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Trapper Tackle lifts the lid on the new Offset Wide Gap Hook
(Sep 29, 2016 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL) Few pieces of terminal tackle SCREAM bass fishing like the offset wide gap hook. This perennial, versatile lip-piercer serves as the foundation for a wide variety of soft plastic delivery systems – such as Texas and Carolina rigs – and is equally effective when adorned with a fluke, Senko, topwater toad and a myriad of other offerings.

Anglers say underwater scouting keyed victory at Canadian Bass Open
(Sep 29, 2016 - Crosslake, MN) Anyone who’s fished North America’s big bass lakes in recent seasons has seen the signs: Clearing waters. Schools of trophy smallmouths shifting deeper and deeper. Tournament game plans evolving to spot-lock, sweet-spot fests—anglers mining small, specific sections of underwater real estate.

Revolutionary pedal-drive fishing kayak offers no-fail forward and reverse, unrivaled boat control and fishability
(Sep 29, 2016 - Old Town, ME) Old Town Canoes & Kayaks is proud to announce that the ICAST 2016 award-winning Old Town Predator PDL is now shipping, bringing anglers no-fail forward and reverse for unrivaled hands-free boat control and fishability.

(Sep 29, 2016 - Columbia, SC) The newest of the ever-popular Abu Garcia® Revo® low profile baitcast reels are now being shipped to retailers across the nation. The new Revo MGXtreme®, MGX® and ALX are among the best reels in the market place and are favorites among professional and recreational anglers.

(Sep 23, 2016 - Crosslake, MN) For most anglers, ‘sight-fishing’ evokes images of super shallow bass or lunkers hunkered tight to a spawning nest.   Not necessarily.

(Sep 23, 2016 - Plano,IL) Anglers love a good wrap. No, we aren’t talking about those culinary creations involving buffalo chicken or turkey and avocado served to calorie counters at that fancy place on the end of the dock.

From the budget-minded to hippest millennial, St. Croix’s BASS X meets the demands of the bass-centric
(Sep 23, 2016 - Park Falls, WI) ‘X’ marks the spot. It’s the Sharpie scribble on Grandpa’s composting lake map on the fridge, where lunker largemouth hunker as promised. It’s the four billionth Navionics waypoint; that microscopic seam between the point and hump – visually referenced by the purple martin house and ranger tower – that only you and the bronzebacks know about.

Overhaul the lessons learned nearly 50 years ago and catch more late-season Great Lakes trout and salmon today
(Sep 22, 2016 - ) It happens right after Labor Day every year: Cold front after cold front roll through the Great Lakes states and Canada. And with every frigid rain and stony north wind, another pod of Chinook and coho salmon make their way from the Great Lakes into one of the many tributaries that feed them.

Custom Jigs & Spins Boosts the Season’s Best Ice Lure with Powerful New Glow Patterns
(Sep 1, 2016 - Coralville, IA) Just how hot are the new generation of vertical swimming lures, like Custom Jigs & Spins’ radical Rotating Power Minnow (RPM)?

Zipperless design of Plano’s NEW Z-Series 3600 and 3700 Technical Tackle Bags eliminates frustrating failures
(Sep 1, 2016 - Plano, IL) Fishing is supposed to relieve stress, not bring it on. So it’s a real buzzkill when the salt-splashed, sun-soaked, stress-stretched zippers on your tackle bag finally say uncle. Plenty do, either locking up or failing outright, while leaving their owners stressed out and scratching their heads over what to do with the high-dollar tackle bag that just died before its time.

Tough, dependable and easy to use, every Cannon® is built beyond the highest industry standards
(Aug 23, 2016 - Racine, WI) Offshore anglers are a meticulous bunch. They have to be. When a pelagic fish is marked on sonar—typically with abyssal depths below the boat—it’s critical to get your bait into the strike zone quickly, efficiently, and precisely. There is zero margin for downrigger disappointment.

