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Yamaha Introduces Two New C-Series Outboards Offering Technology And Power At Economical Prices

(Monday, January 03,2000 - ATLANTA,GA) Yamaha Marine is introducing a pair of newly redesigned C-Series outboards — the C115 and the C70 — aimed at boaters who want smooth, reliable mid-range three-cylinder and V4 power at an economical price. For model year 2000, the C115 sports a new streamlined appearance and the all-new C70 replaces last year's C75.

"Our new C115 and C70 outboards are aimed to satisfy the power needs of mid-size runabouts, fishing boats and pontoon boats," said David Grigsby, product manager of Yamaha's Marine Power Division. "More and more people are getting into boating for the first time and they are looking for reliable, reasonably-priced power for their new boats. For those owners who want the latest in technology and power for an economical price, we now have an entire range to choose from. We offer C-Series outboards from three-cylinder outboards to a V6 150hp engine."

At 105.5-cubic-inches, the C115 offers smooth responsive V4 performance and optimal fuel efficiency. The high-performance gearcase features a 2.00:1 gear ratio while the lower water intakes allow for higher mounting positions for increased performance and less drag. A noticeable improvement on the C115 is the new cowling design that is more streamlined and aerodynamic. The unique cowl-within-a cowl construction results in greater sound dampening and it can be quickly and easily removed with a single lever release in front of the engine.

The C115 is also equipped with a high-output alternator to charge the battery and run electronics. This new charging system delivers 16 amps at 1,000 RPM and 20 amps at full throttle. For greater convenience, a pan-mounted trim and tilt switch has been added for 2000. The new C115 is available in 20" and 25" shaft lengths.

For freshwater and saltwater anglers, the new 51.8-cubic-inch C70 provides smooth, quiet operation with exceptional economy and strong, responsive acceleration. The exhaust is routed through the propeller for noise reduction, while loop charging and pulse tuning provide more complete combustion efficiency, giving optimum engine performance with less fuel usage.

For greater versatility, the C70 comes ready for remote operation, but anglers can order the outboard with Yamaha's Multi-Function Tiller Handle. The C70 offers reliable starting in any weather thanks to the Prime Start automatic choking system. This outboard is popular with anglers, and the engine's powerful 6 amp alternator will keep batteries and electronics running all day.

Both of the new C models feature power trim and tilt from -4 degree trim-in to +16 degree trim-out so boaters can effortlessly adjust the outboard for the smoothest ride and quickly and easily raise the motor in shallow water or when loading the boat onto a trailer.

The C70 features a microcomputer ignition system that monitors throttle response, engine speed and combustion stability and then adjusts ignition timing for optimum engine performance. This translates into reliable hot or cold starts and smooth low-speed operation.

Like all Yamaha outboards, the C-Series outboards are protected from sun and water by the ACP-221 paint application, a technologically advanced process featuring multiple layers of tough primer, color and finish coats applied to Yamaha's YDC-30, a tough aluminum alloy. Replaceable sacrificial anti-corrosion anodes in the engine block, transom bracket and lower unit protect metal components from corrosion for longer engine life, particularly in saltwater. Specially treated or stainless steel fasteners, drive, shift and propshafts, along with waterproof connectors, protect the motor in harsh marine environments, and a magnetic drain plug in the lower unit removes any metal particles from the gear oil to help prevent gearcase damage.

Thermostatic cooling ensures proper engine temperature on both outboards at all times for consistent performance and long, trouble-free engine life while protecting the engine from over-revving and overheating due to debris in the water blocking the water intakes. The pilot water discharge provides visual assurance that the water pump is operating.

An engine-stop switch lanyard clips conveniently onto the driver's wrist, clothing or personal flotation device and automatically stops the engine if the operator accidentally leaves the helm.

For boaters who prefer mixing their own oil and gas, the C115 and C70, are stingy on oil consumption with a premix ratio of 50:1. The motor features a built-in Pitot Tube to make speedometer installation easy with no drilling of holes in the transom required. The C115 and C70 also feature Yamaha's Two-Year Factory Limited Warranty at no extra cost.

For the location of your nearest Yamaha Outboard dealer, call toll-free (800) 88-YAMAHA.