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Three-Color Flasher Revolutionizes Winter Fishing -- Vexilar FL-8slt

(12/02/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) There are few lures or products that can lay claim to revolutionizing the sport of fishing. The Vexilar Company of Minneapolis is proud to be one of those innovators with their popular FL8slt. This innovative three-color LED flasher has taken the world of ice fishing by storm to dominate the way angler's fish.

The high-resolution dial offers 530 segments to give you a bright clear display and a target ID of only one inch or less. The hallmark of the FL-8slt is the three-color LEDs that let you know if the targets you are watching are weak (green) medium (orange) or strong (red). The ability to instantly spot and identify targets has proven to be simply revolutionary to the world of the modern-day ice fishing. Thousands of winter anglers boldly state they will not go ice fishing without their FL-8slt.

Standard features include a built-in interference rejection switch that lets you fish near other sonar units by reducing the amount of cross talk your unit picks up. The FL8slt has six depth ranges letting you fish a 0-20 foot scale or down to 120 or 240 feet if you wish.

Check with your local retailer for package options since it is common to purchase an

FL-8slt as a pre-rigged system for ice fishing. This system is called the Pro Pack and it contains everything you need to head-out ice fishing. You can also purchase the FL-8slt as a standard gimbal mount to put in your boat or to mount into your own portable system.

The FL-8slt comes with a one-year factory warranty. Vexilar, of Minneapolis, has been the innovative leader of high quality Marine Electronics for over 40 years.

For more information on the FL-8slt or other Vexilar products, write: Vexilar at 200 West 88th street Minneapolis, MN 55420, or call 952-884-5291.