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(Aug. 29, 2003 - Gloversville, NY) Taylor Made Products has added to its family of Dock Pro™ vinyl dock protection products with the introduction of new heavy-duty inflatable bumpers.

With The Favorite Power Baits® Of Jay Yelas, Larry Nixon, Ken Cook and Gary Klein
(Sep. 01, 2003 - Spirit Lake, Iowa) The biggest names in professional bass fishing use Berkley Power Baits to gain the competitive edge in high stakes tournament fishing. Each of these superstars has his own personal favorite baits, the ones to rely on day-after-day, when big money is on the line. Now Berkley has put together the Secrets of the Pros Bass Kit, a 105-piece Power Bait lure kit assembled in a handy see-through tackle box.

Precision Made Aluminum Frames Are Super Strong and Ultra Light
(Aug. 25, 2003 - Islamorada, Florida Keys) One of three new additions to the Flying Fisherman® Master Angler sunglass series is the St. Jon. This top quality frame is made from hand ground and polished, brushed aluminum and fitted with our polycarbonate RhinoLenses? that are virtually indestructible and optically perfect.

(Aug. 13, 2003 - KENNESAW, GA.) In response to the growing demand for offshore fishing boats in the 30- to 40-foot range, Yamaha introduces the new Z300 - the world's first 300hp direct injection outboard in the marine industry. The Z300 now provides a practical alternative to inboard power with its level of performance, reliability, durability and economy.

Fish Where the Pros Go - Use the Most Advanced 3D Maps Available See Structure, Cover, Water Clarity and GPS Coordinates
(Aug. 22, 2003 - Amesbury, MA) Millions of TV viewers watch the ESPN and FLW bass fishing tournaments and wonder how do the pros decide where to cast. Today's advanced technology is changing the way they plan and fish. Maptech's new Bass 3D Maps, first seen on the ESPN Bassmaster TV Tournaments, give pros and serious fishermen the edge, the knowledge, to catch more fish.

Bottle Cap Fishing Lures Go On To Help Canadian Win 2 National Angling Championships.
(Aug. 18, 2003 - Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, CAN) 3 Years ago, Inventor Norm Price created the first Bottle Cap Fishing Lure on a $50 bet. Since then, this lure has gone on to win 2 Canadian National Angling Championships and continues by shattering records all the way to Mexico, all while promoting a cleaner environment.

(Aug. 14, 2003 - BROKEN ARROW, OK.) Paragon Plastics and Falcon Rods announced today a rugged tackle organization system that holds more tackle in a smaller space -- dry and tangle free -- than other storage products on the market today. The Falcon FTO system, described by Paragon's Jon Mason as "the next generation of tackle organization," includes see-through, hard plastic cases with patented configurations that securely hold spinnerbaits, buzzbaits or a combination of each.

(Aug. 13, 2003 - KENNESAW, GA.) The trend to larger fishing boats, especially bass boats, has created a need for more powerful outboard motors. Yamaha's new VMAX VZ300 - the world's first 300 hp direct injection outboard -with its level of performance, reliability, durability and economy will enable anglers to enjoy the maximum performance of these larger boats.

(Aug. 13, 2003 - Kennesaw, GA) Yamaha Outboards introduced their 2004 Model Year to the Media at Pine Isle Resort on Lake Lanier and offered opportunities to test the newest members of the Yamaha line....the Z300, VZ300 and the new F150 Four-Stroke outboards.

(Aug. 13, 2003 - KENNESAW, GA.) Yamaha Marine announces its new F150 four-stroke outboard for 2004. The F150 satisfies the needs of anglers looking for quiet, fuel-efficient power for mid-sized boats. Yamaha has traditionally used V6 powerheads for engines in this range. For the F150, Yamaha broke that tradition and instead uses a compact and lightweight Inline-4 powerhead.

(Aug. 10, 2003 - ST. PETERSBURG, FL) Genmar Holdings, Inc. (Genmar) has introduced a revolutionary tri-hull pontoon boat, constructed using the company's patented Roplene‚ process and introduces several new features, including a full-size bathroom and a lifetime limited warranty on the hull, even for saltwater use.

A Practical Handbook for Cruising Sailors
(Jul. 30, 2003 - ) More and more sailors and powerboaters are relying on electronic and electrical devices aboard their boats, but few are aware of proper installation procedures or how to safely troubleshoot when these devices fail. Fortunately, this highly successful handbook gives all the information you need to select, install, maintain and troubleshoot any electrical or electronic system on a boat.

