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ProFishing Network Inc. Announces the Decoon Bibbed Style Rain Suit "Innovative Designs for Outdoor Recreation"

by: ProFishing Network Staff,

(08/15/2001 - Alexandria, VA) For those anglers that are in the market for a new lightweight rain suit (Spring, Summer & Fall seasons), ProFishing Network announces the availability of new-bibbed style rain pant and jacket straight from Japan. ProFishing Network has teamed with Decoon of Japan in their newest design for extreme wet weather protection. The suit features neoprene 1/3 glove style wrist cuffs, zippered legs, drawstring hood and face guard and plenty of protected pocket storage. At a fraction of the price of Gore-Tex, we offer a super lightweight breathable rain suit, made out of Entrant GII a comfortable, strong, soft material that provides maximum protection from the elements.

Material Characteristics
" ENTRANT GII® is a registered trademark of Toray Industries and is a high-performance material having mutually contradictory functions of waterproofing, and moisture permeability, to prevent stuffiness by letting water vapor pass through. The Entrant GII material has been in the Japanese market for 20+ years and is their answer to the expensive Gore-Tex material. The fabric has a breathable polyurethane coating and two different micro porous layers to keep the elements out without encouraging condensation. The Entrant GII material has excellent wind and water repelling characteristics, for sustained dry comfort. The garment maintains peak performance with repeated washing.

"Adoption of a wet-type coating to form micro porous coat based on polyurethane. The pore size is 2 to 3_m or smaller on the surface, and the pores are connected together like a honeycomb. The pore is smaller than rain or water droplets but larger than water vapor, so the rain or water droplets cannot pass (waterproofing), but water vapor can pass/diverge (moisture permeability)

  • Durable Repellency Fabric:
    Base fabric/"foam" layer with minuscule micro pores specially treated for durable water repellency. 
  • Resin Layer 1:
    Regularly configured micro pores increase moisture permeability. 
  • Resin Layer 2:
    Smaller pores in the resin surface enhance waterproofness, strengthen coating surface and inhibit dew condensation

For additional information contact ProFishing Network -- 491 N Owen St, Alexandria,VA,22304 or call (801) 749-2527 / Fax: (801) 749-2527