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LazerMag Ultra Sets New Standards in Power Augers

StrikeMaster LazerMag Ultra

(11/24/2001 - Big Lake, MN....) The LazerMag Ultra uses a patent pending cutting blade design called the LazerMag Ultra, Triple Blade Cutting system. These serrated stainless steel blades also use a patent pending Lazer Power Point feature that allows you to easily re-open old frozen holes. Made from Swedish forged Sandvik 12C27 Chrome Allow Stainless Steel. This super hard, corrosion resistant metal is formulated just for cutting ice. The new design will improve cutting speed by an amazing 15 to 20 percent!

Also new with the LazerMag Ultra will be a classy looking Tufflite Handle System which is extremely lightweight and is constructed of Dupont Zytel nylon resin. The new handle design is super strong, tough and uses a new rotary thumb, direct throttle system to eliminate cold weather throttle freezing. Powered by a 2 horsepower Tecumseh 2 cycle engine, and coupled with the reliable StrikeMaster LT 296 aluminum transmission. The entire LazerMag Ultra weights only 26 pounds with a 9" hole cutting blade.

For more information the LazerMag Ultra or other StrikeMaster products, write: StrikeMaster , P.O. Box 567, Big Lake, MN 55309.