Avant-garde hook designer – Trapper Tackle – lets loose the Dropshot Hook
(Aug 12, 2016 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL) Fresh off a whirlwind introduction at ICAST 2016, including a Best-in-Show performance in the New Product Showcase, Trapper Tackle reveals details about its ultra-versatile Dropshot/Live Bait/Finesse Trapper Hook. With applications that are as broad and far-reaching as the sport of fishing itself, this is truly a game changing tool that belongs in every angler’s tacklebox.

Fishing, family and fun in one versatile package
(Aug 12, 2016 - Flppin, AR) As Ranger® Boat's newest addition to the acclaimed Reata® line, the 1850MS delivers a multipurpose watercraft to fit a family's full day on the water. This configurable and versatile boat is ideal for serious fishing, water sports or pleasure cruising and offers unparalleled performance and features.

Spacious redesign gives room for serious angling and family outings
(Aug 12, 2016 - ) Ranger® Boats continues its rich tradition of innovative design and function with the introduction of the new 1880MS Angler. The unique versatility gives anglers a platform for hardcore fishing along with a wide-open layout for family outings.

(Aug 11, 2016 - Racine, WI) Forever leading the way in trolling motor development, the 
Minn Kota® Ulterra® with fully automated stow and deploy and power trim, now features Bluetooth® wireless communication.

Big-time performance at a small-time price
(Aug 8, 2016 - FLIPPIN, AR.) New for 2017, Ranger® Boats delivers a tournament-inspired fiberglass boat at an incredible value with the introduction of the all-new Z185. The Z185 delivers unparalleled fit and finish for recreational anglers and sets itself apart from other entry-level boats with a long list of premium, factory-installed standard equipment.  

(Aug 4, 2016 - RACINE, WI) Minn Kota® unveils an “all new” Terrova® and Riptide® Terrova. The award-winning motors are now smarter, tougher, and better. These improvements deliver anglers increased functionality and performance when it’s needed most—redefining the industry’s best-in-class electric steer trolling moto

St. Croix’s SOLE earns Best of Show in Fly Rod Category
(Aug 3, 2016 - Park Falls, WI) Each year, in the sweltering core of summer, fishing industry insiders gather at ICAST – an international trade show and exposition that highlights the products and the people that help anglers find and catch more fish.

Under-the-radar underwater cameras proving their value, on and off the tourney trail
(Aug 3, 2016 - ) “No doubt, quite a few of us are using these cool little devices on the tour,” says Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Brandon Lester, with a nod and a knowing grin. “But almost no one’s talking about it.”

(Jul 26, 2016 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL) Every summer, fishing industry insiders gather at ICAST, an international trade show and exposition that showcases thousands of fishing products.

(Jul 26, 2016 - Coral Gables, FL) The Yacht Group announces a new, innovative and easy to install boat monitoring system, called Yacht Protector. Designed for a wide range of boat types and sizes, Yacht Protector utilizes a comprehensive suite of wireless sensors to allow owners to continuously track the location of their boat and condition of vital onboard systems.

Revolutionary pedal-drive fishing kayak offers no-fail forward and reverse, unrivaled boat control and fishability

(Jul 20, 2016 - Old Town, ME) Although the world’s largest sportfishing tradeshow, the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST), was flooded with watercraft product entries at the ICAST New Product Showcase, only one boat emerged with top honors.

(Jul 18, 2016 - Racine, WI) Minn Kota® changed fishing permanently with the introduction of the original GPS-based trolling system. Anywhere there is water, anglers can use i-Pilot® or i-Pilot® Link™ systems for easier boat control and positioning, so they can focus their attention on bait presentation and catching fish.

(Jul 15, 2016 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) The PENN® Slammer III has been awarded the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2016 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. The voters recognized the PENN Slammer III as the top new saltwater reel for 2016 by the select ICAST attendees, which include active editorial journalist and retailers.