Patented Design Incorporates Flexible Built-In Support Poles to Hold Shape
(Aug. 01, 2003 - GLOVERSVILLE, NY) Taylor Made Products has a solution to the age-old problem of rain water and other debris collecting on the outside surface of boat covers. The new BoatGuard® Self-Supporting Technology (SST) Boat Covers incorporate a unique patented design with flexible support poles integrated into the fabric, so that the cover retains a firm convex surface allowing rain water to run right off, eliminating puddles.

(Aug. 02, 2003 - NEW ORLEANS, LA) The quest to find cures for cancer cast a wider net today with the debut of "Lure for a Cure," a specially designed fishing kit, a portion of whose sales proceeds will benefit The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

(Jul. 29, 2003 - Richfield, MN) – Outkast Tackle, the premier source of precision fishing tackle in Minnesota and around the country, proudly unveils the newest addition to its unsurpassed line of professional-quality bass jigs – The Outkast Touchdown Jig.

(Jul. 15, 2003 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Marinating wild game just got easier and faster, thanks to the FoodSaver® Square Canister. Traditional methods – soaking food in the marinade – can take up to several hours. Now you can get the same results in 20 minutes or less using FoodSaver's vacuum-packaging system.

Sets a New Standard for Chart Accuracy Comprehensive Chart Collection Based on Recent GPS Surveys
(Jul. 09, 2003 - Amesbury, MA) By today's navigation standards, government charts of the Bahamas are considered ancient. They are generally based on surveys done more than a hundred years ago, using a sextant and lead line. Maptech's Near Bahamas covers the Bimini and Berry Islands, Nassau to Abaco, and Grand Bahama Island.

(Jul. 08, 2003 - ) Sportsmen will find that the FoodSaver vacuum packaging appliance by Tilia Inc. is always in season. FoodSaver keeps food fresh three to five times longer by removing the air from special bags and containers, then making sure air and moisture can’t get back in. It is an excellent tool that supports conservation — your food won’t go bad so you use what you take. Plus, it saves time and money.

(Jul. 08, 2003 - Broken Arrow, OK) "Falcon Graphite Rods has introduced Falcon Original", an arsenal of 25 innovative, tournament-tested, 100-percent graphite fishing rods that are made in America and still sell for less than many mass produced, imported rods.

Paper and Digital Versions -- Sets a New Standard for Chart Accuracy Comprehensive Chart Collection Based on Recent GPS Surveys
(Jul. 02, 2003 - Amesbury, MA) By today's navigation standards, government charts of the Bahamas are considered ancient. They are generally based on surveys done more than a hundred years ago, using a sextant and lead line. Maptech's Near Bahamas, covers the Bimini and Berry Islands, Nassau to Abaco, and Grand Bahama Island.

(Jul. 01, 2003 - Boulder, CO) Saltwater recreation has never looked so good. RECON Maps & Charts introduces its new Saltwater Directions line of inshore/offshore fishing charts for the states of Maine and New Hampshire and creates a new standard in the process. RMC now covers the East Coast from Pensacola to Maine!

A Complete Guide to Electrical and Electronic Systems for Bass Boats and Other Trailerable Sport-fishing Boats
(Jun. 30, 2003 - Dobbs Ferry, NY) The modern sport fisherman can customarily be found aboard a 12' to 26' trailerable boat equipped with an outboard motor and an astonishing assortment of electrical and electronic devices. The Fisherman's Electrical Manual is the first book ever to comprehensively sort through this bewildering array, helping readers to make the right choices for their individual needs.

(Jun. 26, 2003 - Lufkin, TX) After spending over 2,000 days on these waters, the inside information I have acquired is now available to you. The insiders' map is a great way to save time and learn the intricacies of these two great lakes as the seasons and conditions change. On our summer maps, key spots are located with GPS coordinates throughout both lakes.

(Jun. 25, 2003 - Amesbury, MA) Many boaters and fishermen have a GPS receiver and nautical charts, but if you ask them how to use both together you'll often see blank stares. Maptech's new flip and fold waterproof training chart, How to Use GPS with Charts, gives a step-by-step explanation and aims to turn their look of bewilderment into "Wow, I finally got it. This is really easy and powerful."

(Jun. 24, 2003 - RICHMOND, VA) Taylor Made Environmental has unveiled a number of important improvements for the Tundra line of refrigerators and freezers, in response to feedback from boatbuilders, dealers and boatowners.

