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Larew Announces "Salty" New Line-up to help anglers catch more fish

(Thursday, March 23,2000 - Tulsa, OK) Salt-impregnated lures work pretty simply. "The fish get instant salt satisfaction when they bite the bait. It reminds them of foraging baits and, the good part is, they hold onto it longer," stated Jamie Moore, Director of Sales and Marketing for Gene Larew Baits. In other words . . . it tastes great! But Larew Baits have gone the extra distance, and added a special garlic scent to all their new baits.

It not only tastes great, it catches fish, as documented by Darrel Robertson of Jay, OK. Robertson won the $250,000 top prize in the 1999 FLW Championship event and another $600,000 in the Millennium event for a total of $850,000 in under six weeks, thanks to the "Hoo-Daddy", one of the new Larew baits for 2000. Salt impregnated, and with garlic of course!

"I used the Hoo-Daddy to find the fish," stated Robertson. In the FLW Championship Tournament, he caught 14 of the 19 fish he weighed in on the Hoo-Daddy. "I feel the combination of the salt, garlic and the large rings caused the fish to hit and hold onto the bait like I can‚t remember before," continued, Robertson.

The Hoo-Daddy is one of four new Larew baits for 2000. It comes in 2 sizes; the 6" Hoo-Daddy and the 4.5" Hoo-Daddy Jr. Both sizes come in a multitude of fish-catching colors and feature a special large ring design, allowing slow sinking, which means a longer time in the strike zone, which translates into more bites. Plus the large ring on the baits sends off a fish-attracting vibration, and also traps tiny air bubbles which make the bait float off the bottom.

The Mega-Ring baits, another "salty" new model for Larew, provide tested underwater movement which drives fish crazy. They also feature the same ring feature as the Hoo-Daddy, allowing them to sink more slowly, providing more "staying power" in the strike zone.

The 2-1/2" Twin Tail Skirted Grub is the only "salty" bait grub available on the market in this size. It‚s a true finesse fishing bait, that‚s downsized and perfect for using when the fishing gets tough. The 2-1/2" Twin Tail Skirted Grub is recommended for no larger than 10- or 12-lb test line and up to a *-oz jig heads.

And finally, something new for the crappie angler in 2000, the Crappie Spider. With salt impregnation? You bet! A 1-1/2" injected one-piece bait with a skirted top and split-tail grub. A combination that crappie love to grab hold of, and eat!

All Gene Larew baits are made with a special patented salt impregnation process, not rolled in salt, and now featuring a special garlic scent. The new lures, as well as other Larew favorites, are available at tackle stores nationwide. For more information, contact: Gene Larew Tackle, Inc., 7437 East 46th Place, Tulsa, OK 74145.