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World's Top Bait Gets A New Look
(08/16/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Field & Stream Magazine, when looking at the past 80 years of fishing, recognized the Johnson Silver Minnow as one of the top 10 lures ever created. Such a testimonial gives credence to the world's anglers who already knew they could catch more fish with a Silver Minnow.

New Mid-Priced Saltwater Rods For High-Priced Action
(08/14/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Fenwick's reputation for creating rods to meet the demands of high energy, fast action fishing continues with the new Seahawk series of spinning and casting rods for saltwater angling. These mid-priced Fenwick engineered performance rods bring saltwater fishing within reach of all anglers.

(08/09/2002 - Overland Park, KS.) H2Optix introduces a new sunglass for the water sports enthusiasts that offers prescription capabilities. The new Tarpon adds prescription capability with a unique nylon Rx adapter that allows boaters, anglers and sailors to not only see better, but look better as well. The adapter, which is sold separately, is designed to attach to the nose bridge and it will fit any prescription.

Tried And True Abu Spinner Makes A Comeback
(08/08/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) - Over 10 million Abu Reflex Spinners were sold in the U.S. by 1970. No telling how many fish were caught. The extremely popular in-line spinner mysteriously disappeared years ago but Abu Garcia® is bringing it back. And not a minute too soon.

Lipless Crankbait Adds Premium Finish Versions
(08/03/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) 3-D eyes, a textured surface that looks like real scales and gills, new "Pro" colors, new features for one of America’s most popular lipless crankbaits, the Frenzy Rattl’r from Berkley. There is one common goal when making crankbaits – catch more fish!

Two Popular Sizes With Features Anglers Demand
(08/03/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) It's all in the name. Spider products mean quality products. The new Spidercast Tarantula spinning reels are offered to the angler with an attitude, an attitude that every fish must be his prisoner. Nothing gets away when Spider products are used.

(07/24/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) Taylor Made Products has introduced a redesigned and reengineered version of its popular Bimi-Tee Top(tm) featuring all-stainless steel construction. The new-design Bimi-Tee Tops are built with stainless steel poles and fittings for strength and durability, and use Taylor Made's top-of-the-line Premo(tm) solution-dyed coated-olefin material, which sets the standard for rugged marine fabrics.

New Colors Created For Optimal Performance
(07/16/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) The new Trilene Sensation monofilament fishing line from Berkley took the fishing scene by storm last year and has quickly become a favorite of both the touring professional angler and the weekend angler. Now Berkley introduces two new line colors, Solar and Photochromic, to meet the demands of anglers who want visual contact with their line for bite detection, as well as those anglers fishing in low light conditions.

Special Collector Editions Offered For Limited Time
(07/16/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Abu Garcia was simply called Abu fifty years ago. In 1952, the company built the first of what was to become the most popular and famous fishing reel ever created-the Ambassadeur®. The factory was located on the shore of one of the world's premier salmon rivers, the Mörrum River. These two names, Ambassadeur and Mörrum, became the names of Abu Garcia baitcast reels known for a lifetime of quality, dependability and durability.

With Appendages That Refuse To Be Still
(07/12/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) There was some debate when Berkley introduced the Power Hawg a couple of years ago. Everyone wondered if the bait would be outlawed in tournament fishing. Seems the bait simply caught too many fish. Now the Power Hawg has been crossed with the Bungee, a combination that is sure to raise eyebrows on tournament rule makers.

Power Bait Flavored, With Bubbles and Power Scales
(07/08/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) It was fun, although not very fishable, to insert a piece of Alka Seltzer into the cavity of a tube bait before casting. If the bait didn't throw the Alka Seltzer on the cast, the tube would hopefully discharge bubbles as it was retrieved back to the boat. Berkley has taken all the guesswork out of this picture with the introduction of the new "Bubble Up" Power Baits.

Premium Models To Celebrate The Most Popular Spinning Reels Ever Created
(07/06/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Fishing is filled with tradition. Mitchell commemorates this tradition with two of the most popular fishing reels in history, the 300X and the 308X Gold. They've taken the original 300 and 308 versions of the reel, updated all the features and now with the Gold series raised the bar even higher.

Favorite Colors And The 100-Pack Return
(07/06/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) The most popular and widely used plastic worms are the Berkley Power Worms. These four, seven and ten inch Power Bait flavored worms are created with a special attractant additive, a secret formula based on scientific research that entices more bites than other worms. Fish also hold Power Bait worms in their mouth up to 18 times longer, giving the angler a better chance for a positive hookset.

