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(Thursday, August 21,1997 - ) How Do You Tie Your Boat To The Dock?
If you answer this by saying you use a rope and a cleat then you need to read on.

If you have ever tried to find a place to tie your boat and found the tying cleat broke or gone read on.

If you're tired of using good ski rope to tie your boat read on. If your boat has ever come untied and drifted away, then yea! Read on. With the cost of water craft in the thousands of dollars you can't trust a rope and knot anymore. Only four in ten boaters know how to tie a boat to a cleat the right way. This means that the chance of your valuable investment becoming a piece of driftwood is very good. With the DOC-LOC all these worries can be put to rest.

Who Invented the DOC-LOC ?
DOC-LOC was invented by a tournament fisherman with years of boating experience on many US lakes. He found that with the numbers of boats increasing and concentration of boats at marinas there was no place to moor while visiting a marina. He also found that the uses of standard mooring ropes were very unhandy and bulky often becoming tangled in tackle or other recreational equipment. After two years of research and patenting the DOC-LOC became standard equipment on many of his tournament fishing competitor's boats. In 1996 DOC-LOC was introduced into the marine industry market at the Missouri Marine Dealers Show in Springfield MO Bass Pro Shop. The response was overwhelming and this promoted the inventor to open the DOC-LOC factory in the small Ozark community of Licking MO. Since opening the factory in Licking MO they have had request from distributors in South Africa and Australia.

The motto of the DOC-LOC company is simple build a quality reliable product that the boater can trust and rely on at a price that they can afford.

How Does The DOC-LOC Work?
DOC-LOC is made of quality 5/16 zinc coated steel with a high impact plastic handle and a special non memory spring. It is equipped with 3/8 marine polypropylene rope that resist abrasion, mildew, gas, oil, and sun protected. To use the DOC-LOC you simply push the T-bar between the dock boards turn the handle one half turn and release. This clamps the DOC-LOC to the dock without damage to the dock. To release simply push down on the handle turn one half turn and the DOC-LOC pops free. You then simply drop it into a storage bin for use at your next mooring station. If you find there is no slots in a dock that you can insert the DOC-LOC then a special mooring loop has been placed in the rope that will snap between the locking plate and T-bar allowing you too secure to poles, limbs, or sub bracing on docks. It can also be used to secure two boats together. Practicality any mooring application can be achieved with the DOC- LOC.

What Kind of Watercraft Will The DOC-LOC Work On?
The DOC-LOC will work on the following watercraft. Canoes, john boat, fiberglass and aluminum bass boats up to 22 feet. Pleasure craft up to 30 feet. Sailboats, personnel watercraft, such as paddle boats, jet skis, jet bikes, etc.etc. DOC-LOC will except special orders on the product for boats larger than 30 feet where a heavier solid core rope will be applied. We also a complete line of boat locking accessories for the DOC-LOC. This is called the Pro-System Lock that consist of a terminator bar and a 1/4" vinyl coated steel cable assembled to fit the standard DOC-LOC. All of this comes with a twelve- month warranty on material and construction.

The Doc-Loc can be found at your favorite marine accessories store. If they don't have the Doc-Loc then ask for it to be stocked. Or Call 1-573-674-4488 to place your order.

ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT FROM DOC-LOC. The Bait Safe is another product that has found its way into the tackle boxes of fisher people. This is a item that should be on every fishing pole in America.

Just snap your bait in the Bait Safe then snap it on the rod. This will keep the bait from snagging in other tackle or you. It will also protect the paint finish on the bait. This is also a great way to keep pork baits from drying out.

The Bait Safe comes in a pack of three. At a Great low price.

Have a great time on the water, and take a young person fishing. It will pay off in the future of fishing.