(Jun. 19, 2003 - ) If you're in the market to buy a boat, chances are that you'll buy a used boat instead of a new model, according to a recent survey by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Almost 60 percent of those responding to the survey indicated that they bought their current boat used.

All Internal Frame Models Host Hydration System Capability
(Jun. 21, 2003 - WICHITA, KS.) The revamped 2003 Coleman® Exponent* pack line continues to include a broad selection of daypacks, internal frame packs and external frame packs, but every model in the line - except for the returning Lumbar Pack - are new. Colors, features and styles have changed, but remaining as an integral part of the line are these Coleman mainstays: quality construction, durable materials and competitive pricing.

(Jun. 19, 2003 - ) With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about pulling the boat out of storage and heading for the water. And before you head out the door, you'll want to make sure everything is in good working order.

(Jun. 17, 2003 - Rhinelander, WI) After setting the gold standard for almost 30 years in the freshwater fishing map business, the Fishing Hot Spots line now sets the bar even higher with the launch of the new S-Series. These new maps feature Shaded Depth Contours, GPS coordinates matched to Marked Fishing Areas, an improved Tips and Techniques section, more detailed species information (including color pictures), new graphics, a new cover, and more!

(Jun. 12, 2003 - Wichita, KS) The Coleman Company, Inc., announces an upgraded version of the Mosquito Deleto™ System – its line of mosquito control products that works overtime in trapping and killing mosquitoes, finally allowing people to enjoy the outdoors using an affordable and dependable method of mosquito control.

New Pack Features Bladder with 2-for-1 Replacement Guarantee
(Jun. 07, 2003 - WICHITA, KS.) A new Coleman® Exponent* pack addresses the needs of hikers, bikers and others for a convenient, hands-free way to stay hydrated during outdoor activities. Intent on making a splash with its entry into the growing personal hydration market, Coleman offers several popular features on its new pack, including a one-year guarantee that promises two-for-one replacements on the bladder.

(Jun. 06, 2003 - ) Pontoons are boatings equivalent of a full-sized family den on the water. With room for the whole family and all their gear, even the family dog, pontoons offer plenty of room, comfort and space. Pontoons typically feature a large, open deck design that rests solidly on twin aluminum logs. This twin-log design makes pontoons very stable and less susceptible to rocking in choppy water.

(May. 29, 2003 - Fond du Lac, WI.) More than two dozen spectators with vested interests clustered around the final station of a new Mercury Marine assembly line last week as the company's first OptiMax 115 hp engine rolled off, marking another important chapter for the world's largest maker of marine engines. The new engines will be shipped immediately to fill hundreds of orders placed in advance of production.

This insect repellent won't ruin your fishing gear.....
(May. 27, 2003 - Danvers, MA) Increasing numbers of fatalities from West Nile Virus (WNV) have been reported from across the country. Since 1999, the WNV has been identified in more than 40 states resulting in more than 100 deaths. At greatest risk to WNV are people over the age of 50 and individuals with weakened immune systems. Since WNV is only transmitted by mosquito bites, insect repellents offer a solution to combat this growing problem.

(May. 21, 2003 - WICHITA, KS.) Coleman's line of five portable shelters, including three new models, provides convenient solutions for anyone wanting to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from sunlight, rain and pests. The Coleman(r) line includes four full-size portable shelters, as well as a new small shelter specially suited for use at the beach. Two of the full-size shelters are screened and two are not, and all feature a ceiling venting system for cool airflow and better stability in the wind.

Outing Products Make Roadworthy Companions for Travelers
(May. 17, 2003 - WICHITA, KS.) Americans will pack up and hit the road hundreds of millions of times this year to engage in increasingly popular outings such as picnics, concerts, sporting events, and leisurely days at the beach. Recognizing this trend toward brief outdoor pleasure trips and their association with fun, family, friends, food and the outdoors, Coleman wants to make sure its products are along for the ride.

ComfortSmart Technology Guarantees Sleepy Campers Will Have Comfortable Night
(May. 13, 2003 - WICHITA, KS.) The best way to relax after a big day of camping adventures is to wrap up in a warm sleeping bag and drift to peaceful sleep. Confident in its ComfortSmart(tm) technology, Coleman promises sleeping bags that are "Guaranteed to keep you comfortable."

Great for Boating, Fishing, Sea Kayaking...Where Hi-Tech Meets Low Tech
(May. 14, 2003 - Amesbury, MA) Maptech - offers boaters and fishermen six new titles with detailed coverage of the Northeast. They are handy, waterproof, and are GPS ready. Punch in the GPS waypoints noted on the charts and easily create a route to your destination and back home. A useful safety feature when the weather changes unexpectedly or if your electronics go on the blink. Over 90 titles to choose from with nationwide coverage.

