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vDealer System designed to improve sales and profits

by: Fishingworld staff,

(07/02/2001 - LINDALE, TX) The all-new vDealer System provides marine dealers with the power and tools to take their marketing and customer follow-through way beyond just having an on-line presence that focuses only on selling their inventory.

More and more, boaters use the web to gather information about the boats and motors they want to purchase. Now dealers can expand upon this usage to promote their services while improving their customer satisfaction and retention.

"It is important for dealers to use the great marketing capability of the web to provide information about the boats in their inventory" said Larry Thompson, VP of Marketing/Sales for, Inc.. "At the same time, it's just as important to promote the brand of their dealership and what it stands for. This is the basis for customer loyalty. The dealership will be there long after the sale of a boat from their inventory."

"What makes the vDealer a complete system and really moves it beyond just a web site is the Contact Management part of the system" added Thompson. "With sales shrinking, it is going to be more important to give each prospect and each customer the attention they expect today. We have developed an easy to use Contact Management System that keeps a centralized file of prospects and customers with their current interest level, automatic reminders of next contact dates and of special follow up dates. It is also a sales management tool for those organizations that have multiple salespeople. Marine dealers have told us that it is not unusual for some prospects to take as long as two or three years to make their purchase. It is very easy for those prospects to be forgotten. It is just as easy to forget the customer who has already bought a boat, but who is a great source of referrals or who will be ready to buy a new boat in the next few years. Doing a better job of converting prospects into customers and then taking care of customers into the future is now a lot easier for the dealers."

The vDealer System is the outgrowth of the Marine Dealer system introduced by over two years ago which has been used successfully by a number of boat dealers. "We have learned quite a bit about the on-line consumer during the past two years.

While many have been concerned about the consumers shopping the different dealers looking only for the cheapest price, the reality is that consumers are generally looking for a specific boat that meets their desires and they really value prompt attention and customer service. It is amazing how many dealers have made sales because they were one of the few who responded promptly to inquiries" pointed out Thompson.

"We don't see many signs that the customers are visiting multiple sites to ask for quotes just to get the best price. The most consistent characteristic that we do see indicates the customers have researched a specific boat and they are now interested in purchasing that specific boat.

This means that well stocked virtual showrooms are doing their job of answering a lot of initial questions and delivering customers that are focused on and generally already sold on a specific boat. Increased prospects and sales efficiencies are the products of a good web presentation. The bottom line is more sales and better profits", Inc. offers the vDealer System. The web community was founded in early 1995 and is one of the most popular fishing communities at which more than 400,000 user sessions produced over 6 Million hits while users clicked on more than 800,000 pages during March, 2001.

For additional information and a Demo Tour of the system, contact, Inc. at 903-882-8877 or at