(Jul 11, 2016 - Racine, WI) Minn Kota® is excited to unveil significant enhancements to the ground-breaking Spot-Lock electronic anchor, a key feature of the new i-Pilot®, and i-Pilot® Link™ systems. Advancements in hardware, software, and communications allow anglers to remain actively locked onto their spot with the push of a button, bringing unrivaled precision to 21st-century boat control. 

(Jul 11, 2016 - Orlando, FL) Lew's opens ICAST 2016 this week with what the company says is its most exciting and innovative new product lineup ever, anchored by SLP Super Low Profile baitcast reels and new rod technology.

High Def HD700i sets gold standard in screen clarity and low light functionality
(Jul 11, 2016 - Crosslake, MN) High definition has transformed TV watching from dry and lackluster to dynamic and utterly engrossing. The progressive video technology continues to blow people’s minds with its hyper-realistic digital picture and sound. HDTV is like “being there,” viewers say, right in the middle of the action. The dazzling color and clarity of the viewscreen virtually transport you to the scene, almost as if the video landscape beckons you to interact with it.

(Jul 8, 2016 - Norman, OK)  We all have them. Fishing rods are stacked not so neatly in a corner of the garage. They look intimidating, all mixed together with fishing line and treble hooks intertwined with rods, reels and just about anything that gets close.

(Jul 8, 2016 - Plano,IL)   The typical fishing tournament is anything but a relaxing day on the lake. Anglers race against the clock to catch the heaviest bag of fish possible – often under the worst possible weather conditions.

(Jul 8, 2016 - Palm City, FL) From a family of weekend warriors to the hardcore offshore angler, fishermen often end up with a boat that's crammed full of gear. To solve that problem, Shurhold offers a line of fishing accessories that fits its One Handle Does It All system. It helps solve the onboard storage problem and makes fishing more enjoyable and productive.

Sebile Magic Swimmer Continues Versatility Dominance
(Jul 8, 2016 - Columbia, SC) The Sebile® Magic Swimmer™ and Magic Swimmer™ Soft are two of Sebile's most renowned lures.

Innovative Trapper Hook delivers solutions to angling’s most common problems
(Jul 7, 2016 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL) Take a long look at the hooks in your tackle box: their basic J shape hasn’t been altered for centuries. That’s about to change… Welcome the Trapper Hook from Trapper Tackle. Years of research, engineering, field testing and refinement have yielded a hook that holds both baits and fish better than conventional hooks.

(Jul 7, 2016 - Racine, WI) Although strategic planning, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales are all responsible for the HELIX success story, Humminbird® brand manager Jeff Kolodzinski also credits end-users for leading the company down the right path.

(Jul 6, 2016 - Peachtree City, GA) Convenient, efficient and controllable interior lighting needn't be confined to luxury yachts. Easy to install, the EuroLED Touch 130 lamp from Hella marine provides dimmable illumination with fingertip control.

Four new super-premium St. Croix Legend Glass Casting Rods give anglers a fighting chance when feeding crankbaits and other continual motion lures to big bass
(Jun 30, 2016 - Park Falls, WI) An savvy group of anglers prefer the unique qualities of glass to graphite in situations where a more forgiving rod is required. Especially when big predators like smallmouth and largemouth bass slash at crankbaits or other lures fished with a steady retrieve.

(Jun 27, 2016 - Columbia, SC) Legendary pro angler David Fritts knows a thing or two about what makes a deep diving crankbait so effective. Combining the technology and innovation of Berkley® with the expertise of Fritts and the Dredger was born. The Dredger, on display in the ICAST New Product Showcase in July, is a smaller profile bait that dives deeper, faster than any other bait on the market. 

Keweenaw Tackle company follows Mother Nature’s cue; adds the potency of purple
(Jun 17, 2016 - Traverse City, MI) Fish come in all colors, whether predator or prey. But no matter the shade of their skin, there’s a common hue that always shines through; whether they live in freshwater or salt. It’s a pigment radiating off their every inch. Top, side and belly; fins, snout and tail.

