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New Lindy Rattlin' No-Snagg Sinker Rattles its Way Through Snaggs!

by: Lindy Little Joe release,

(Sunday, January 23,2000 - Brainerd, MN)
Lindy Little Joe has excited anglers again with the introduction of the NEW Rattlin' No-Snagg Sinker! The addition of a super loud, brass rattle to the already extremely "hot" No-Snagg slip sinker will give the angler what he is looking for...sound that will attract fish to his Carolina or Lindy Rig and still remain virtually SNAGG free. Rattles are extremely important to fishermen who are looking for an angling edge in dirty or stained water.

The original No-Snagg was introduced in May of 1000 and has drawn rave reviews from anglers and outdoor writers because it just plain WORKS! The No-Snagg was also awarded the Best of Show for terminal tackle at the ICAST show in Chicago last July. The floatation balsa wood in the tip the shape of the sinker all contribute to its SNAGG free attributes.

According to Ted Takasaki, President of Lindy-Little Joe, "The Rattlin" No-Snagg slip sinker will allow anglers access to spots that were previously un-fishable. This equates to catching more and bigger fish with less time re-tying." Spence Petros, professional fisherman and outdoor writer, fished the Rattlin" No-Snagg prototypes and commented in the January ;issue of Bassin' magazine, "Three of us fished for smallies for two days over rock-infested bottoms and lost only one sinker...It works better than any other sinker I've ever used!"

The Rattlin' No-Snagg Sinker was designed for fishing with Carolina and Lindy Rigs and can be pulled through the SNAGG-iest of rocks, wood and bottom vegetation without worry. It will soon be available at fishing tackle dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada in sizes from 1/4 to 1 ounce.

for further information on the Rattlin' No-Snagg Sinker and the complete line of Lindy-Little Joe products, write to Lindy-Little Joe, 1110 Wright Street, BRainerd, MN 56401.