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Stren® Extra Strength™ - Fish with Complete Confidence

by: Stern,

(08/17/2001 - Madison, NC) If you were to ask anglers what the most important characteristic of a fishing line is, odds are they would answer with one word - strength. After all, if your line breaks when fighting a fish, you lose. In response, Stren has created its strongest fishing line ever - Stren Extra Strength.

Stren Extra Strength offers a tensile strength superior to other fishing lines – an impressive 80-percent or more stronger breakload than label rating from 2-pound test up to 17-pound test and higher pound tests at up to 50-percent or stronger breakloads.

Label rating /Breakload Label rating Breakload
2 lb. 5 lb. 14 lb. 26 lb.
4 lb. 8 lb. 17 lb. 32 lb.
6 lb. 13 lb. 20 lb. 39 lb.
8 lb. 15 lb. 25 lb. 43 lb.
10 lb. 18 lb. 30 lb. 55 lb.
12 lb. 24 lb. 50 lb. 74 lb.

"Decreased line diameter combined with increased tensile strength allows anglers to down-size their line choice with complete confidence that their line will not fail when it really counts," explained Shaw Grigsby, TV Host and Stren Pro. "Crankbait fishermen and trollers will be able to use smaller diameter line that will result in lures that run much deeper with the same breakload and line that is less detectable to fish."

Great knot strength, shock strength, abrasion resistance and durability make Stren Extra Strength the "must have" line when it counts. Stren Extra Strength is not only a brute of a line, but offers great castability with a low-memory constitution and low visibility in the water where it matters most.

New Stren Extra Strength offerings for 2001/2002 include 2-pound test diameter in Clear and Lo-Vis Green and 1-pound spools of 25, 30 and 50-pound test diameter in Clear. Current offerings include 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17 and 20-pound test diameters available on 330, 750 and 3,000-yard spools in Clear and Lo-Vis Green.