horsepower ratings on each model.

Four Gator Tough Models Available
(09/06/2001 - LEBANON, MO.) "Gator Tough." That's how the new jon boat packages are built by G3 Boats of Lebanon, Missouri. These four new models of multi-purpose jon boats start with an all welded .100-gauge hull with high strength one-piece extruded ribs, reinforced corner and transom braces and stamped-in keels and bow eyes. Gator tough -- for years of durability no matter what the conditions.

Two New Square Bows Join List of 14 Offerings
(11/21/2001 - Lebanon, MO.) Rugged marine-grade aluminum, high-strength extruded ribs, reinforced corner and transom braces, textured non-skid floors, stamped-in keels and reinforced front and rear seats. Just a few of the basic features that make G3 jon boats the best value on the water. Ask any hunter or angler and they'll agree.

With Welded All Aluminum Hull, Floor and Deck Construction
(09/06/2001 - LEBANON, MO.) The new HP190 Special Edition high performance bass boat from G3 gives aluminum bass boats a bold and distinctive look other manufacturers only dream about. Two-tone black and platinum paint, Special Edition graphics, bonus features and a 175 horsepower rating make the HP190 Special Edition feel like a family member.

(09/06/2001 - ) Saltwater gamefish beware -- Penn has unveiled a new addition to its powerful International® V Series of two speed lever drag reels. The new International® 50VSW is the most advanced International® reel ever, combining a new look and feel with improved fish-fighting performance.

1919 Articles
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