(06/24/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) Taylor Made Products has introduced a new series of dock bumpers with MarineGlo(tm), a patented new glow-in-the-dark technology. "This revolutionary technology adds a unique safety aspect to the nighttime boating experience," said Dave Karpinski, vice president, sales and marketing. "With MarineGlo, it's easier to find your slip and moor your boat in the dark without bumping and scraping."

(06/18/2002 - Lafayette, LA) Falcon Lures™ introduces a weighted soft plastic hook for soft plastic jerk & stick baits. They are available with either Gamakatsu G-Lock or Super Line hooks in 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 sizes. They come in three different weights: 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz. and 3/32 oz.

(06/18/2002 - Lafayette, LA) K-Wacky’s are available with or without a weed guard in 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz. and 3/32 oz. weights. The weedless model is also available unweighted. The weedless "K"- Wacky HooksTM have a closed weed guard that prevents the fishing line from being tangled in the weed guard.

Taylor Made Products has unveiled the world's first inflatable boat fenders with a built-in air pump
(06/13/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) The new Survivor(tm) fenders with Infusion(tm) technology are made with Taylor Made's exclusive internal Micro Pump(tm), making it easy to maintain proper inflation without a needle or pump. The concealed pump pops out as needed to adjust air pressure and locks in place when not in use.

If there was ever a product line that fit its name perfectly, the MotorGuide® "Energy™" series is it.
(06/14/2002 - ) Every one of these trolling motors just seems to have that full of energy look, starting right at the top with their sleek, modernistic head design, going all the way down their stainless steel shafts and ending-up at the dependable MotorGuide lower units fitted with high-performance Machete® props.

(05/14/2002 - Arkansas City, KS) Everything Bass, Inc., a manufacturer of after-market Bass Boat accessories and fishing equipment began operations mid-year 2000 and has expanded operations into their new 7,000 sq. ft. facility. The company was started by offering 3 PRODUCTS to the Bass Fishing and Bass Boating industry. During a time of industry downturn and consolidation within the Bass Boat and Marine Outboard industry, EBI has experienced steady growth despite the challenging business climate. EBI President, Brad Tharp stated "Everything Bass will continue to see significant long term growth due to our 'QUALITY FIRST' mentality in every product we build." Mr. Tharp also added " we at Everything Bass Inc listen to our customers and strive to serve them with the quality that bass fishermen deserve and demand".

Thanks to Pinpoint®, marine GPS just got a whole lot better and easier for fishermen to use.
(05/03/2002 - ) New from Pinpoint is a GPS MapServer that automatically upgrades Pinpoint sonar displays to full GPS capabilities for all navigable U.S. lakes and rivers. Particularly exciting is the fact you don't have to be a computer tech-head to install or use it. Simply unhook the power cable from the sonar and plug it into the GPS control box that mounts easily underneath the steering console or in the side wall space.

(04/25/2002 - ) The folks at MotorGuide® appreciate the fact that pontoon boats offer some real versatility for fishing and want to remind owners that trolling motors provide even greater flexibility for these roomy watercrafts.

(04/23/2002 - Tulsa, OK) Those who take their tournament fishing seriously know that there is just one foot-controlled trolling motor designed specifically for the task - MotorGuide® Tour Edition™.

Sometimes, bigger isn't better and that's certainly the case with these two new on-board battery chargers from MotorGuide®.
(04/23/2002 - ) The Maxi™ 16 and Maxi 26 are 6-amp chargers that deliver an honest 6-amps of output for reliable, quick charging of deep-cycle marine batteries. The Maxi 16 is a single bank charger that is perfect for boats using only a single 12-volt battery. The Maxi 26 is a two-bank charger that delivers 6-amps per bank for charging two 12-volt batteries individually, but at the same time.

(04/18/2002 - Gloversville, NY) Taylor Made Systems, the world's largest OEM supplier of glass products to boatbuilders, has introduced a new series of pop-out side windows for boats.

