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Mitchell 300 --- The History

(11/20/2001 - ) The world's first spinning reel was invented in 1948 by Maurice Jacquenim, a young engineer from the Avre Valley in France. It was named the Mitchell 300. Jacquenim had begun working on a tool to be used for fishing in 1946, at the request of his brother. For two years he worked and researched to produce a reel which was not only a container to hold line, but also a tool which could cast a lure a great distance with precision, and recover the line without tangling. At that time, such a reel was only a dream, as casting and tangling problems left something to be desired in the "revolving spool" reels of the time.

After two years of research, trial and error, and engineering creativity way ahead of its time, the Mitchell 300 was born. Jacquenim's creation was an extreme departure from conventional reel mechanics and appearance. It literally changed the way anglers fished. Anglers could cast many times further than before, line and lure retrieval was dramatically enhanced . . . the Mitchell 300 allowed more people to enjoy fishing and become more successful in catching fish. It forged the path of fishing as we know it today. The Mitchell 300 grew to such popularity that more people began to fish because of it. The user friendliness of the Mitchell 300 brought more people into the sport of fishing.

The Mitchell 300 has gone through various evolutions since 1948. All the way from development of left-hand models, to cosmetic and material component changes. Its exclusive eight-gear drive made the Mitchell 300 one of the most powerful and durable spinning reels ever. Over 25 million Mitchell 300 reels have been sold since 1948.

Nearly two thirds of the fishing reels sold in America are spinning reels, due largely in part to the advent of the Mitchell 300. The Mitchell Company has grown to be one of the world's leading suppliers and innovators of spinning reel technology and design. Now after 53 years of research Mitchell is ready to do it again. In 2001 Mitchell introduces the smoother, lighter, stronger Mitchell 300X, "The New Legend." The new Mitchell 300X exemplifies Mitchell's heritage of innovation with advanced patented technology to make fishing easier and more enjoyable.