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Finally... A Walleye Fishing TV Show!

by: Steve Weisman, GNWC Publicity Director

(Apr. 18, 2003 - ) Walleye anglers get ready! It's the fishing show you have been waiting for, one that covers strictly walleye fishing, and it's coming your way this fall! The show, entitled Walleye Wisdom, will be hosted by Bernie Barringer, a professional outdoorsman, tournament promoter and guide with 15 years of experience in the walleye fishing industry. Walleye Wisdom television will feature timely topics, detailed walleye catching tactics and strategies, and coverage of the Grand National Walleye Cup (GNWC) tournament circuit. A marketing alliance has been formed between Fishing Promotions, Inc. parent company of the GNWC and Walleye Wisdom Magazine and the Sportsman Channel, a new and unique television channel that offers all hunting and fishing all the time. Fishing Promotions, Inc. has a ten-year history of producing publications and events for walleye fishing. "We are thrilled to finally offer a television fishing show dedicated to the millions of avid walleye anglers across North America," Barringer said. "Walleye fishing is one of the fastest growing segments of the fishing industry, and it's about time walleye anglers had their own show." The Sportsman Channel has become a major sponsor of the up and coming weekend walleye circuit, the Grand National Walleye Cup, which offers 26 team tournaments for the working person in five states. The GNWC format offers non-pro, weekend walleye anglers the opportunity work their way up the ladder to state and national championships. As part of the marketing agreement, the Sportsman Channel will air the 13-week walleye fishing TV show, the first of its kind in the United States. Each of the first 13 original episodes will be aired four times. In addition to the great walleye catching information, Walleye Wisdom TV will provide coverage of the State Championships of Walleye fishing in Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota, Plus the $30,000 Grand National Walleye Cup National Championship event to be held at Lake Okoboji Iowa in October of this year. Barringer sees Walleye Wisdom as a natural for the growth of the GNWC fishing circuit and also for walleye anglers across the United States who are looking for the all-inclusive walleye show. "Our marketing alliance with the Sportsman Channel will allow us to promote this new channel while growing our walleye tournaments in the five states we cover now, and we plan to expand to at least four more in 2004," added Barringer. Walleye Wisdom will be produced by Screenscape Studios, a company with a long history of high quality television productions including Better Homes and Gardens and other recognizable shows. They have received numerous awards for high quality production, and they have state of the art editing and videotaping equipment. Never before has the weekend walleye warrior had a chance to showcase his walleye fishing skills on national TV. Barringer believes this will be a terrific boost to those anglers who are trying to build a fishing resume, and a great adventure for those teams who simply enjoy the camaraderie and competition the GNWC provides. The Sportsman Channel was launched on April 7th, and will reach six million households when the first episode of Walleye Wisdom airs. Anyone who does not receive the Sportsman Channel should call their local cable company or satellite television provider and ask for the Sportsman Channel. It is provided free to cable companies. "I think that viewers are going to like not only the Sportsman Channel, but also Walleye Wisdom TV," Barringer said. "What really appealed to me was their desire to become the best. They want to offer their viewers the best in outdoor programming. That is our goal too, to give the viewers the best walleye fishing information and entertainment on television."