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The Smartphone of Underwater Cameras

New upgrades, great value highlight hand-sized Aqua-Vu® micro 4.3 Stealth

by: Cory Schmidt,

Photo by courtesy Aqua VU
Photo by courtesy Aqua VU
(Jun 21, 2018 - Crosslake, MN)

Now nearly eight years ago—about the time Apple® unveiled its fourth iPhone—fishing’s first handheld underwater viewer landed in anglers’ hands. The original Aqua-Vu micro Underwater Viewing System opened the lines of communication between humans and fish. More to the point, the pocket-sized camera showed anglers exactly what was happening beneath the surface, live. Valuable visuals like bass or crappies buried in cover appeared clearly on the Aqua-Vu screen, yet still aren’t easily discernable with sonar.
On the eve of the fishing industry’s ICAST show, Aqua-Vu is set to unleash its most affordable, portable underwater camera yet: the micro 4.3 Stealth. Merging major value and dynamic underwater video, the handheld micro Stealth offers nice upgrades without boosting price.
“The viewscreen on the micro 4.3 Stealth screen is noticeably brighter and sharper than our previous entry-level underwater camera,” says Aqua-Vu president Ben Gibbs. “For under $250, anglers can be studying the underwater layout of their lake— and the whole system fits right in their tackle box and in the palm of their hand.”
Beyond the LCD itself, which expanded from 3.5- to 4.3-inches, Gibbs notes multiple system upgrades. The camera optics received a substantial boost in resolution, providing greater detail and picture quality, amplifying discernment of vegetation, fish and baitfish down to identification of mussel shells.
Penetrating dark and stained water, the bottlecap-size micro camera also features integrated auto-activated infrared lighting. Even in dark or dirty water, IR lights still make it possible to discern underwater terrain in front of the lens.

Aqua-Vu engineers enhanced the unit’s power and video output system, adding a new magnetic dual battery charging / RCA video-out port. “The magnetic port lies flush with the display unit,” notes Gibbs. “This new enhancement makes the LCD completely IP67-waterproof—another boost in value. It also provides easier battery charging because the magnetic input is self-aligning; doesn’t require the user to line up pins and holes, which can also break.”
Connecting the Aqua-Vu micro camera to monitor, 50 feet of ruggedized cable is marked with depth indicators in 1-foot increments for precise deployment. The backside of the display sports an integrated cable wrap for tidy management of extra camera cable.
Standard equipment on all micro 4.3 Stealth systems is an Adjustable Trolling Camera Fin with clip-on ballast weight, as well as a special Ice Fishing Camera Clip for hardwater use.
“To verify what I’m seeing on sonar, I mount my micro Stealth camera right in the console of my boat,” says Aqua-Vu pro, Brian Brosdahl. “The monitor has a female coupler that I connect to a portable Pro Snake mount—clamps anywhere I want it, right beside my sonar screens. Aqua-Vu is just as valuable in my boat as it is in my ice fishing house.”
micro® Stealth 4.3 Handheld Underwater Viewing System:
    •    4.3-inch color LCD with integrated cable wrap
    •    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with on-screen indicator
    •    Magnetic battery charger
    •    50-feet ruggedized camera cable with depth indication
    •    Advanced LCD and camera optics
    •    Adjustable Trolling Camera Fin & clip-on weight
    •    IP67 Waterproof
    •    RCA Video Out
Available at major outdoor retailers late this summer, the new Aqua-Vu micro 4.3 Stealth Underwater Viewing System carries an economical retail price of $229.99. For more information, visit
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Photo by courtesy Aqua VU
Photo by courtesy Aqua VU