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by: Mike Michalak,

(04/27/2001 - Rhinelander, WI)

Fishing Hot Spots, Inc., the nation''s largest publisher of fishing maps introduces the latest addition to its Canadian Series with two new maps for Rainy Lake.

Spanning more than 227,000 acres along the Minnesota/Ontario border, Rainy Lake is destined to become one of the finest fishing resources in North America. Once devastated by over-harvest, progressive management over the years renewed a world-class walleye fishery and produced one of the premier smallmouth waters around.

Fishing Hot Spots offers two maps for the lake, split north and south. The north section (Q274) features Northeast and Northwest bays, Redgut Bay and Manitou Sound. Rainy Lake South (Q275) profiles Black Bay, Swell Bay, Seine Bay and Big Island. Included on the four-color, waterproof maps are depth contours, structure, boat ramps, fishing information, a two minute GPS grid with dozens of plotted waypoints and complete fishing information. Also available are the navigation aids with buoys marked to identify hazards and to mark safe navigation channels.

As the company's name implies, Fishing Hot Spots maps feature dozens of marked fishing areas that show anglers exactly where, when and how to catch fish. This detailed information is compiled from local guides, resort operators and bait shops. Some of the area's most respected guides assisted with the new maps. We rely on the experience and knowledge of the local experts, says Russ Warye, senior research editor. Over the years we‚ve gathered good solid fishing information for hundreds of maps by talking with the people that really know the lakes.

Fishing Hot Spots has been making fishing maps more than 25 years. Today, the company offers over 500 maps in 33 states and the province of Ontario. Many are also available for use in GPS units via Navionics or Garmin MapSource software. The maps can be purchased at local tackle shops and sporting goods dealers, by calling 800-ALL-MAPS.