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Magellan's new GPS Map 'N Track navigation software packagelinks GPS technology with computer mapping

(January 31,1998 - San Dimas, Calif.)

Magellan's new GPS Map ‘N Track navigation software package lets outdoor enthusiasts, business travelers and vacationers maximize the potential of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for faster, more accurate travel. Designed to work with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT software, the versatile GPS Map ‘N Track package combines three separate software programs (GPS Link 3.0, Precision Mapping Streets 3.0, and GPS DataTrack), creating an all-purpose, personal navigation system.

The GPS Link 3.0 land-mapping software links Magellan's GPS navigation technology with computer mapping software, making it ideal as a trip planner, in-vehicle navigation system and trip recorder. Featuring the most current and accurate street-mapping information available, the program enables users to locate any place, city, county, state, zip code, area code and prefix, street, address, crossroads, landmark and latitude/longitude coordinate in the U.S.

Plan fishing and hunting trips using GPS Link's digital maps, upload the information to your GPS receiver, and the unit will show you where to go. After your journey, quickly and easily download your waypoints and track history from a GPS receiver to a personal computer and view where you've been on a digital map.

For real-time vehicle navigation, connect your laptop to your GPS receiver using the PC interface cable provided. View your current position and all surrounding streets on a moving map display along with your speed, bearing, direction, distance to go and other vital GPS navigation information.Use your PC to save, edit and create more locations and routes with GPS Map ‘N Track's DataTrack data management software. And create custom, professional-quality maps using the Precision Mapping Streets 3.0 program’s 100 drawing and editing tools.

GPS Map'N Track supports the GPS 2000 XL™, GPS 3000 XL™, GPS 4000 XL™, NAV 6000™, NAV 6500™ and GSC 100™ receivers. Priced at $99.99, the package includes CD-ROM software, PC interface cable and user instructions. For in-vehicle use, an optional GPS receiver cigarette lighter adapter is available for $14.99.

A subsidiary of Orbital Sciences Corp. (NASDAQ: ORBI), Magellan manufactures satellite communications and navigation products for outdoor recreation, marine, aviation, survey, vehicle navigation and systems integration markets around the world. For more information about Magellan products, check out the company's web site at