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G3 Jon Boats - Basic Made Beautiful

Two New Square Bows Join List of 14 Offerings

by: Blue Heron Communications,

(11/21/2001 - Lebanon, MO.) Rugged marine-grade aluminum, high-strength extruded ribs, reinforced corner and transom braces, textured non-skid floors, stamped-in keels and reinforced front and rear seats. Just a few of the basic features that make G3 jon boats the best value on the water. Ask any hunter or angler and they'll agree.

New for 2002 are the two longest riveted jons in the series, both with square bows and built-in livewells, and a short v-bow model.

Model 1544LW measures 14 feet, 11 inches from the square bow to the stern and is rated for a maximum of 25 horsepower. The craft measures 65 inches across the beam, with a floor width of 44 inches and a side depth of 20 inches. Model 1648LW, also rated for 25 horsepower, is 15 feet, 10 inches long, with a wide 70-inch beam and 48-inch wide floor. The side depth is 21 inches.

The new v-bow 1448VBW measures 13 feet, 10 inches and is the shortest welded .100 gauge hull jon in the G3 line. There's plenty of room for up to four people and gear with a 70-inch beam and 48-inch floor. This boat is also rated for 25 horsepower.

There are seven other models of G3's riveted Jon boats and four more G3 welded Jon boats. Riveted Jon boat sizes range from a 10-foot long, 45-inch wide, 14-inch side depth Jon to the new model 1648LW described above. Maximum horsepower ranges from three-to-25 horsepower, depending on the boat. These models will hold from two to four persons. A livewell built into the center seat on some models.

Welded models range from the new model 1448VBW to 17-feet, 11-inches long, 80-inches wide, 24-inch side depth. Horsepower capacities range from 25 to 90 and person capacities range from three to seven. Welded jons are also available in special Gator Tough packages which come complete with console, outboard and galvanized trailer.

The lightest G3 Jon boat, Model 1032, weighs only 76 pounds. The heaviest, Model 1860VBW, weighs 500 pounds.

For more information on G3's Jon boats contact G3 Boats at 901 Cowan Drive, Lebanon, MO 65536 or call toll-free at (877) 877-4348. Visit the G3 website at