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WANTED: Rugged Adventures For New ESPN Outdoors Show

The winner takes home $100,000 in gold.

by: ESPN Outdoors,

(May. 12, 2003 - ) This ESPN Original Entertainment production is searching for contestants for a show that will pit two 6-member teams, consisting of 5 men and one woman each, against one another in an adventure race. The winner takes home $100,000 in gold. The losers get a long ride home. As a team, they will navigate their way from station to station, overcoming natural obstacles and hazards and heavily relying on one another's skills to move forward. Each team member is given five critical wilderness survival items to share with his or her teammates. The show will also pose daily challenges. The winning team must either expel a member of the opposite team, swap any one of its own players with a member of the opposite team, or saddle the other team with the least valuable member of the winning team. In the end, however, it will break down to one-on-one competition as contestants race one another as individuals in a final 24-hour trek back to civilization. "Our goal isn't to simply put people in the outdoors and make them sweat in an adventure race," said Dan Bowen, coordinating producer, ESPN Outdoors. "There are pitfalls and some pretty brutal decisions to make along the way. We aren't looking for whiners and they won't do well if they make it onto the show." ESPN is currently seeking 10 people with outdoor skills - and, just for laughs, two people who think SUVs were designed to combat gridlock. Anyone interested in taking a two-week break from real life to become a contestant can find entry forms at ESPN Outdoors. The entry form, along with a video tape, should be sent by Friday, May 16 to ESPN Adventure Race, P.O. Box 449, 1158 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403-4698. Taping is expected to begin in mid-June, and the show will debut Monday, Sept. 8 on ESPN as part of ESPN Original Entertainment's prime-time outdoors block, anchored by "The New American Sportsman."