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New product introduction...Leverage King, arm support and wrist saver

New Invention Gives Anglers More Rod and Net Lifting Power. Device Helps Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries

by: Bill AuCoin, AuCoin & Associates, Inc.

(05/16/2001 - Whitestone, N. Y.) A fisherman from New York's Long Island has invented a device for fishing rods and nets that lets the angler apply more muscle power and helps prevent repetitive stress injuries to the wrist and elbow. Called Leverage King, and weighing only 6-ounces, the unit screws firmly to the handle of spinning, casting, and surf rods and provides a curved, foam cradle for the forearm near the elbow. With his arm secure in its new position, the angler will find it easier to put more pressure on fish in salt water or fresh water.

Capt. Michael Macaluso, the inventor and an avid angler since childhood, said Leverage King works by diverting pressure away from the critical areas of the wrist and distributing it throughout the entire arm. With Leverage King the angler does not have to secure the rod handle under his arm or in his stomach and can dispense with fighting belts and harnesses in many cases, Macaluso said.

The raised arm position also helps keep the angler's wrist straight so the work is done with the arm muscles, not wrist tendons, according to Macaluso. Medical authorities say keeping the wrist straight during activities like fishing helps prevent pain and injury from carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress disorders.

Leverage King provides better control and comfort on spinning, surfing and casting rods and works for both left and right handed anglers. It also adds fish-lifting power to nets. Macaluso, from the town of Whitestone on Long Island, said he has successfully used Leverage-King to hook and land striped bass, tuna, bluefish, bonita, flounder, tautog, cod, blackfish, king mackerel, amberjack and grouper.

"Our motto is 'Bend the rod, not your wrist," said Macaluso. "Leverage King is perfect for jigging. Bass anglers have told us that Leverage King helps their pitching and flipping technique." Macaluso said some anglers suffering from tendon pain told him Leverage-King would let them continue their tournament fishing. He also predicted it would prove useful to crappie and bluegill anglers who manage long poles for many hours.

Macaluso spent six years getting Leverage King from idea to the marketplace.

He markets the new device nationally through his company, Mic-Mac Products, Inc., through a growing network of tackle retailers. Leverage King has a suggested retail price of $24.95 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Preventing Injury Macaluso said medical specialists have used Leverage King and confirm its medical advantages. Sports medicine specialist Richard Istrico, MD, Howard Beach, N.Y., said using Leverage King reduces pressure in critical areas of the wrist that can cause and aggravate repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow tendonitis.

Leverage King also carries the endorsement of Heidi Zierdt, a licensed therapist and angler. "The pressure on my wrist from fishing was so severe that I was forced to stop," said Zierdt. "Then I heard about the Leverage-King. The pressure has been lifted away from my wrist and distributed throughout the muscles in my arm. I recommend it to any angler who wants to avoid repetitive stress injury."

For more information about Leverage King, contact Mic Mac Products, Inc., 30-05 Whitestone Expressway, Flushing, NY 11354, 866-564-2622 (tollfree),