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Penn Electric Fathom-Master® Downriggers Back By Popular Demand

Two New Models Designed For Simplicity, Durability

by: Marc Malkin/Ron Ballanti, Bear Advertising

(01/07/2001 - Philadelphia, PA) In response to anglers from around the globe, Penn has announced two new electric Fathom-Master® downriggers for 2001. Model 805 features a 24" boom and a fixed base, while Model 835 features a 48" boom with a Swivel-Matic® base.

Electric Fathom-Master® downriggers are designed to put your bait or lure right where the big ones live, whether you're competing in a kingfish tournament, plying the depths for salmon or lake trout or trolling for deep schools of bluefish and stripers.

A new switch/control system makes it easier than ever to get your offering in the strike zone. At the touch of one button, you can easily raise or lower the weight to any depth up to 200 feet. Another button lets the angler instantly program or clear up to 10 stops at any depth along the way. In addition, a special "jog" feature automatically raises the weight into position for easy rigging of lines.

Penn's Fathom-Master® drag can be set to slip in case of a snag, and also allows for manual retrieve in the event of an onboard power failure.

In the Penn tradition, these American-made downriggers have the guts for a long life in the tough marine environment. The powerful motor will retrieve up to 14-pound weights at 135 feet per minute. Dual circuit breakers and a completely sealed printed circuit board ensure reliable performance and durability in harsh conditions. And everything is encased in a high strength, glass-reinforced polycarbonate housing that is water resistant, rugged and corrosion proof.

The spool and base are made of the same rugged polycarbonate material, and Penn's gold anodized aluminum boom is both durable and attractive. Other important standard features include a one piece swiveling boom tip that tracks with the weight, 200 feet of 135-pound test stainless steel cable, a built-in handle for easy carrying and a large, easy to read cable counter. Electric Fathom-Master® downriggers also come with all mounting and cable hardware.

Penn also offers manual Fathom-Master® downriggers, as well as a full line of downrigger accessories including the adjustable Swivel-Matic® base, rod holders, Quick Mount mounting adapters, replacement hardware and more. Fathom-Master® downriggers are appropriate for use with just about any Penn rod and reel combination, but popular choices include Penn level wind reels and rods from Penn's Power Stick® and Sabre® families.

To learn more about Penn's new Fathom-Master® electric downriggers, or Penn's complete line of reels, rods, downriggers and accessories, see your Penn tack dealer. Or send $2 ($5 outside N. America) for a full-color Penn catalog to: Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co., 3028 W. Hunting Park Ave, Dept FW, Philadelphia, PA 191132-1121.