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BOOYAH Bait Co. Introduces the Flex II

Truly Innovative - Square Bill is as Tough as They Come

by: Jeff Puckett, Blue Heron Communicationa

Flex II
Photo by courtesy Booyah Baits
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Photo by Jeff Puckett
(Oct 27, 2017 - Fort Smith, AR)

  A Square Bill cranksbait is known for three things, deflection, deflection, deflection, and is one of the most versatile crankbaits  an angler can have in their arsenal of baits.   In order for a square bill to do these three  things, a bill has to be toigh.  The all-new Flex II from Booyah Bait Company will provide anglers with unsurpassed durability and an erratic action that will drive fish crazy.

The Flex II is made using a patent pending foam injected molding process that gives the bait similar properties to balsa wood and still maintains the strength of plastic.  The Flex II freatures a one-piece wire design and a one-piece bill and rattle chamber.  The foam is injected around the wire and the rattle chamber making the Flex II one of the strongest square bills on the market.  This unique one-piece design builds strength into the bait and eliminates weak points.  Weighing in at 1/2 ounce and measuring 2 1/4 inches, Flex II is easy to cast and is so tough there is no worry when the bait is ricocheting off rocks, trees, and other hang-ups.

“The Flex II is designed to be repeatedly bounced off structure,” said Booyah Brand Manager Chad Warner.  “Not only is this bait tough,  it has an amazing amount of action.  Anglers  can expect a hard wobble and bait will ‘hunt’ six to eight inches off center.”

The bill on the Flex II also features something no other square bill has.  There are two divots on the bill that are designed to change the direction of the water moving over the body of the bait.  This unique feature provides an incredible amount of action.

The Flex ll is available in 11 color patterns and the 3D eye gives the bait a great look.  This new square bill is equipped with #6 wide-gao hooks and an oval split ring at the pull point. 



When Fishing the Flex II make sure you bounce it off cover as many times as possible.  When the bait deflects off structure it will act erratic and often time trigger a strike.