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Stren® Magnathin ®Minimum Diameter = More Bites

(01/31/2001 - Madison,NC) When the fish become finicky and the bite gets tough, anglers must reach into their bag of tricks for a solution to pull out those few precious strikes. Stren Magnathin is a low diameter, durable line that enables anglers to reduce thickness without sacrificing strength.

Low diameter lines not only result in more bites from line shy fish, they help baits get down to depths that larger diameter lines simply could not reach, noted Mark Fisher, Stren's Marketing Manager.

Thin diameter lines are also less restrictive to baits giving them a more life-like appearance and action, which again, results in more strikes. And when increased line capacity on the reel is an advantage, chose Magnathin. Stren Magnathin is available 330,750 and 2600-yard spools Moss Green from 2- pound test to 30-pound test, Walleye from 4-pound test to 12-pound test and Clear from 2-pound test up to 130-pound test.