For 2002, Taylor Made Systems is introducing a new universal mounting kit for attaching boat covers.
(04/03/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) The patent-pending VersaSnap uses a Velcro strip that runs around the base of the canvas, with moveable snaps to match up with the snap fixtures that are pre-installed on the boat. "VersaSnap requires no special tools to install, and allows almost unlimited capability for matching any boat’s snap patterns," said Mike Oathout, vice president, sales and marketing, for Taylor Made Systems. "All you do is attach the Velcro-backed snaps to the fixed snaps on the boat, then press down the Velcro strip at the base of the canvas. You get a tight, snug fit without broken snaps and ripped canvas caused by misaligned snap patterns."

(04/02/2002 - Rhinelander, WI) No other fish captures the imagination quite like the muskie. These freshwater monsters spawn more tales than anglers have crankbaits. Now, some of that mystique is met head on by one of the sport's premier trophy anglers.

(04/01/2002 - ) Whether trolling in the deep blue or jigging the jagged depths, the smaller version Riptide lets the angler enjoy the war between fisherman and fish. Unlike the bigger Riptide reels, the new 2/0 size is designed for 20-pound test monofilament line, not the larger 30 to 50-pound test lines of the bigger reels.

(04/01/2002 - Spirit Lake, IA) The warm subtropical coastline of the Atlantic Ocean from the Carolinas, extending around Florida and throughout the Gulf waters is prime. Berkley’s new 5 inch Inshore paddle grub was designed for these waters and the species that inhabit its many structures. The Inshore Paddle Grub is tough enough not to be nipped and pecked apart by smaller pesky bait type fish like many other soft plastics. Instead it will stand up to these pests and present an extremely effective presentation to targeted species, reds, jacks and other relative species.

(03/28/2002 - Madison, NC) Stren Super Tough is formulated from an extra-durable copolymer for maximum strength and abrasion resistance to excel in the most brutal fishing conditions. Fallen timber, thick vegetation, jagged rocks and razor-sharp bridge pilings can wreak havoc on fishing line. With its superior knot strength, shock strength and controlled stretch, anglers can muscle any fish into the boat when they spool up with Stren Super Tough.

(03/14/2002 - Gloversville, NY) Taylor Made Systems has unveiled a revolutionary breakthrough in temperature-control glass technology for the marine industry. Taylor Made's temperature-control glass is produced using a totally new pyrolytic process that provides both solar and thermal control in a durable, scratch-resistant product. It reduces solar heat gain by blocking most of the solar infrared wavelengths while still transmitting a high percentage of visible light. It can also reduce thermal loss from inside the boat at night.

(03/12/2002 - Spirit Lake, Iowa) West Coast, East Coast. It matters little. The fish lurking off the coastlines of North America are hungry and full of fight. And the new Saltwater Power Swim Bait from Berkley is up to the task of taming these inshore species.

Technology news updates
(03/11/2002 - ) Aurizon Technologies announced the new AFL Series of high performance Palm-Size fish finders. Built for serious anglers and sport fishing, this high-resolution fish finder incorporates all of the features necessary for optimum performance in both freshwater and saltwater application.

(03/09/2002 - Madison, NC) Since its introduction in 1995, Stren Easy Cast has continued to gain the confidence of anglers both novice and professional. Anglers from all across the spectrum have grown to rely on the effortless, trouble-free casting and extreme durability that Stren Easy Cast provides.

(03/09/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) The popularity of Vanish fishing line, the fluorocarbon favorite from Berkley, continues to grow so fast that creating a line of Vanish Leaders was the natural next step. The same great fishing line characteristics found in Vanish fishing line are in the clear Vanish Leaders. Vanish refracts light rays the same as water so the line seems to disappear in water.

(03/09/2002 - Flippin, AR) Ranger® Boats introduces the 620T, a boat designed primarily for walleye fishing applications. The tiller version of the Ranger 620VS in the Fisherman Series, the 620T combines maneuverability, practicality and swiftness to provide tournament and recreational anglers superb walleye fishing capabilities.

The latest innovation from Taylor Made Systems is a powered sliding roof system for boats.
(03/06/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) The power roof system is built with a welded aluminum frame and 6-mm or 8-mm CleanCurve tempered safety glass. A variety of glass tints are available, including Taylor Made's new-technology temperature-control glass. An internal drainage system is built into the frame to prevent leakage. The sliding window is operated with a pneumatic or electric drive.

(03/04/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) Taylor Made Systems today announced that the FastBack pop-up boat tent has been awarded U.S. Patent 6,286,449. FastBack is a lightweight, flexible "boat tent" that uses flexible fiberglass battens to hold its unique bubble shape. Inspired by mountaineering tent designs, FastBack more than doubles the usable living space in a typical express cruiser with over six feet of headroom.

