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Angler's Choice Northwest Alabama Trail sponsor LB Lures introduces the Suspend'n Bloom'n Jig.

(10/17/2001 - ) Larry Bracken of Muscle Shoals, AL has developed a new concept for the Carolina rig.  Instead of the commmon soft plastic baits most angler's drag on the end of their Carolina rigs, Bracken has come up with a weedless jig that floats.  Or as, Van Schwendimann of Franklin, TN puts it "the multifilamentous silicone skirt slowly and tantalizingly opens up like a blooming flower."

 The Bloom'n Jig comes with a light wire 2/0 hook, weed guard, and silicone skirt and looks just like a standard bottom hopping jig.

 Mike Davis of Sheffield, AL along with Schwendimann competed on the Angler's Choice NW Alabama Team Trail this year.  As Davis explained, "This lure was instrumental for us this year.  It's only been out for a couple of months now, but between myself, Van, and my son William, we have caught over 50 bass that weighed 3 pounds or better on this lure."  

Their success has not gone unnoticed.  Davis and Schwendimann recently qualified for the 2001 Angler's Choice Southeast Regional.  The team recorded two wins and a second place finish, on the seven event tournament trail.

 Schwendimann, along with his son, won Anglers of the Year in a six event tournament trail in middle Tennessee that had an average of 180 boats per event.  William Davis and his wife Missy of Killen, AL competed on the six event Angler's Choice NW Alabama Couples Trail this year, where they won the Couples Angler's of the Year title.  According to Mike Davis, "its unique suspending action is irrestible to bass holding on deep or shallow structure.  Bass will runoff with this bait, it's bonafied!"

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