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A Jointed In-Line Spinner That Wobbles And Makes Noise
(11/06/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Take an in-line spinner, split the body across the middle and insert a joint. That's what Abu Garcia created with the new Roulette Spinner, a bait that has a realistic look during the retrieve with a clatter that gets the fish's attention. The streamlined Roulette's unusual design has the ability to bend in the middle. The body has the appearance of two worm weights strung back to back on the spinner's jointed wire shaft.

Offshore Lineup Expands And New Inshore Models Added
(11/06/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) The expansion of the popular Fenwick SaltStik series of saltwater rods was inevitable. The action, feel and strength of the boat and surf rods with the SaltStik label were sought after by fishermen from all saltwater angling backgrounds. Now Fenwick offers 19 different SaltStik spinning and casting rods.

--New Low-Emissions Records Smash Existing EFI Records --Mercury Racing OptiMax 250XS is the Worlds Fastest Low-Emissions Outboard
(11/05/2002 - Clifton, TN) In the mid 1800s, Clifton, Tennessee was one vote short of becoming the state capital. Today, Clifton is the bass boat speed capital of the world! Mercury Marine established four new bass boat world kilo speed records, all done with Mercury OptiMax outboards. OptiMax is Mercury Marine's low-emissions, direct fuel injection two-stroke technology that meets Environmental Protection Agency 2006 emissions regulations and California Air Resources Board 2004 standards.

Vexilar Pro Pack Systems
(11/05/2002 - Minneapolis, MN) When it comes to ice fishing, Vexilar Marine Electronics is the world leader with their three color flasher technology. The reliable FL-8slt and the new FL18 models have revolutionized the winter fishing industry. Over the years, Vexilar has gained a reputation for producing quality marine electronics and systems.

With New Five-Color Shadow Grass Pattern
(11/05/2002 - LEBANON, MO.) G3 Boats has built quite a reputation for creating the ultimate line of aluminum fishing boats. Quality construction, exceptional design with innovative concepts and a wide range of models sets G3 apart from the rest of the pack. Now hunters and fishermen alike get the benefit of G3's innovation with fourteen package jon boats. All are constructed from .100 gauge aluminum with a welded hull for unmatched strength and rigidity. That's why they're called "Gator Tough."

Longer Handle For Deep Sided Boats
(10/28/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Last year’s 12-inch Big Game Lip Grip is Berkley’s number one selling accessory item but anglers in boats with deep gunnels have difficulty leaning over to land their fish. The new 28-inch version with larger jaws helps land more fish and eliminates backaches at the same time.

(10/28/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) In-line spinners have caught millions of fish and are one of the easiest lures to cast and retrieve. These lures are so simple to use that every angler can fish like tournament professionals. Berkley has added to the in-line spinners fish catching abilities with the new Scent Vent Spinners, the only in-line spinners that release a scent when retrieved.

New Program Steers Club C-MAP Members to Big Savings
(10/28/2002 - Cape Cod, MA) C-MAP/USA, a leader in high detail electronic cartography and charting systems, has added an important new element to its popular electronic charts – big savings on things boaters need most. Individually identified by special icons on C-MAP electronic charts, this select group of waterfront Port Partner merchants offer discounts from 10% to 25% on a wide range of goods and services, from boat repair, to fuel, bait, and even restaurants. In addition to the more than 7,000 individual marine facilities shown on its electronic charts, C-MAP is actively recruiting new Port Partners for this ever-expanding program.

(10/28/2002 - Minneapolis, MN,) Vexilar, the world leader in color flasher sonar technology has announced the introduction of a new high-speed externally mounted transducer. Utilizing HTT (Hydro Tunnel Technology) the new design will increase the ability of your sonar transducer to run "cleaner" to deliver superior high-speed signal performance.