Company Adds Two New Models To Family Camping Line, Upgrades Two Others
(May. 13, 2003 - WICHITA, KS.) Designed to withstand the elements and keep even the hardest-to-please campers happy, Coleman(r) tents are setting the standard in the family tent camping market. Each model is backed by a "Keeps You Dry ... Guaranteed" promise, based on Coleman's firm belief in the ability of its tents to perform in the wind and rain and its contention

(Apr. 29, 2003 - Richfield, MN) We are proud to introduce Outkast Tackle, Inc., the newest source of precision fishing tackle based in the state of Minnesota. After years of research and prototype testing, Outkast Tackle will now offer its full line of products, including 100% lead-free jigs, to anglers everywhere beginning April 2003, via its Internet web-catalog at The mission at Outkast Tackle is to help make the most of every angler's time on the water while giving them the most for their money.

(Apr. 22, 2003 - WICHITA, KS) Whatever the inflation task, the new Inflate-All(tm) QuickPump(tm) device from Coleman has the right amount of air power to do the job fast. In a matter of minutes, the Coleman(r) Inflate-All pump can inflate anything from airbeds to car tires. Portable and versatile, the pump features dual high-volume and high-pressure capabilities built into one compact unit.

Coleman QuickBedding Sheet, Blanket Systems Provide 'Just Right' Fit and Comfort
(Apr. 10, 2003 - WICHITA, KS.) Both patent-pending systems are guaranteed to fit all brands of double and queen size airbeds. Inflatable mattresses are convenient, comfortable, and easy to store, and increasingly have become the bed of choice for campers and overnight houseguests.

Patented Technology With SKF Bearings
(Apr. 02, 2003 - Spirit Lake, Iowa) Take the latest in low profile baitcast reel design, the Abu Garcia Torno, and add the latest in baitcast reel engineering, the patented InfiniSpool. The creation is the smoothest casting most, comfortable reel on the market.

New Stovetop Camping Coffeemaker Works Just Like Electric Version at Home
(Apr. 05, 2003 - WICHITA, KS.) Campers who look forward to that morning "cuppa joe" can now wake up to an easier way to brew camp coffee. In answer to a strong consumer preference for the ease, convenience and taste of drip-brewed coffee, Coleman makes history by introducing the world's first automatic drip coffeemaker made especially for camping.

Low Profile Reels Featuring Abu Garcia Baitcast Technology
(Apr. 02, 2003 - Spirit Lake, Iowa) One of the most popular styles of fishing reels is the low-profile baitcaster like the new Torno Series from Abu Garcia. Comfortable to the grip with Abu Garcia's legendary quality, these new reels are designed for professional anglers but available to all.

(Apr. 01, 2003 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA.) Most fishermen agree the best way to eat fish is to take it off the hook, slap it in a pan and cook it over a campfire. However, studies have shown conclusively there's one best way to keep that fresh-caught flavor, texture and nutritional value in the fish you take home. The secret is in vacuum packaging, and the only commercial-grade device on the market to truly vacuum package food is FoodSaver by Tilia, Inc., an appliance that makes stored food last 3 to 5 times longer.

(Mar. 21, 2003 - ) Raymarine has just redefined echo sounder technology with its revolutionary patent- pending High Definition Fish Imaging (HDFI) technology. HDFI sets an unmatched standard for echo sounder performance.

RECON Extends Northeast Coverage
(Mar. 10, 2003 - Rhinelander, WI) Saltwater recreation has never looked so good. RECON Maps and Charts introduces their latest Saltwater Directions Charts for New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island inshore fishing and boating, and create a new standard in the process.

Enhanced Features Added To Popular Fishing Model
(Feb. 28, 2003 - Lebanon, MO) The Pro 165 from G3 Boats continues to be a popular model for anglers who appreciate a well designed fishing boat and its contribution to the daily catch. Now G3 has taken some of the features normally found only on the bigger fishing crafts and added them to the Pro 165 layout.

Offers Increased Stability, Comfort
(Feb. 19, 2003 - KILGORE, Texas) Skeeter Boats took its popular ZX225 bass boat back to the drawing boards and improved it for 2003. Keeping the same external dimension as last year's ZX225, the 2003 model features increased deck height between the deck and hull, a recessed bow electronics panel, new upholstery and increased seat depth and height.

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