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"New" Intimidator' Skirted Grub Crescent-Ringed Baits Changing the Way the World Fishes!

by: William Schutts,

(Friday, April 28,2000 - Menomonie, WI.) Crowded lakes, heavy fishing pressure and finicky bass are the makings of a disastrous fishing trip. To avoid these tempestuous times, serious anglers need an advantage or edge over those wily old bass. ISG, manufacturers of the record-setting Scorpion' Jig Series, has that advantage...the Intimidator' Skirted Grub!

Based upon ISG's popular crescent-ringed Intimidator soft plastics, the Intimidator' Skirted Grub is a truly unique "spider-style" grub. The Intimidator' Skirted Grub features a 4 1/2-inch "crescent-ringed" body, which adds mass to the bait all-the-while trapping air bubbles, slowing the fall rate and increasing vibration. The Grub's long and limber twin tail design flits and flutters with the slightest of rod tip movements making for natural presentations. But the most unique part of the ISG Intimidator' Skirted Grub has to be it's one-piece skirting! Each tentacle on this patented skirt features tiny little rings creating a "never before seen" pulsating action that adds to the bait's realism and won't get stuck together or caught on the body!

"Every Intimidator' Skirted Grub is one-piece," said ISG National Sales Manager William Schutts. "Not fused, glued or welded into place like all the competition! Our one-piece design eliminates the problems other skirted grubs have. Constant problems such as separation from their bodies or tearing after just one bite". The Intimidator' Skirted Grub's unique one-piece design is extremely durable, yet super soft, supple and lifelike allowing anglers to catch more fish on each bait.

"It's the best spider grub I've ever used," said Bass Fishing Legend Jeff Snyder. "I was really excited when I first saw the Intimidator' Skirted Grub, but that was nothing compared to how I felt when I first fished it." Living in the Great Lakes region, Snyder is used to seeing fleeting fishing fads. "New stuff pops up in this industry all the time, but how many become front line fishing tools or mainstays? The Intimidator' Skirted Grub is one that will. From the clear smallmouth laden waters of the Great Lakes to the ultra-tough fishing conditions of the California, the Intimidator' Skirted Grub will catch them!

The Intimidator' Skirted Grub is fished most effectively on the "new" Intimidator' Stand-up Jig Head, the "new" Intimidator' Dart Jig Head or rigged Texas and Carolina-style.

ISG’s Intimidator' Series soft plastics all feature unparalleled softness and our own "garlic scent" making them the best bass baits money can buy. ISG Intimidator' Skirted Grubs are packaged ten (10) per color in a reusable zip-lock printed bag and come in twenty-five (25) fish catching colors.

ISG (Innovative Sport Group) entered the fishing tackle industry in January, 1994. From the start, ISG's mission has been to provide the angler with the highest quality, most effective fishing lures at the best value in the marketplace.

Since the introduction of our first bass lure, Willy's Scented Worm', ISG's product-line has grown into a complete family of innovative designs. From our soft plastics for serious bass anglers -- Intimidator' Series, to our record-setting Scorpion' Series jigs and popular top-water lures -- Slop Hog', Boss Hog' and Mississippi Swamp Rat', ISG's commitment to cutting edge products and designs are unparalleled in the industry.

ISG means dependable terminal tackle -- Musky Bill's" Leaders and Rigs for the pike and musky angler and weedless jigs -- Slow Fall Walleye Jig" for the walleye angler.

ISG is committed to the fishing tackle industry and will continue to introduce new, innovative and effective fishing lures into the new millennium.