(10/28/2002 - Amerst Jct., WI) Magic Products introduced its new Rigged Crawdad Lures at the 2002 ICAST Show. While soft-plastic crawdad lures have been around for a long time, confusion still exists as how to properly rig the lures. Having the actual crawdad rigged should be far better than any explanation or drawing. Now the most realistic 3 1/2 inch crawdad replica is available pre-rigged with an environmentally friendly bismuth jig.

Now 40% Stronger With Smooth --- Castability And Shock Strength
(10/28/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Original Trilene Big Game Supreme from Berkley quickly gained a reputation as the line to turn to for smooth casting and shock strength in both saltwater and freshwater fishing situations. Now Big Game Supreme has been improved to create a line that is up to 40 % stronger than other high strength brands, yet is even smoother casting.

Fish Simply Can’t Ignore This Bait
(10/28/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Ever have one of those days. The fish are holding tight to the cover and hard to reach. The only chance is to pitch a grub precisely in front of the bass’s nose but the fish simply won’t bite. Until now. The new Tri-Color Power Grub from Berkley is simply irresistible. The scientists at Berkley wanted a new look in grubs, and the Tri-Color Power Grub in colors and flavors that were proven bass catchers were created.

(10/28/2002 - Mashpee, MA) C-MAP's PC-Planner home electronic charting system is now even more powerful, with the addition of new SelectMarks. When boaters order C-MAP's PC-Planner package with a Memory C-card, they get unlimited access to data that can guide them to greater fishing and boating enjoyment.

(10/28/2002 - Amherest Jct., WI) Magic Product introduced its new Glow in Dark Floating Trout Bait at the 2002 ICAST Show. A natural extension of Magic's already popular regular and glitter trout bait, the Glow in Dark Trout Bait addresses different fishing conditions.

Graphite Lever Drag, Level Wind Provides Smooth, Durable Performance
(10/20/2002 - ) Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg.,Co is proud to introduce the all new 320 LB Super Level Wind reel. Destined to become a classic, the 320 LD is the first American made reel to combine lightweight graphite construction, convenient level wind performance and PENN's proven, International-style lever drag system. It's the perfect tool for fighting it out with tarpon , tuna, sailfish - even tough bottom-dwellers such as amberjack, grouper or halibut.

Gives Any Lure The Power Bait Advantage
(10/11/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Anglers have long known the advantage of using Berkley Power Bait® to catch more fish. With the new Scent Vent from Berkley, Power Bait can be added to any lure or bait. The Berkley Scent Vent is a small tough mesh, barrel-shaped accessory that can be strung onto fishing line just above the lure or bait.

Vexilar FL18
(10/11/2002 - Minneapolis, MN...) In the world of LED color flashers, Vexilar has established itself as the world leader in color flasher technology. This dominance in the marine electronics world will only grow with the introduction of a new unit called the FL-18. The FL-18 is the next generation of color LED flasher that will be setting new standards of performance and features. The FL-18 joins the Vexilar family of products and will be made available in the popular Pro-Pack system that contains everything you need to start ice fishing and the classic gimbal mount.

(10/12/2002 - KENNESAW, GA.) Outboard customers today want plenty of power, reliability and fuel economy from environmentally friendly outboards whether the outboard is a lightweight, portable engine on a small aluminum duck boat or a pair of large V6 outboards powering large, offshore fishing boats. Yamaha's new 2003 four-stroke F75 and F90 were designed to meet these criteria.

Don't Tangle with Tanglefree!
(10/11/2002 - ) Especially if you're a fish. The newly redesigned Johnson Tanglefree® eliminates frustrating line twist better then ever before, thanks to our exclusive Drive Train™ drag system. So you can cast those spoons and spinners all day long... and save the tangle for that big one.

Vexilar's LC-507
(10/11/2002 - Minneapolis, MN) Anglers across America are going to be pleased to know that one marine electronics company understands the demands of the serious angler. It is called the LC-507 and it comes from a company with over 40 years in the marine electronics industry, Vexilar. This powerful LCD offers 76,800 display pixels at near real-time display speed. Anglers have needed this real time response to for high speed running to get to your fishing hotspots.

