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Yamaha Introduces World's First Four-stroke V6 Outboards,Changing The Way Americans Go Boating

(09/01/2001 - KENNESAW, GA.) Although the summer boating season is winding down, the marine industry is seeing a new wave of technology that will forever change the way Americans go boating. Yamaha Marine recently introduced the world's first and only V6 four-stroke outboards in 225 and 200 hp models. These new models are clean running, quieter and more fuel-efficient than traditional two-stroke outboards.

The marine industry has been anticipating Yamaha's new outboard and V6 technology ever since Yamaha first unveiled the outboard at an industry trade show last fall where it won the marine industry's prestigious Innovation Award. Judged and presented by Boating Writers International (BWI), the Innovation awards are regarded by many as the highest recognition in the marine industry and competition is fierce.

These revolutionary motors are receiving rave reviews in the boating press, whose technical editors are some of the most respected names in journalism. Bass & Walleye Boats' senior technical editor Jim Barron, who has covered every major development in outboard motors for decades, said, "Lest I understate the significance of this engine, let me say this: The four-stroke V6 will change the way in which boaters think of outboard power, not to mention the way in which we propel our boats. Not only is the F225 the first of this breed, it is the finest high-horsepower outboard that I have run to date."

Consumer acceptance of the new technology has been equally enthusiastic. Frank Flynn, owner of Dania Boats in Dania, Fla. and one of the first to take delivery of the new F225s said selling the new technology has been easy.

"We sold seven of the new V6 four-strokes in one week, and we still have a long list of boaters who are ready for this new technology," Flynn said. "My customers want quiet, fuel efficient and longer lasting outboards. They see it as a better investment."

Yamaha designed the F225 and the F200 from scratch to be marine engines. Sleek and compact, the F225 is about the same size as a two-stroke outboard of the same class. Yamaha's design has made size and weight differences between two- and four-stroke V6s a non-issue. The company also offers four-stroke outboards in 15 horsepower classes, delivering its first four-stroke model, a 9.9, in 1985.

With Yamaha's F225 or F200, boaters will be able to enjoy the power and performance they need and gain the additional benefits of clean-running performance. Four-stroke outboards eliminate the need for two-stroke oil to be mixed with fuel. As a result, Yamaha's new V6 four-stroke meet and exceed the Federal EPA emission standards for the year 2006. They also comply with the more stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements which are already in effect.

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