Old Town® Predator XL Minn Kota® provides a great alternative to drift boats or the walk & wade program 
(Jun 15, 2016 - Old Town, ME) TV journalist and angler Tom Brokaw once said, "If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is high church." In the liturgical sense, okay, there are a few dogmatists on the stream. But what Brokaw was getting at is how fly fishing can be a form of meditation.

Fin-Wing gets new state-of-the-art glow-in-the-dark for after-hours and dark water fishing
(May 19, 2016 - Traverse City, MI) The sundial ticks. Mere days remain and the first day of summer will be upon us. The few weeks leading up to the summer solstice—the longest day of the year—are glorious for anglers. There's more time to cast, troll and jig, even after putting in a full eight at the daily grind. 

The Yamaha V MAX SHO® Demo Tour is coming to Many, La. for the fifth Bassmaster® Elite series tournament
(May 9, 2016 - Many, LA) Yamaha Marine is pleased to announce new mechanical control versions of its legendary 225- and 250-horsepower 4.2-liter V6 Offshore outboards. The Yamaha V MAX SHO® Demo Tour is coming to Many, La. for the fifth Bassmaster® Elite series tournament of the season.

(May 5, 2016 - ) Boat owners know that well-cared for tools last longer. Polishing and buffing pads are no exception. Shurhold Industries offers a pair of products to clean and rejuvenate these pads to maximize their effectiveness.

Berkley Lightning Rod combos offer performance and value
(Apr 29, 2016 - Columbia, SC) The Berkley® Lightning Rod® is a staple among all anglers whether just starting out or at the top of their game. The new Berkley Lightning rod combo gives anglers the rod they've trusted for decades in a combo they can count on for many years to come. 

(Apr 28, 2016 - COLUMBIA, S.C.) Spring is already approaching summer in the south while the mild northern winter is almost ready to be in full warm-up mode. This opens the door for just about any species from bass to walleye.

(Apr 20, 2016 - Plano,IL) Competitive bassers to weekend casters, each angler works the water with his or her own brand of fishing flair; flat bill hat and Chuck Taylor Cons’ to skull cap with flip-flops. Dudes and dames each want statement-making gear that reflects their own ruggedly individualized attitude. So much the better if the stuff saves time and adds convenience.

A full field of 109 anglers will be competing at the Bassmaster Elite at Bull Shoals Lake and Norfork Lake out of Mountain Home, Ark.
(Apr 15, 2016 - Mountain Home, AR) It’s hard enough for the 109 anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series to travel across the country, far away from their homes and locate fish when they’re competing on only one reservoir.

KVD shares tech tips to find and catch early-season bass
(Apr 14, 2016 - ) As you’re reading this, bass are in transition, migrating from wintering areas to pre-spawn and spawn habitat, signaling an end to difficult cold-water fishing conditions.

(Apr 13, 2016 - Plano,IL) The old saying warns that beauty can be skin deep. Sometimes, however, what’s inside can be just as glorious – or even more so – as the outside. Find this combination, and you’ve got yourself a keeper.  

(Apr 13, 2016 - Plano,IL) The old saying warns that beauty can be skin deep. Sometimes, however, what’s inside can be just as glorious – or even more so – as the outside. Find this combination, and you’ve got yourself a keeper.  

Berkley hardbaits deliver professional quality and actions
(Mar 31, 2016 - Columbia, SC) Berkley® Hardbaits are new for 2016, but the concept began four years ago. Transforming the idea from napkin scribbles into action required the creation of sophisticated CAD designs and intricate molds to form an engineering facility rivaling any high-tech facility found around the world. Next, America’s best bass pros tested them on some of the toughest lakes they could find.

Old Town’s Predator XL Minn Kota puts a modern bass arsenal anywhere you need it
(Apr 8, 2016 - ) A bow pierces the morning fog. Ribbons of water stream from either side, cutting a trail through the south Georgia swamp. They glide silently through pad fields, under canopies of Spanish moss, and then… an explosion.

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