The Evolution Of Fishing Line Continues
(10/11/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) A fish’s mouth is filled with hundreds of super sharp knives. A fish’s home is next to a jagged granite rock, beside a barnacle-covered pier or beneath a tree trunk with a heavy and deep bark covering. IronSilk, the new fishing line from Berkley, doesn’t care. IronSilk is not like conventional monofilament. It’s tough as iron, smooth as silk.

(10/11/2002 - Minneapolis,MN) A new generation of sonar flasher technology is about to be discovered by a new generation of anglers. Flashers deliver a quick, real-time response to the bottom below and now fishermen and boaters have the advantage of using break-through technology found in a new in-dash flasher called the FL-10 from Vexilar.

Exclusive Pulse Action Adds To The Lure’s Appeal
(10/11/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Every angler can use a fishing advantage, especially the young and novice anglers with little or no fishing experience. The new Spidercast® Spincast Series is just the ticket with two easy-to-use models equipped with the Spider exclusive feature of Pulse Action. Pulse Action is a part of the internal mechanisms of the reel that affects the line pickup during lure retrieval.

Vexilar Mag Shield
(10/11/2002 - Minneapolis, MN....) In an effort to meet the needs of anglers, Vexilar, the world leader in color flasher technology has developed the Mag Shield to be placed over the built-in sun shield on their popular FL8 unit and the new FL-18. In fact, the new Mag Shield will fit on any FL8 made since 1980. The goal of the Mag shield was created from the demand of winter anglers who often found snow and debris falling into the recessed LED display screen area created by the sun hood on the classic fl-8 case.

With Appendages That Refuse To Be Still
(10/11/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) There was some debate when Berkley introduced the Power Hawg a couple of years ago. Everyone wondered if the bait would be outlawed in tournament fishing. Seems the bait simply caught too many fish. Now the Power Hawg has been crossed with the Bungee, a combination that is sure to raise eyebrows on tournament rule makers.

Vexilar FL-8slt
(10/11/2002 - Minneapolis, MN.) There are few lures or products that can lay claim to revolutionizing the sport of fishing. The Vexilar Company of Minneapolis is proud to be one of those innovators with their popular FL8slt. This innovative three-color LED flasher has taken the world of ice fishing by storm to dominate the way angler's fish. The high-resolution dial offers 530 segments to give you a bright clear display and a target ID of only one inch or less.

(10/11/2002 - San Luis Obispo, CA) Sunglasses will only help you if you're wearing them, which is why POLAREYES places so much emphasis on comfort. The company's new Harmony polarized sunglass is designed to deliver all-day omfort and protection whether you're poling across a bonefish flat, competing in a big-money marlin tournament or just out for a day of pleasure boating.

(10/11/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Berkley has created two tiny soft plastic baits, designed especially for crappie and panfish anglers, with the appeal of the original Power Bait formula. The 2-Inch Micros have the shapes fish crave, frog and minnow.

(10/11/2002 - Minneapolis,MN.) Anglers looking to gain an edge over the fish this season may want to look at the CLC-200 from Vexilar. The CLC-200 is a very unique type of sonar that offers super easy operation with a high tech, five-color liquid crystal display in a very compact package. Anglers will be able to see differences in bottom content and fish on a reflective LCD display that shows the strength of the sonar signals with five different colors.

Power Bait Flavored, With Bubbles and Power Scales
(10/11/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) It was fun, although not very fishable, to insert a piece of Alka Seltzer into the cavity of a tube bait before casting. If the bait didn't throw the Alka Seltzer on the cast, the tube would hopefully discharge bubbles as it was retrieved back to the boat. Berkley has taken all the guesswork out of this picture with the introduction of the new "Bubble Up" Power Baits.

