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Tackle-Rack™ Lure Management System

(01/23/2001 - Mount Laurel, NJ) Finovationz, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the ultimate in lure storage and management, the TACKLE-RACK™ Model TR-2000.
TACKLE-RACK™ is an open, two-sectioned box, which is used "while" fishing. Instead of storing 50 to 70 routinely used lures. TACKLE-RACK™ LMS, with its patented "Hook-Nook" beveled notches, allows an angler to hang each lure separately around the perimeter of the RACK. Lures hang safely without exposed hooks outside of the box.
Hanging lures this way allows the angler to easily remove or replace each lure quickly and safely while fishing. Hanging the lures rather than placing them in a tray or box also significantly reduces the possibility of lures tangling by the treble hooks. This reduces the time spent trying to untangle the lures when you need them. This also diminishes the possibility of getting hooked while untangling the lures.

Hanging the lures increases their visibility, and will let the angler select the correct color lure even in low light conditions. With the increased hanging space of the removable dividers, an angler can safely hang well over 70 lures for quick retrieval. The spot where the divider contacts TACKLE-RACK™ LMS is designed to fit an existing notch exactly. The divider therefore can be hung in the main compartment in almost any notch. The flexibility of this feature allows the angler to customize the configuration of the RACK.

Hanging lures this way also allows them to completely dry after each use. This diminishes hooks rusting in a closed tackle box. By punching out the drain holes in the RACK a saltwater angler can wash the salt off the lures, and let them dry while still in the RACK.

The handles is designed to hold an optional six-inch fluorescent light, making a nice feature for night or low light conditions. The handle area will also hold bobbers, floats or small tools, when not used for the light. A small open rectangular storage area on each end of the handle can be used to store hooks, weights or other small parts. A slotted space for a knife or hermostat is in each storage area.

Each TACKLE-RACK™ comes with a hinged snap-on lid and can be raised from either side. When not in use, the lid can be fully detached for snap-on storage on the underside of TACKLE-RACK™ LMS.

The overall appeal of TACKLE-RACK™ LS is in the fact that this unit will enhance the safety and speed of handling lures while fishing. Since this is not a storage system it would be an addition and not a replacement for the angler's current tackle boxes and storage systems.

For additional information or dealer location call 856-786-3662.