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Five New Products Added to Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle Line

Meet the 8" Lake Fork Worm, 5" Fork Creature, the Craw-Tube and Fork Craw plus the Mega-Weight Drop Shots

(08/06/2001 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle has introduced five new products, the Mega-Weight™ Drop Shots, 8" Lake Fork Worm™, 5" Fork Creature™, the 4" Craw Tube™ and the 4" Fork Craw™.

The Mega-Weight™ Drop Shots is a line of lead free tungsten nickel Mega-Weights.

Mega-Weights Drop Shots are perfect for when fish are deep, suspended and just plain sluggish to strike. The Drop Shot when rigged 6 inches to 4 feet below the lure, suspends the lure off the bottom, making it a easy target for reluctant fish. Because of smaller size than a conventional lead drop shot, Mega-Weight Drop Shots work through the heaviest cover.

Lake Fork Trophy Mega-Weight Drop Shots are 25% smaller than conventional lead drop shot and are formed of 100% lead free tungsten nickel and are totally "environmentally safe and smart".

The Mega-Weight Drop Shots are available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce weight sizes.

5" Fork Creature™ - Lake Fork Trophy's new 5" Fork Creature is the irresistible combination of a curl tail grub, a ringed worm and a wing worm.

The Fork Creature's large ringed body emits air bubbles for a breathing action, the large curl tail sets up a natural swimming action, and the two "spade wings" creates a irresistible vibration. Fork Creature is a versatile lure that is productive when fished on the Carolina Rig, Texas Rig or as a trailer on a jig head. The action of the 5" Fork Creature is at its best when the lure is on the fall, setting both the "spade wings" and large curl into motion. The Fork Creature's attraction is even more effective with "garlic & salt" impregnated in the lure.

The 5" Fork Creature is available in 6 solid colors and 4 laminated colors and comes 8 lures to a reclosable zip-lock bag.

8" Lake Fork Worm™ - The new 8" Lake Fork Worm is the big gun in the arsenal of fish catching products.

The Lake Form Worm features a large diameter "ringed" body that releases air bubbles for a natural breathing action and at the same time conceals the hook. The large "double curled tail" sets up a vibrating action as the lure is retrieved or on the fall. "Garlic & Salt" is impregnated into the Lake Fork Worm to make fish hold onto the lure longer for more hook sets.

The Lake Fork Worm has the bulk to work it through the heaviest of cover, when rigged on a Texas Rig or on the Carolina Rig.

The Lake Fork Worm comes packaged 10 lures in a reclosable zip-lock bag and is available in selections of both laminated and solid colors for most any light and water conditions.

The 4" Craw Tube - The Lake Fork Trophy 4" Craw Tube the the Tube style lure to the next level featuring a ringed body and a pulsating skirt that creates a natural breathing action and the two "craw pinchers" imitate the defensive stance of a live crawfish.

Craw Tube is the ultimate flipping tube when rigged on large tube jig heads or worm hooks. The Craw Tube's two large "craw pinchers" moves more water in a swimming action that attracts fish whether the lure is on the fall, bounced along the bottom, or swimmed on a slow retrieve' all methods imitate a live crawfish trying to escape. In addition to its natural action the Craw Tube is "garlic & salt impregnated" making it even more appealing to fish.

The Lake Fork Tackle 4" Craw Tube is offered in 10 fish-attracting colors and is packaged 8 lures in a reclosable zip-lock bag.

Introducing the 4" Fork Craw™ - Mother Nature would be proud of the latest creation from Lake Fork Trophy Bait and Tackle; their new 4" Fork Craw is a natural likeness of a live crawfish.

The Fork Craw's natural profile, appearance and life-like craws imitate the action of a real crawfish trying to escape. The lure also features a "ringed" tail section that releases air bubbles to create a breathing action, and at the same time concels the hook making it virtually weedless in heavy cover. To make the Fork Craw even more natural, the lure is impregnated with "garlic & salt" so fish will hang on longer for more hook sets.

The hollow mid section of the Fork Craw makes for easy rigging of both the Texas Rig or the ever productive Carolina Rig.

The 4" Fork Craw is availalbe in 10 fish-attracting colors and comes 8 lures in a reclosure zip-lock bag.

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