(10/11/2002 - Minneapolis, MN) If you are in the market for an ultra portable sonar, check-out the Vexilar LPS-1 Hand Held Digital Sonar. Weighing in at only 11 ounces, the LPS-1 will read down to 200 feet and is the perfect way of answering the age old question: How deep is the water?

(10/09/2002 - ) Speedtech Instruments is pleased to introduce the Speedtech Angler's EDGE, designed by scientists to give the modern angler fishing forecast information for maximum performance. This innovative instrument predicts present and 4-Hr future fresh and salt water fish feeding activity for a specific location, anywhere in the world, using moon phase, sun/moon position and barometric pressure history data. A 45-year almanac is also included in its memory, providing future predictions for a specific location, based on sun/moon information.

Line Counter Accessory Kit Also Available
(10/02/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Finally a line counter is available that accurately measures line regardless of line size or line type used. The Abu Garcia line counter is unlike other mechanical counters that simply count the revolutions of the reel’s spool. These conventional counters had no regard for the amount of line on the spool, the diameter of the fishing line or whether the line was Trilene XL or Spiderwire braid.

High Pressure Direct Injected Outboards
(09/13/2002 - ) Yamaha is introducing three new High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) outboards for model year 2003. For offshore anglers, the new Z250 HPDI outboard is available in 25" and 30" shaft lengths in standard and counter-rotating models. For bass anglers, the new VMAX Z250 and Z225 outboards with their specially designed lower units help get anglers to those big bass.

(09/17/2002 - KILGORE, Texas) Anglers looking for a tough, reliable boat that lets them get into shallow back bays and can handle rough open water on the way to those bays need look no further than the new ZX22 Bay from Skeeter Boats. Skeeter took its popular ZX2200 and redesigned the hull with a lower freeboard and a new running surface that offers an even smoother ride. "Bay fishermen have always liked the Skeeter bay boats for their durability and ability to run in shallow waters, now they'll love the ZX22 Bay," said Ben Jarrett, national sales manager for Skeeter Boats.

New Colors Added To The Big Game Line-Up
(09/11/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Anglers love the abrasion resistance of Trilene® Big Game® monofilament fishing line from Berkley®. Professional anglers rely on the lines durability and strength to land fish in the most hostile environments of heavy timber and rocky wing dams. But anglers wanted more, they demanded a Big Game fishing line that was more visible. And Berkley answered.

Traditional Body Replaced With Frog And Minnow Shapes
(09/03/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) For nearly 50 years, the traditional Johnson Beetle Spin kept the same body shape as the one created by Fishing Hall of Famer Virgil Ward when he invented the lure. The round grubby shaped body with short forked tail adorned the Beetle Spin with great success. Now Johnson has added the new Beetle Spin Creature baits with a frog and a minnow shaped body. To further enhance the fish catching ability the Berkley Power Bait scent and flavor has been added to the bait.

Epic Series Expands With New Sizes And Trigger Reels
(09/02/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) The full-featured Epic reel was introduced last year by Mitchell and the value priced spinning reel became responsible for great and memorable experiences by anglers from coast to coast. The Epic family is now expanded with four new models and a new lower price tag.

Half The Diameter, Twice The Strength Compared To Mono
(09/01/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Berkley announces a new brutally tough sinking super braid fishing line that combines extreme strength with ultra-high sensitivity. Compared to monofilament fishing lines, Gorilla Tough delivers half the diameter and twice the strength at a price that is sure to please anglers.

Luxury With Three Logs For Maximum Performance, Comfort
(08/29/2002 - LEBANON, MO.) Look carefully and prepare for a second look when peering beneath the deck of the new LX3 25C Tri-log Performance Sun Catcher pontoon from G3 Boats. A third log has been added and this unique design contributes to the pontoon boat's performance for increased speed and improved stability in rough water. Now look atop the fully carpeted 8 1/2-foot wide deck to discover the most luxurious and comfortable family pontoon boat imaginable.

