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Small Boat Anglers Need Quality Electronics Too

Vexilar Boundary Waters, LC-10

(11/23/2001 - Minneapolis, MN....) If your an angler with a traveling spirit, or one who enjoys fishing from a small boat or canoe, Vexilar Marine Electronics of Minneapolis has what you need. Their proven performance in their Boundary Waters LC-10 has re-defined the term of "portable depthfinders".

The Boundary Waters LC-10 was developed by Vexilar from the ground up to create the ultimate in portable sonar. The end result was a unit that runs for an entire week on a single set of AA batteries. The LC-10 weights only 2.5 pounds with batteries and comes with a suction cup mount transducer for easily moving the unit from boat to boat.

The LC-10 is no lightweight when it comes to performance either. The screen display is 2" X 2 1/4" and boasts a 4,096 pixel count for great screen resolution for spotting suspended fish. You have a maximum depth range of 400 feet and you also have a digital depth readout.

The entire Boundary Waters LC-10 unit comes in a fold-down compact carrying case. It will fit easily into a suitcase or backpack. Vexilar of Minneapolis, has been the innovative leader of high quality marine electronics for over 40 years.

For more information on the Boundary Waters LC-10 or other Vexilar products, write: Vexilar at 200 West 88th street, Minneapolis, MN 55420, or call 952-884-5291.