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Pike Swimbait Debuts at EFTTEX 2018

Lure designers create unmatched profile, balance, swimming action, and hook-up ratios in stunning new Juvenile Pike Swimbait designs

by: Jim Edlund, Traditions Media, LLC

Metallic Green
Photo by courtesy Live-Target
Matte Gold
Photo by courtesy Live-Target
(Jun 28, 2018 - Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON) Like Russian Matryoshka dolls—the small wooden figurines that fit one in the other, decreasing in size from large to minuscule—it’s not uncommon to find pike within pike within pike—a predatory procession of giant pike on down to large fish to juvenile and so forth.

The master luresmiths at LIVETARGET recognize the importance of juvenile pike to the diets of cannibalistic adult pike and many other important gamefish, and have engineered an ultra-realistic, pike-imitating lure designed to tempt predators that are willing to eat their own.

To be introduced at EFTTEX 2018, the LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait combines biologically precise anatomical features and color patterns with biomimetic action and robust components to create a dynamic new swimbait to entice predators like pike, musky, zander, walleye, and more. The lure’s unique three-dimensional anatomy, including fins, tail, head and eyes, couple with a true-to-life profile to synthesize the perfect illusion of a living pike.

The LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait’s intelligently engineered tail oscillator generates an exclusive, pike-inspired swimming action and vibration that elicits hot pursuit and violent strikes. Precision factory rigging ensures that the bait is ready to use immediately, achieving better balance without the need for frequent adjustment or tuning.

The LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait is offered in two sizes: the 20.3 cm (8”) BPS-200 at 88.6 g (3 1/8 oz); and 30.5 cm (12”) BPS-300 at 244.5 g (8 5/8 oz); each internally weighted and precision balanced for a medium-slow sink speed. The two Juvenile Pike Swimbaits feature distinctive hook arrangements: namely, twin, extra-strong double hooks riding on the ventral side of the lure.

Specialized rare-earth magnets, integrated into the soft plastic body of the Juvenile Pike Swimbait, hold the double hooks tight to the lure, ensuring a stable swimming action and maximizing hook-up ratios.

Rare-earth magnets are incredibly strong for their size, yielding substantially more holding power than a generic magnet, and are much, much smaller, which eliminates any adverse effect to the swimming action. The stronger rare-earth magnets also quickly suck the hooks back into position, tucking beneath the body, as soon as the lure retrieval begins.

Each of the belly hooks can be independently positioned to ride with their points turned upward, which enhances the lure’s swimming action and reduces the amount of debris collected when the swimbait is fished through cover, or with the points turned downward, resulting in greater exposure of the hooks within the primary strike zone.  This user-customizable hook configuration is unique among swimbaits and makes the LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike an incredibly versatile choice for targeting apex predators.

Both sizes of LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait are provided in two ultra-realistic color schemes to replicate the common varieties of pike encountered in European and North American waters: Metallic/Green (807) and Matte/Gold (809).

LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbaits will be available to retailers in late fall 2018.


Since its launch in 2008, LIVETARGET has grown into a full family of life-like fishing lures that Match-the-Hatch™ to specific game fish forage, with an expansive library of lure styles and colors for both fresh and saltwater fishing. The lures feature industry-leading designs in realism and workmanship that closely mimic nature’s different prey species. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, LIVETARGET won ICAST Best of Show awards in the hard and soft lure categories in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017.
Hooks Down
Photo by courtesy Live-Target