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A Brand New Vision For Fish Finders

Bottom Line's Tournament 4300

(04/02/2001 - Meridian, ID) No matter how you look at it, Bottom Line fish finder technology keeps a clearly defined edge up on all competitors. One glance at the new Bottom Line Tournament 4300 tells all. This unit offers amazing sharpness and a wide-ranging field of view. Plus a price that's truly Bottom Line affordable.

The Tournament 4300 packs 76,800 pixels into the 4.0" by 3.1" screen, giving the angler a crisp, clear picture of the aquatic universe below the boat's hull. The 12.4 square inch display provides 6,200 pixels per square inch so fish along the bottom, or next to a stump are clearly identified. The 320 vertical pixel and 240 horizontal pixel screen is easy to read, giving the user an immediate interpretation of the items shown. Sidefinder technology, a Bottom Line exclusive, adds to the angler's image of the underwater world with lateral views of 120 feet to each side. The 600 foot maximum depth capability of the Tournament 4300 satisfies just about every freshwater situation. The multi-directional transducer not only provides side and bottom images, it records temperature and boat speed. One transducer and one screen - providing highly detailed multiple views to the bottom and side and digital displays of the water's surface temperature, depth and boat speed, all at the same time - that's the Tournament 4300.

And that's not all. The Tournament 4300 is equipped with standard features that are often not available or added options on other comparable fish finders. Standard on the Tournament 4300 is a digital battery voltage meter, greyscale, high resolution Supertwist display, adjustable night light, 3200 watts of peak to peak power and screen contrast adjustment.

Standard sonar features include zoom bottom track, audible fish alarm, multi-level Fish D'Tect, digital depth readout of individual fish. Overall dimensions of the Tournament 4300 are 6.5' by 7" by 2". The Tournament 4300, like all Bottom Line products, carries a one-year full warranty and a limited lifetime service policy. Bottom Line, the technological leader in fish finders, is a product by Computrol, Inc. of Meridian, Idaho.

For more information on the Tournament 4300 or other Bottom Line products, write Computrol at 499 East Corporate Drive, Meridian, Idaho 83642 or call (208) 846-9000