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nView Corporation Announces Joint Development Agreement with Headhunter for Tank Monitoring System

(10/30/2001 - ) nVIEW Corporation announced today that it has signed a joint development agreement with Headhunter, Inc., to develop a customized tank monitoring system for the marine industry.

The tank monitoring system will integrate the unique capabilities of nVIEW's SiMON, Ship's Information Monitoring system, with a proprietary digital interface to Headhunter's tank and pump controller. Headhunter will distribute this product as part of its line of integrated marine sanitation systems.

The Headhunter Sentry II tank monitoring system features full calibration of irregular shaped tanks, automatic or manual pump control via software, display of percent of volume and gallons remaining, four levels of user-configurable alarms and a programmable software display. The system can support up to 32 tanks for potable, grey and black water, as well as fuel, oil and sludge tanks.

Data from the Headhunter system can be viewed on multiple displays strategically located throughout the vessel, giving the captain instant access to all tank information on a single integrated display. The data can be rebroadcast to additional PCs in the network via an Ethernet connection. It may also be transmitted via RF to a laptop or to mobile PCs.

SiMON is designed to monitor virtually any system, subsystem or data item on the vessel. It collects real-time data from onboard systems, analyzes the data for operational abnormalities and displays the data via the vessel's computers. It offers instant access to performance information for any monitored system by mouse clicking on a tab located on all SiMON screens.

The Headhunter tank monitoring system can be used in a stand-alone mode, or can be integrated with SiMON when both are installed on the same yacht, thereby providing the captain with all the yacht's critical performance information through a single source.

"By incorporating the strengths of both nVIEW and Headhunter, we have developed a product that creates a powerful solution for integrating today's high-tech yacht," said Jerry Stubblefield, president and CEO of nVIEW. "With SiMON and the Headhunter tank monitoring system, the captain does not need to read a random mix of separate gauges and instruments scattered throughout the vessel. It's all there on a single screen."

Paul Mellinger, vice president of Headhunter, said, "We see computer monitoring becoming the standard - not just in megayachts, but also in production yachts and commercial craft. The Tank Sentry II system co-developed with nVIEW allows us to offer an easy-to-install reliable stand-alone computer tank monitoring system, or easily interface into a full-blown SiMON vessel monitoring system. We believe there is simply no other tank monitoring system on the market that offers this level of installation flexibility, accuracy and control."

Headhunter, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is a leading manufacturer of marine sanitation systems and other products for the recreational and commercial marine industries. More information is available from Headhunter at 1-800-662-8557.

nVIEW Corporation, headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, specializes in designing fully integrated systems and solutions for the marine market.