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Mag Shield Protects and Magnifies

Vexilar Mag Shield

(11/25/2001 - Minneapolis, MN) In an effort to meet the needs of anglers, Vexilar, the world leader in color flasher technology has developed the Mag Shield to be placed over the built-in sun shield on their popular FL8 unit and the new FL-18. In fact, the new Mag Shield will fit on any FL body style made since 1980.

The goal of the Mag shield was created by the demand of winter anglers who often found snow falling into the recessed LED display screen area created by the sun hood on the classic FL-8 case. The clear Lexan Mag Shield simply pressure fits over the outside of the sun shield and its ready for use.

Another benefit of the Mag Shield is the way the LED lights in the FL units are magnified for even easier viewing. In contrast to other types of sonar units, FL users commonly sit or stand five to seven feet from the display, so having a magnified lens over the display, may help in some situations. The Mag Shield is a Vexilar accessory that is available anywhere Vexilar products are sold.

For more information on the Mag Shield or other Vexilar products, write: Vexilar at 200 West 88th street Minneapolis, MN 55420, or call 952-884-5291.