Stay-N-Charge battery charger
(08/23/2002 - ) As a guide and tournament angler, a fully charged battery is as important to me as catching fish. Without a full charge, I am at an instant disadvantage. Many times in the past I have been unable to place a charge on my batteries due to travel and or lack of a power source. Those days are over now that I have installed the Stay-N-Charge system. No longer do I need to worry about loosing valuable time due to the need to plug my charger into a stationary outlet.

Combining Original Reel Quality With Modern Technology
(08/23/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) The original Johnson Century spincast reel was introduced in 1955 and featured a metal frame and a closed face cover. The revolutionary design became the easiest to use fishing reel on the market. The Johnson New Century combines the high quality strength and durability of the original and adds contemporary styling, features and cosmetics. Two models are offered, the New Century 200B and New Century 200B Gold.

(08/23/2002 - ) When I first talked to President Jim Payne about his new Stay-N-Charge battery system, it was a story to good to be true. What really caught my ears was when he told me that I shouldn't have to worry about plugging in the boat after a long hard day of fishing. So let me get this straight your telling me that after 8 or more hours of fishing I can come home unhook the boat and go relax until the next fishing day and not worry about if my batteries are charged. He replied "Heck yeah man, It's awesome".

New Premium Finish On Proven Crankbaits
(08/22/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Sure, the Frenzy™ line of baits from Berkley® catch lots of fish. That’s what they were designed to do. But anglers wanted more colors to match the ever-changing conditions found at the lake. A premium finish was desired and the Frenzy Pro Series was created. Frenzy baits took advantage of applied science as they were developed and tested in the $2 million Pure Fishing fish behavior research laboratory.

(08/20/2002 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) For 2002, Taylor Made Products is introducing a brand-new protective bumper designed specifically for bass boats. The new Top Guard™ boat protectors fit on top of the boat's gunwale, where damage is most likely to occur when low-profile bass boats are moored to floating or high docks or nearby boats. It is designed to fit most standard bass boats, and adjusts easily for a perfect fit.

Anglers Thrilled At Return Of Old Favorites
(08/16/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) The names are like old friends tried and true baits that created the greatest of memories for young and old alike. Names like Abu Reflex and Abu Toby were so simple to use but so efficient at catching fish. Bass, trout, pike, crappie, walleye and panfish all fell to the allure of these Abu baits that have been gone but not forgotten. Now they’re back, as good as ever, ready to catch fish just like the originals.

With Colors And Flavors Walleye Can’t Resist
(08/16/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Walleye can be a finicky breed and enticing these toothy glass-eyed fish to bite can be downright frustrating. A new look in a favorite bait was needed and Berkley has created the new Tri-Color Power Grub, especially formulated for walleye.

New Style, New Construction And More New Models From The Makers Of The Very First Graphite Rods
(08/16/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Incorporating technology that is exclusive to Fenwick, the HMG line of high-quality fishing rods has expanded to cover every aspect of freshwater fishing. Now anglers have a choice of 33 models for fishing pursuits such as ultra-light trout and panfish action, high country trout on a fly, Mississippi delta redfish, north country pike and musky and largemouth from coast to coast.

(08/16/2002 - EDGEWATER, FL.) Everglades adds a new dimension to family boating and fishing in 2002 with the addition of three new shallow water fishing boats - the 250 CC, 230 CC and 210 CC. Although these boats are designed primarily for inshore and shallow water fishing, they offer many of the same features and quality construction found on many offshore fishing boats.

Full Runner Features for the "Heart" of Saltwater
(08/16/2002 - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA) Letting the bait swim freely around with a natural movement that is not influenced by the fishing tackle is the challenge that is never met, unless one is fishing with a Mitchell Full Runner spinning reel. Full Runners are designed for fishing live bait, with the most natural of presentations. The reel then delivers the toughness and durability demanded in saltwater. And now Mitchell has expanded the line with two new model offerings.

1919 Articles
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