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Vexilar Pro Packs Make Ice Fishing Easy

Each Pro Pack System Factory tested

(12/22/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) ... When it comes to ice fishing, Vexilar Marine Electronics is the world leader with their three color flasher technology. The reliable FL-8slt and the new FL18 models have revolutionized the winter fishing industry. Over the years, Vexilar has gained a reputation for producing quality marine electronics and systems.

To make a FL8 or FL18 sonar unit ready for winter action, an angler would need to assemble a reliable power supply, a carrying/storage system and specialized transducer to work for winter fishing. To address this need, Vexilar created the Pro Pack system. With a Vexilar Pro Pack, you will have everything you need to start ice fishing, in one easy to handle system.

The Pro Pack starts with a carrying case that not only holds your sonar unit and battery, but also fits into a five gallon bucket, commonly used by ice fishermen for storage or transport. Mounted on the case will be a powerful 7.2 amp, sealed lead acid battery with charger. You'll also get a Vexilar T-130 Battery Status indicator to tell you when you need to charge your battery, and also shows you when charging is complete to avoid damage to your battery. A patented Vexilar Ice-Ducer and float that attaches to your sonar unit will permit you to send a signal straight down the ice hole, giving you the best possible signal resolution.

When these key components are assembled and individually factory tested, you have a complete Vexilar Pro Pack system.

For more information on Vexilar Pro Pack systems or other Vexilar products, write: Vexilar at 200 West 88th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55420, or call 952-884-5291.