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Tournament Championships

by: Duck Wright,

(Saturday, September 05,1998 - Zavala, TX) Yes, it's that time of year. Almost all of the tournament circuits have wound down to the end of the year, or only have one tournament left. Most of the individuals have been chosen, by the points they scored throughout the year, that made the championships, and are trying to get mentally prepared for the classic tournaments coming up.

There are several ways to prepare for a championship, but I don't know of anyone who has perfected a perfect pattern. I can speak from experience, that it is never as simple as some anglers think. The only purpose of a championship tournament, is to "WIN". Second place, is as someone once said, a way of saying that you didn't win.

Preparation is the most important thing that an angler has to do before the actual tournament takes place. Anglers have different ways of preparing for the big day or two days, which ever is the case. Some anglers wait until the last minute to prepare their minds and their equipment, and these are usually the ones that you don't have to worry about beating out in the tournament. The anglers that start preparing their minds, as well as their equipment, as soon as they know that they have made the championship, are the ones that usually come out on top.

Several things that an angler can do to get ready for those days, are to go back and retract your trips on the tournament lake throughout the past year. What did your notes say that you wrote down last year the same tim of the year? What part of the lake is noted to be the hottest, this time of year? What baits are being reported, to be catching the bigger stringers of fish lately? What do the local tackle dealers say they are hearing, about the patterns and the depth, what are the anglers reporting? What kind of cover are the larger fish being caught out of? These are a few things that can help prepare the pattern for the upcoming tournament.

Another thing that I try to do before the championship, is to prepare my boat and motors for the upcoming classic. Remember, you have run this boat all year long. One of the things that I have seen in the past years of tournament fishing, is good anglers, with good stringers, breaking down during tournament hours and not being able to weigh their fish in, because they couldn't make it to the weigh-in on time. Remember, the whole year of fishing a circuit, is combined into just a few precious hours in a championship. Make sure the troll motor is working properly. Are all your batteries in good shape, and can they stand the pressure you are going to put on them during the tournament?

Now the time comes to use your tackle. Is it in good condition? Is the line you have on your reels the right line for the lake that you are going to fish? Do those reels need oil or grease. Little thing like this can really be important when it has to count!

Well enough for this month. I hope that I said something that will help you be a winner. These same things that I mentioned in this article, can be applied every time an angler goes fishing.

Until next month: Be Safe On the Water and Remember to SMILE!