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For "Controlled" Low-Stretch, Choose Stren Sensor"

(08/21/2001 - Madison, NC) Stren Sensor is a unique monofilament line made with a copolymer formulation. It delivers the sensitivity of a "superline" with the superior knot strength and abrasion resistance of a monofilament. At the same time, Stren Sensor is highly castable and offers low memory. The result is a fishing line with the preferred handling and casting characteristics of monofilament combined with the performance benefits of superlines.

"It's really hard to believe but when using a standard monofilament line and specialty cranking rods, a largemouth bass can inhale a crankbait and reject it sometimes without the angler every having a clue it was there," said David Fritts, Stren Pro. "With Stren Sensor, that’s a thing of the past. Its low-stretch and extreme sensitivity telegraphs the strike to the angler for instant hooksets. Your hook-up ratio will definitely increase with Stren Sensor."

Stren Sensor is our lowest–stretch monofilament, possessing about half the stretch of a traditional monofilament. Anglers will now be able to detect more strikes and deliver more force when setting the hook without stressing tackle.

Stren Sensor is available in Clear and Lo-Vis Green in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17 and 20- pound test in 250, 600, and 2000-yard spools.