(02/28/2002 - Gloversville, NY) Taylor Made Products has announced that it is now offering FastBack canvas boat enclosures for over 26 boat models from 10 different boatbuilders.

It's time we started taking sun protection seriously
(02/21/2002 - Minneapolis, MN) The Flap™, new from Exceed Safety Products, is a professional, effective, and cost efficient solutin for protecting outdoor enthusiasts from the damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun.

(02/16/2002 - ) At the heart of the new VS Series model lineup for 2002, Ranger® Boats' 185VS bass boat has been designed to offer tournament-quality performance beyond any comparably priced boat in its class. "The 185VS gives anglers the best value in the marketplace in the 18- to 18 1/2-foot class based on performance and resale value," Ranger Boats President Randy Hopper said.

(02/13/2002 - ) Close your eyes for just an instant and you may miss yet another new Sun Catcher pontoon introduction. What started with three basic year 2000 models was expanded to six at the Tunica sales meeting. Now we have two more, the Sun Catcher PB18C, an entry level cruise model, and the LX20C, a more luxurious and longer pontoon boat, both available for this winter's boat show season.

(02/12/2002 - ) Flying Fisherman has added three new styles to its Action Angler Series of polarized sunglasses featuring 1.1mm premium heavy gauge lenses.

(02/09/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) Taylor Made Systems, the world leader in marine glass technology, has just completed the first phase of a $7 million upgrade at its glass manufacturing plant in Payne, Ohio. "Our expansion program includes the installation of two new high-capacity furnaces for producing shaped glass products in our Ohio plant," said Randy Parker, president of Taylor Made Systems. "The first of them has just come on line, and the second will follow in a few months."

(02/07/2002 - Flippin, AR) Designed for high-performance angling in saltwater, the new 223 Cayman carries the same exclusive features and standard equipment that has established Ranger Boats as the premium brand in the industry. "We know fishermen, and the 223 Cayman was engineered to make a day of fishing on saltwater most enjoyable," Ranger Boats President Randy Hopper said. "The Cayman includes all the qualities anglers look for...lots of room to maneuver, ample storage, responsive steering and unmatched stability."

(02/08/2002 - ) Built to perform perfectly with Penn's new Formula™ two speed and single speed graphite lever drag reels is the new family of six Formula™ stand-up rods built "Penn tough" for comfort, control and awesome strength. Pitted in a stand-up fight against the baddest tuna, shark, marlin or heavy-shouldered wreck dwellers, these one piece powerhouse Formula™ rods give the angler a decisive advantage in leverage and lift.

(02/06/2002 - Flippin, AR) Ranger Boats new 2002 VS Series includes the 175VS, a 17-foot 5-inch model loaded with design features and standard equipment aimed at putting it a step above any other bass boat in its class.

(02/06/2002 - Flippin, AR) One of Ranger Boats' new high-performance VS Series bass boat models for 2002, the 195VS offers superb tournament engineering and design in the 19-foot, 200-horsepower class.

(02/05/2002 - Page, AZ) Two new high quality bass fishing rods have been released by Gary Yamamoto. The rods are designed for the exciting new style of deeper water drop shot fishing, plus other medium spinning applications. The two rod models differ only in their handle configuration. A short handle rod is for one-handed casting or to work lures with the wrist. A long handle rod is for two-handed casting for distance and accuracy.

(01/18/2002 - Bonners Ferry, ID) Louisiana and Texas gulf coasts have some of the finest redfish and speckled trout fishing in the country. Big bull redfish and stealth shaped speckled trout own the flats and shallows along the coast giving fishermen an exciting challenge not to mention great table fare.

(01/14/2002 - Bonners Ferry, ID) The holiday season is behind us, we're setting in for the dog days of winter. As the weeks go by we get antsy for warm weather fishing. We spend time cleaning our tackle boxes, organizing gear and taking inventory on what we need. This year make sure you have several spools of the new TyGer™ Leader the world's first knot tying stainless steel leader. TyGer™ Leader is a nylon coated micro-braided stainless steel leader that can be tied. The leader is flexible, soft, kink-resistant and provides hassle-free tying to your hook, lure or directly to your line. It's great for either freshwater or saltwater fishing.

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