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Flutie Joins Flying Fisherman Pro Staff

Football Isn't The Only Sport The Flutie Name Is Famous For

by: Linda Sheldon, V.P.,

(05/12/2001 - Florida Keys) Glenn Flutie, cousin to NFL quarterback Doug Flutie and CFL wide receiver Darin Flutie, is a world class champion in his own right. Raised in the Florida Keys, Glenn's prowess with a fly rod is known throughout world wide circles of expert fly fishers. His reputation dates back to 1972 when he caught over 252 bonefish during the month of September, guided by Capt. Gary Ellis, founder of the RedBone Celebrity Tournament Series, and by 1976 had caught and released an additional 1,000 bonefish on fly.

After returning to the Florida Keys from college in 1981, Glenn founded Flutie Outdoor Advertising, today a multi-million dollar enterprise. When time allowed he continued to pursue his fly fishing passion and by 1990 his journals revealed more than 4,000 bonefish and dozens of permit, all caught and released locally. His focus switched to Tarpon on fly and his tournament efforts resulted in grand championships every year from 1992 through 1999. Glenn is a world class champion as an adult, and in 1974 at the age of 14, was the youngest Junior Division Champion in the history of the Islamorada Sailfish Tournament. His execution and commitment to the concentration, total accuracy, total knowledge of the targeted species and more....exposes Glen Flutie as a true sportfishing expert in today's generation of fly angling champions.

"I've been sight fishing the Keys flats since I was a kid," said Flutie, now 41, "and knew that polarized eyewear was a must...or don't even bother trying! Flying Fisherman Sunglasses were my choice back then, mostly because of cost. They were only $15 or so when they first came out and had the absolute best tint and quality for the money of any product out there. I've been using them ever since. I can have any pair of sunglasses I want from any optical manufacturer in the industry, but I'd rather use Flying Fisherman products. I'm very pleased that Pat and Linda Sheldon asked me to join their Pro Staff and I look forward to lending my expertise to all their great products, including their new line of sportswear and head gear."

Glenn Flutie can be reached for comments and questions on some insights to saltwater fly fishing by email at or for information about the Flying Fisherman products call 800-3-FLY FISH