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New 3/9 oz Slim® from Acme Makes a Deadly Snack for Hungry Gamefish

Versatile Size Ideal for Freshwater, Saltwater, Even Ice Fishing

by: Ron Ballanti, Bear Advertising

(01/02/2001 - Providence, RI) When Acme introduced its new Slim Jim® spoon for 2000, serious saltwater and freshwater anglers immediately had two reactions. One, they started catching everything from saltwater bluefish, bonito and false albacore to freshwater walleye and stripers like never before. Two, they began clamoring for a scaled-down version that would fit the bill when gamefish were keying on small prey.

For the 2001 season, Acme is introducing the new 3/8 oz. Slim Jim anglers have asked for. This thin-profile spoon features a precision forged brass body with stainless steel split rings, a Rosco® swivel and a 3X-strong Mustand® treble hook that holds onto fish and stands up to tough use. Three-dimensional raised eyes, deep cut gill areas and light-reflecting flutes give Slim Jim the added flash and action that cause even wary fish to strike.

The versatile 3/8 oz Slim Jim can be fished with a quick retrieve for surface-feeding saltwater fish in the mood for a fast snack. Fished this way, Slim Jim's erratic side-to-side swimming action attracts fish feeding on a variety of slender bodied baitfish. It also works well with a stop-and-go retrieve, often getting smashed as the lure flashes and wobbles on the drop.

Scme's 3/8 oz Slim Jim is also ideal for freshwater vertical jigging in open water or through the ice. Its unique shape delivers a slow flutter on the fall that gets the attention of suspended bass, walleye, pike or freshwater stripers.

Acme's 3/8 oz Slim Jim comes in a variety of multi-colored metallic finishes, as well as painted finishes with reflective tape accents.

For more information contact Acme Tackle Company, PO Box 72771, Providence, RI 02907, or call 401-331-6437.