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Killer Kam Lures Introduces Hot New Lure Design

(04/14/2001 - CHATTANOOGA, TN) Killer Kam Lures introduces its new line of Super Sonic Spinners, which enables fishermen to fish with Different Sounds. That's right! Now fishermen can choose between a variety of 4 different sounds to fish with.

Unlike any other fish lure on the market today, this revolutionary lure design utilizes sonic "KAMS" on counter-rotating bodies to produce different fish-attracting sounds as well as a self-jigging motion. Now fishermen can simply switch spinners to test which sound fish are responding to best.

Killer Kam Lures SUPER SONIC SPINNERS are available in 11 different colors, including 4 premium glitter models. These lures are available as a set o 4 lures to a package. Choose a color and receive all 4 Kam types "all 4 sounds" in that particular color for one low price.

Killer Kam Lures strives to produce the most unique Fish Lures on the market today as well as in the future. We hope that everyone who purchases our product will enjoy his or her use as much as we have enjoyed producing this fine product.

For more information about these lures and how to place an order call Toll Free. 1-866-365-6115